N-iX works closely with electric equipment manufacturers and utility companies creating comprehensive energy management software solutions. We are a trusted software development outsourcing partner for the energy sector.


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Our development centers in Eastern Europe build end-to-end solutions for energy companies. We deliver full-scale projects from design to implementation to testing. Our mission is to enable enterprises and real estate owners to successfully implement next-gen energy management strategies and optimize costs.

We build platforms for energy companies, large industrial enterprises, and real estate owners. Solutions created by N-iX allow businesses to get full control over their energy usage. Our software architects and engineers will help you apply the latest innovations like IoT and machine learning to solve real-life business problems.

Software development outsourcing of energy software solution - N-iX domain expertise
Data analytics for better efficiency

Software programmers at N-iX develop systems that monitor energy efficiency in real time. Customized tools collect, store, and analyze data from the sensors, while N-iX engineers will help you put that data to use with custom data science solutions. Learn more about our data science expertise here.

Machine learning & AI

Data analytics gets even more elaborate and flexible with machine learning. We effectively integrate cutting-edge AI libraries to prevent hardware failures and optimize system performance. Machine learning algorithms help energy companies reduce energy consumption, cut maintenance and labor costs.

Document management optimization

We use OpenText Enterprise Communications Management product suite to optimize document management, simplify invoice-designing tasks, and shorten billing lifecycle. Solutions build with OpenText Professional Services help energy companies automate invoicing to handle large amounts of documents.

Software development outsourcing of energy companies - N-iX IoT expertise

IoT systems for energy companies

When applied to energy hardware, Internet of Things technology allows to monitor system performance closely and isolate bottlenecks. By connecting various sensors and devices, our experts work with electric equipment manufacturers and utility companies to give them much better control over energy networks. We apply the newest technologies to the actual business problems.

N-iX experts create embedded solutions for real estate sector and utility providers (electricity, water, and gas). We build secure networks allowing users to monitor energy consumption onsite through a control panel or remotely with a web/mobile application. IoT technology vastly improves energy efficiency without compromising system security.


IoT solutions for energy and utility companies
Domain-specific software for energy companies
Comprehensive platforms for data analytics
Machine learning and AI for better efficiency
Energy management mobile apps
OpenText ECM for Energy companies


Robust and secure solutions

Since 2015, N-iX has been delivering robust embedded solutions focusing on security and system integrity. We adhere to the latest practices to ensure secure development and safe system operation after the release.

Internet of Things expertise

Our nearshore development centers create sophisticated Internet of Things systems. N-iX R&D teams utilize the latest IoT technologies including blockchain to build secure monitoring networks for energy companies.

Dedicated development services

N-iX dedicated development teams and R&D centers work with large enterprises. We help energy companies successfully to implement digital transformations strategies and to utilize the latest innovations.

Geographical and cultural proximity

R&D centers in Ukraine and Poland are close to the key European cities and many energy development hubs. Our cities have good flight connections with multiple destinations in Europe and North America.


N-iX named to IAOP global outsourcing 100 in 2018
ISO 27001 Information security - N-iX
N-iX receives PCI DSS certification
Clutch top outsourcing companies 2017 - N-iX
IT Europa 2017 excellence awards - N-iX
EBA member - N-iX
ACC member - N-iX
SAP Partner - N-iX
Microsoft Gold Partner - N-iX
Opentext Silver Partner - N-iX

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