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Drive user engagement, elevate customer satisfaction, and increase revenue with our UX design and development services. We create captivating digital experiences that attract and retain users.

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Create engaging experiences with user-centric UI/UX design

User experience is critical for the success of any digital product, be it an enterprise solution or a customer-facing app. Therefore, our UI/UX design services go far beyond designing easy-to-use interfaces—it's about blending functionality with aesthetics and creating a journey that resonates with the user's needs. This enables our clients to effectively communicate their brand story, streamline user interactions, and create intuitive digital environments that foster long-term user engagement and satisfaction.

Our UX design services are powered by top-notch expertise and best practices consolidated in N-iX UX Lab. With 37 UX experts on board and over 100 successfully completed UX projects in our portfolio, we have the experience to design solutions of any complexity. Moreover, using a Lean UX approach to creating digital experiences, N-iX provides clients with transparency and control over the process and ensures that products are continuously improved based on user feedback and analytics.


conversion rate improvement due to enhanced UI (Forrester).


of users are willing to pay more for a better user experience (Capgemini).


of sales opportunities are lost because of bad UX (Amazon).

Achieve your business goals
with effective UX design

  • Improve user experience

Create intuitive consistent products that are easy to use and address your customers’ needs.

  • Boost engagement

Craft aesthetically appealing designs to wow your users and encourage long-lasting loyalty and frequent engagement with your digital solutions.

  • Enhance brand image

Design unique-looking and functional products that stand out in the market and build trust and credibility among users with a reliable UI/UX design and development services company by your side.

  • Cut development costs

Avoid the risk of major design changes minimizing the need for costly revisions during the software engineering process or after the release.

Full-cycle UI/UX design and consulting services by N-iX

Our UX experts can take on any individual design challenge, as well as provide full-fledged support through all stages of the design process.

Defining goals

At this stage, we cooperate closely to define and document the business goals for the product or feature while focusing on the highest value outcomes and the ways to reach your objectives.

What you get

  • Stakeholder interviews document
  • Review of your business idea by a UX expert
  • Definition of user personas
  • Examples of best practices for user flows

Conducting research

N-iX experts discover the requirements necessary to achieve the established goals, complete a competitive analysis, review feasibility, and define the scope of the design work.

What you get

  • Detailed analysis of project scope
  • Comparative market research
  • Set of usability recommendations for better product outcome
  • Full estimation of the UX and Design
  • Scope of work


Next, we explore relevant cases and alternative design approaches, generate and visualize the ideas, and provide a comprehensive vision of product features.

What you get

  • Storyboards
  • User journey maps
  • User stories and acceptance criteria
  • Results of the initial survey
  • Well-documented summary of the ideation phase

Napkin UX

Our UX consultants prioritize speed and feedback when it comes to design and UX iterations— we can rapidly sketch out ideas on a napkin or develop quick wireframes.

What you get

  • Low-fidelity paper or digital prototype of all valuable pages and modules

Interactive prototyping and testing

To create the best user experience, we use interactive prototyping and validate the design effectiveness through A/B testing and metrics analysis.

What you get

  • High-fidelity interactive prototype that can be easily shared among the user testing participants and stakeholders
  • Well-commented metrics of A/B, guerilla or remote testing with valuable UX recap and recommendations

Visual design

Finally, we provide high-quality designs together with refined documentation and assets, including validated refined screens, stylesheets, videos of interaction design, and other relevant design files.

What you get

  • Full set of pixel-perfect visual design sources with all development-ready redlines, assets, and specs
  • Style guide and snippets style sheets, icon fonts
  • Videos of user interactions

A wide scope of design services to cover any of your needs

At N-iX, we specialize in transforming user experiences and elevating product designs through our
comprehensive suite of design services. Whether you want to enhance user interaction, streamline digital
aesthetics, or revitalize your brand identity—our UI/UX experts can help.

UX and Product Design

  • Ideation
  • Business needs validation
  • Prototyping
  • User testing

Digital Design

  • Landing page and application design
  • Design of additional modules and states of the solution
  • Creating the design library to ensure consistency

Presentation Design

  • Branding and infographics
  • Image picking and illustrations
  • Copywriting

Art Direction

  • Design consulting and audit
  • Design team supervision
  • Establishing effective design sprints

Featured UX design success stories of our clients

Complete UX/UI redesign of a smart warehouse management system

Our client is a global Fortune 100 engineering and technology company that operates in over 60 countries. The enterprise handles a worldwide warehouse network and delivery management service.

  • Industry:

    Logistics, Delivery and warehouse operations, Industrial fleet management

  • Location:


The Challenge

The key task was to make significant UX and UI product changes without disrupting the system’s extensive backend legacy.

The Solution

During the project, our UI/UX team conducted user and market research, processed the customer support backlog, and conducted user interviews. We also created Napkin and high-fidelity prototypes and moderated user testing and heuristics building.

Our UX Lab experts also developed a design library and supported documentation.

Value delivered:

  • Decreased the amount of delayed inbound and outbound on warehouses;
  • Simplified tracking of incidents and upcoming events;
  • Optimized the reassignment of working shifts and delivery.

Design of an IoT solution for fleet management, including onsite UX research

Our client is a global company offering intelligent solutions for material handling, industrial, and agricultural equipment, including telematics systems for managing fleets.

  • Industry:

    Logistics, Industrial fleet management

  • Location:


The Challenge

The client needed our help to lead the design of a cloud-based IoT solution within tight deadlines.

The Solution

N-iX carried out comprehensive research, feasibility studies, and benchmarking analysis. Our team devised the solution’s technical vision, designed user flows, UML diagrams, and prototypes. The project scope also included full-cycle market research, onsite stakeholder interviews, user mockup A/B testing, and UAT testing.

Value delivered:

  • A new solution approach increased upsell and sub-sell product rates by 300%;
  • Improved the added value of existing application modules;
  • Boosted user engagement by 200% in 1 year after launch.

Full-cycle UX rethink and redesign of a complex administration platform

Cleverbridge is a German company providing full-fledged e-commerce and subscription management solutions for monetizing digital goods, online services, and SaaS across various industries. The company owns a cloud-based e-commerce platform that offers comprehensive global compliance and payment capabilities.

  • Industry:

    Technology, Financial services

  • Location:


The Challenge

There was a strong need to migrate all core functionalities of their administration platform from desktop to web and develop new functionalities, as well as enhance the solution’s user experience. The key challenges included the existing features previously implemented without validation with stakeholders, restriction to change the core backend, and the dependencies on five other development teams.

The Solution

Our UI/UX team investigated the market, validated features with the users, provided communication between multiple teams, and prioritized features based on each team’s capacity. We also prepared a release strategy containing newsletters, technical documentation, and release notes. Finally, the N-iX team gathered the users’ feedback and ensured the improvements were developed as soon as possible.

Value delivered:

  • Made the platform available across multiple operating systems and browsers;
  • Increased the number of monthly users from 200 to 1000;
  • Established effective cross-team communication and design consistency..

Why choose N-iX for UI/UX design services

  • 37 designers in our UI/UX Lab, including 15 lead and senior-level specialists and certified professionals.

  • We apply design best practices for all UI/UX processes, including competitive audit of subject areas, audience needs analysis, user testing, user flow and case study design, and targeted UI/UX consulting services.

  • 100+ successful UX projects in our portfolio catered across various domains, such as financial services, automotive, logistics, and others.

  • Extensive experience in implementing design-as-a-service from scratch and design supervision for startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies.

  • N-iX experts offer UI/UX design and development services for all kinds of digital products: from mobile solutions to websites and enterprise platforms.


UX design is important because it improves customer satisfaction and loyalty through better usability and user experience.
Wireframing in UX design is a preliminary sketch or outline of a website or application's structure, focusing on content placement and functionality without detailed design elements.
UX design pertains to a product's overall experience and usability, while UI design specifically deals with the visual and interactive elements of the user interface.

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