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Acquire a secure, high-performing, efficient, and cost-optimized cloud infrastructure with AWS Well-Architected Review by N-iX.

Drive consistent business value from your cloud infrastructure

An AWS Well-Architected Review partner ensures that your cloud infrastructure aligns with industry best practices and maximizes the benefits of AWS services. It helps evaluate your existing architecture and identify Higher Risk Issue (HRI), as well as areas of improvement, potential risks, and opportunities for optimization.

As AWS’s Advanced Tier Services partner, N-iX leverages extensive expertise in AWS technologies to provide actionable recommendations and strategies to enhance your cloud environments' performance, reliability, security, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency. As a result of our Review, you will acquire a well-architected AWS environment that supports your growth, helps mitigate risks, and unlocks the full potential of the cloud.

Benefits of AWS WAR

Evaluate your infrastructure against the six
AWS Well-Architected Framework Review pillars

Operational excellence

Continuously improving processes and procedures through careful system running and monitoring.


Protecting data, systems, and assets, implementing risk assessments, and establishing mitigation strategies.


Ensuring stable infrastructure performance free of disruptions and promptly recovering from failures to meet operational demands.

Performance efficiency

Optimizing the allocation of IT and computing resources to meet system requirements effectively.

Cost optimization

Minimizing and revamping existing expenses while running systems that deliver consistent business value.


Mitigating the environmental effects of running cloud workloads by adopting a shared responsibility model for sustainability.

AWS Well-Architected Review with N-iX: how it works

1. Preparation

We outline the key assessment questions about your infrastructure in the context of the six AWS Well-Architected pillars.


2. Assessment

Our team performs a comprehensive analysis to help us identify potential issues.


3. Report generation

We create a Well-Architected report with the identified risks and issues, their impact on your business, mitigation strategies, priority, and complexity.


4. Improvement roadmap

Finally, as your AWS Well-Architected Review partner, we can go one step further and deliver an improvement roadmap with clearly defined objectives, prioritized tasks, and identified dependencies. The roadmap also allows you to easily allocate resources and monitor the improvement progress.

Extend your Well-Architected Review
with a comprehensive improvement roadmap

  • Process improvements

  1. Defining and documenting release management practices.
  2. Defining and documenting the testing strategy.
  3. Defining the incident response plan, actions, notifications, and retrospective analysis.
  • Security improvements

  1. Ensuring the placement of preventive measures at the organizational level.
  2. Establishing an effective plan for handling security incidents.
  3. Enabling AWS Config basic rule packs.
  4. Integrating Secrets Manager into workloads.
  • Reliability improvements

  1. Anticipating and accommodating workload changes.
  2. Ensuring workload resiliency with fault isolation, a disaster recovery plan, etc.
  3. Following established reliability patterns.
  • Performance improvements

  1. Adopting a data-driven strategy to architecture development.
  2. Verifying that there is no deviance from expected performance.
  3. Analyzing and implementing trade-offs into architecture.
  • Cost optimization

  1. Applying Saving Plans.
  2. Evaluating Reserved Instances.
  3. Adopting an optimal consumption model.
  • Sustainability

  1. Decreasing the required provisioned storage with data management techniques.
  2. Minimizing hardware requirements for provisioning and deployment.
  3. Automating lifecycle handling of development and test environments.
  4. Facilitating load smoothing and ensuring high utilization of deployed resources.

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