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Maximize the value of migration to AWS cloud together with N-iX

As an AWS Consulting Partner, N-iX helps companies get maximum value from their AWS Cloud initiatives. With over 20 years of market presence, N-iX has helped dozens of companies, including midsize businesses, large enterprises, and Fortune 500 leaders, achieve their goals with cloud transformation. During this time, we have completed more than 200 Cloud projects, including over 30 migration projects in manufacturing, telecom, fintech, automotive, and other industries.

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Benefits you will get with AWS Cloud migration

Cost optimization

With AWS, you can choose among a wide range of services, allowing you to control your budget. N-iX experts in AWS migration outsourcing use AWS auto-scale resources to meet your business demand at any moment.

Operational resilience

Migrating to the AWS Cloud with N-iX will allow you to improve service level agreements and reduce outages. AWS separates infrastructure and services to guard against outages by creating independent components.

Innovation and digital transformation

Speed up your AWS transformation with our expertise in AWS migration consulting. N-iX Cloud experts will help you access the latest technologies and best practices. We can create any AWS-based solution, ensuring the best quality.

Business agility

Our experts in AWS migration outsourcing will help you deploy new features and applications faster, reduce errors, provision resources, support new features, and scale resources up or down instantly to match demand at any given moment.

Improved security

N-iX experts in AWS migration services will put your data behind the state-of-the-art security of the AWS data centers. Due to our robust security policy and knowledge of AWS security tools, you will meet your core security requirements.

Quick and easy IaaS adoption

Adopt IaaS with N-iX to reduce capital expenditures, innovate easier and faster, and become more flexible with infrastructure management. With N-iX AWS experts, you can digitally transform and accelerate your business outcomes.

Process productivity

Cloud migration increases development productivity. N-iX Cloud experts ensure your Cloud investments are efficient by using CI/CD, microservices architecture, automated testing, and deployments that test code before production.

Wide variety of tools for any task

Due to its long-standing presence in the Cloud market, AWS provides a wide variety of tools suited for virtually any Cloud-related task. N-iX AWS expertise, at the same time, allows us to use them to your fullest advantage.

AWS Сloud migration services:
how it works

01. Assess

During this phase, we will help you with:

  • Rapid discovery: understand where you are in the cloud journey;
  • Strategy and roadmap to navigate the process;
  • Gap analysis and plan for its fulfilling;
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) report and cost modeling analysis, to help you understand the costs of your clouds in the long run.

02. Mobilize

At this stage, we are taking specific steps and working on:

  • In-depth discovery, proof of concept (PoC), and pilot project;
  • Landing zone for application(s);
  • Accounts and accesses;
  • Networking;
  • Skills and cultural changes within the company.

03. Migrate

During this time we define waves of migration of the rest of application(s), and go with one of the following approaches:

  • rehost, making no changes to architecture;
  • refactor, use Cloud’s infrastructure, but reuse languages, frameworks, and containers;
  • revise, implement more profound system architecture and code changes;
  • or rebuild your application to migrate it to AWS as efficiently as possible.

04. Operate and modernize

After migration, we will continue working on key aspects:

  • Optimal performance and reliability;
  • Cost efficiency, as if needed - ways to reduce the costs;
  • Operational excellence;
  • Modernization of processes, technologies, and services;
  • And security.

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AWS partner you can trust

N-iX has partnered with AWS since 2020 and achieved Advanced Consulting Partner
status in 2021. The company has earned numerous AWS designations and competencies,
so we can help you migrate virtually any workload, system, or solution to the Cloud. Our
designations include AWS Data and Analytics Competency, Amazon RDS Designation,
AWS Kinesis Designation, AWS Lambda Designation, Amazon API Gateway Designation,
and AWS DynamoDB Designation.

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