Data analytics services

Optimize operations, mitigate risks, and turn your data into revenues with a trusted
partner by your side. We can cover all your data needs, from data strategy design to
cloud migration or implementation of Machine Learning and AI.

Benefit from data analytics Benefits

Build a future-proof data strategy

N-iX will help you design an effective data strategy from scratch, as well as analyze your existing infrastructure and mitigate limitations to help you match all of your existing and upcoming data needs.

Establish effective data governance

Our experts will improve the quality and security of data across your organization by establishing data governance processes, accesses, and responsibilities.

Streamline operations with a data platform

Our engineers will develop a data platform that connects all disjointed systems, streamlines the flow of data (ingestion, ETL, etc.), and ensures efficient cooperation between your teams.

Migrate your data to the cloud

Use the limitless computing and storage resources of the cloud to optimize costs, improve scalability, enhance data security and expand your customer reach. Take the cloud-agnostic architecture approach to boost your flexibility and prevent vendor lock-in.

Build or scale your data team with top experts

Build a development team from scratch or scale your existing in-house team with data experts that provide advanced analytics services.

Automate and optimize data analytics with AI

Our specialists will help you implement ML/AI models that automate analytics, reduce manual work, eliminate human error, and more.

Automate and optimize analytics with AI

Our engineers will help you implement ML/AI models that automate analytics, reduce manual work, eliminate human error, and more.

Data analytics service: Success stories Case studies

Gogo is a leading provider of in-flight connectivity and entertainment with over 20 years of experience. The company’s superior technologies, best-in-class service, and global reach help planes fly smarter, airline partners perform better, and their passengers travel happier.

The Challenge

The company needed to undertake a complete transition of Gogo solutions to the cloud, as well as build a unified data platform, improve existing reports, and introduce new solutions in order to provide the best speed of the in-flight Internet.

The Solution

The N-iX team helped Gogo streamline and improve data analytics by building a warehouse system that enables storing and processing large amounts of data. Our experts have also completed cloud migration of the data platform to AWS and built a data lake for collecting data from more than 20 different sources in one place. The data lake also improves reporting efficiency by providing information to the data warehouse (while some business applications can connect directly to the data lake to extract information).

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Discovery Limited is a South African financial services group with over 5M customers worldwide. It has more than 25 years of experience in providing various services such as healthcare, investments, car and health insurance, and more.

The Challenge

Discovery Limited needed to gain better scalability and computing capacity that was necessary to keep up with its business growth. The company also planned to expand their customer reach by developing a new solution that would collect customers’ health information and offer rewards for adopting healthier lifestyles.

The Solution

The N-iX team built a PoC to help Discovery Limited choose the most efficient and cost-effective services for platform migration. We then completed platform migration of the on-premise data infrastructure to AWS and created GitHub Actions to enable automation, customization, and software development in the repository. Our team also helped Discovery Limited expand their customer reach by developing new solutions that offer additional bonuses to regular customers.

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Fortune 100 engineering and technology company

Our client is a German-based Fortune 100 company that operates in over 60 countries through a complex network of more than 440 subsidiaries and regional entities. It focuses on four main business segments: industrial technology, mobility, consumer goods, energy and construction technology.

  • Industry:


  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    Jan 2019 - present

  • Team:


The Challenge

Our client needed to refactor and improve their internal logistics platform. The existing solution did not have the necessary scaling capabilities to efficiently manage our client’s warehouses which are located in 60+ countries. Furthermore, the client needed to improve information visibility within their production chain that handled massive amounts of data related to product stock availability.

The Solution

N-iX analyzed the existing monolith solution, designed an efficient roadmap and outlined the necessary tech stack to move it to the new cloud-native microservices architecture. The new solution offers flexible scaling and allows smooth adding of various SaaS services such as anomaly detection, delivery prediction, data mining, sensor data processing, and more. Additionally, our experts helped the client improve information visibility within the production chain. This was achieved by creating a PoC of the new analysis tool based on MS Azure which allows handling massive amounts of data and visualizing it in near real-time. Finally, we also optimized the client’s database by implementing solutions that make retrieving data and obtaining reports quicker and more efficient.

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Cleverbridge is a German-based company that provides e-commerce and subscription management solutions to help businesses from a wide range of industries monetize digital goods, online services, and SaaS.

The Challenge

In order to provide better quality services and match the needs of the growing customer base, Cleverbridge wanted to implement more visually informative analytics reports in their product offering.

The Solution

N-iX helped Cleverbridge match the need of their largest customer for more informative analytics by building a reporting solution using Power BI. We also implemented ad-hoc servers that provide the customer with quick and secure access to their data. The development of this solution for the particular customer was the first step in including it in our client’s product offering, allowing Cleverbridge to boost the quality of provided services and expand their customer reach.

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A Fortune 500 industrial supply company

The client is an American industrial supply company. It offers over 1.6M quality in-stock products in such categories as safety, material handling, and metalworking. The company provides inventory management and technical support to more than 3M customers in North America.

  • Industry:

    Business Supplies & Equipment

  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    Feb 2019 - present

  • Team:

    35+ people

The Challenge

The client needed to upgrade their existing on-premise solution which struggled to handle large amounts of data and lacked the necessary data analytics capabilities. They also needed to migrate the solution to the cloud to optimize costs and enable seamless scaling.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis of the customer’s needs, we migrated the client’s existing on-premise data solution to the cloud and built a unified data analytics platform. The cloud-agnostic tech stack that we chose has provided our customer with several benefits, such as reduced costs, flexible scalability, improved performance, better maintenance automation, and vendor lock in prevention. In addition, the N-iX team helped the client improve their capabilities to collect and analyze data by integrating over 100 different data sources into the unified data platform.

Design, implement or improve
your Data strategy Services we offer

Build a resilient foundation for all your data analytics activities. Use our data analytics services to design an effective data strategy from scratch or rethink your existing data approach. We can also assess your existing infrastructure to help you match all your existing and upcoming data needs.

Data and analytics strategy design:
  • Identifying the scope and goals;
  • Putting data at the center of every design decision;
  • Aligning with your goals and vision;
  • Establishing joint data governance;
  • Mitigating risks;
  • Helping ensure a higher return on investment;
  • Avoiding the need for costly changes during development;
  • Creating a user-oriented experience;
  • Involving in-house specialists in all stages of strategy design.
Data and analytics strategy consulting and assessment:
  • Preparing the final product vision;
  • Preparing project roadmap, timelines, and milestones;
  • Creating functional decomposition and estimates;
  • Proposing high-level architecture, designing CI/CD pipeline;
  • Proposing team size, composition, and tech stack;
  • Composing operations and support;
  • Estimating costs;
  • Architecture, infrastructure, and data audit;
  • Application assessment.

Establish effective data governance

Ensure effective and efficient distribution of all data within your organization with data governance. Our team of data experts can establish a collection of roles, processes, and standards to define who can use what data using which methods.

Data governance in data mesh

Federated data governance in a data mesh infrastructure provides more autonomy for your individual domain teams. Each team chooses the most appropriate tools and resources to deliver their data while simultaneously aligning with the established standards.

Data governance in data fabric

Data governance in a data fabric allows to monitor and manage data throughout its entire lifecycle. It allows you to govern data across all environments, applications, and users, and obtain real-time insights on any changes.

Streamline Data and Analytics
by migrating to the Cloud

Open a wide range of new possibilities by migrating your platform to the cloud. From flexible scaling and cost optimization to faster time-to-market, expanded customer reach, and more effective data analysis - the cloud can provide almost limitless capabilities and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Depending on your needs, our experts can help you completely or partially migrate your infrastructure to the cloud, or build a cloud-based infrastructure from scratch. Learn more about our expertise on AWS marketplace. Our cloud data analytics services include:

  • Design and development of a cloud-based data infrastructure;
  • Legacy migration to the cloud & re-platforming;
  • Platform migration;
  • Database migration;
  • DataOps/MLOps;
  • Analytics migration.

Cloud agnostic data and analytics architecture. Go one step further and take the cloud agnostic approach to your data and analytics architecture. It will prevent vendor lock-in and provide more safety and flexibility for developing your infrastructure.


Build an efficient
Data and Analytics platform

Transform your company into a data-driven organization by building an effective platform that democratizes data and analytics. Our data analytics service can help you enhance all business outcomes and reveal new opportunities for your organization.

Various tools, features, and technologies can be used to develop a scalable data platform that ensures effective ingestion, processing, and analysis of data. These include:

  • DWH, ETL, OLAP design and implementation;
  • Building data lakes and data lakehouses;
  • Analytical data platform development;
  • Master data management;
  • Streaming processing;
  • Real-time and near-real-time analytics;
  • Data visualization and automated reporting;
  • Deployment of analytics models.

Develop smart solutions powered
by data science, machine learning, and AI

Boost the speed and accuracy of data collection and analysis by implementing intelligent Machine learning algorithms into your infrastructure. Its excellent automation capabilities allow you to reduce the amount of required manual work, eliminate errors, and free up your teams’ time.

Our analytics services include expertise in Data Science and machine learning which open new opportunities for utilizing your data.


ML&AI models can automatically detect anomalies in your operations to accurately predict equipment failure. This allows you to fix issues before they occur, leading to saved costs and better quality of provided services.


Solutions that recognize and react to images or video can optimize and automate a wide range of repetitive tasks that had to be completed manually.

Natural language
processing (NLP)

NLP models can help you gain insight from natural language data by automating the processing and analysis of such data.


These deep learning systems can help you analyze big data sets with massive amounts of variables to find patterns that are unidentifiable by humans or regular software.

Build or scale your team
with top data talent

Gain access to the global pool of the top data experts. N-iX teams use the Agile methodology where development and testing go hand-in-hand to cover all your data needs and ensure faster time-to-market of secure and reliable solutions. We can also scale your existing team with additional development capacity and tech expertise.

Custom solution development

Obtain a team of experts that will analyze your business needs, design the most efficient solution, and provide end-to-end development.

Managed team

Entrust part of your project development to a self-sufficient team that will be integrated into your delivery pipeline.

Extended team

Boost the development capabilities of your in-house team with experienced data experts.

Our clients Our clients

Benefit from N-iX data analytics services Why us


N-iX has a strong Data team of over 200 experienced data engineers.

N-iX has official partnerships with the three main cloud providers - AWS, Azure, and Google.
Our data analytics services cover a wide range of expertise, from BI and Big Data to ML/AI and Data Science.

2,000+ experts on board and access to the large talent pool in Europe allows us to fill a position within just 4-6 weeks.


We have successfully delivered data analytics as a service projects across various industries, such as telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.


We make sure your data stays protected by complying with all established data security standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, and PCI DSS.

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