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N-iX is glad to present the innovative service department UX Lab. We are a team of highly professional and dedicated UX specialists, designers, and researchers, who know how to rock your product. Our services range from initial research and testing to design library creation and software development supervising. UX design teams at N-iX can boost your development process and significantly save the budget.

Who we are

How well-planned UX makes everything better

It's always good to understand: DESIGN is how your product looks, UX is how your product feels. Our task is to ensure the best feeling of your product. Well-made research and the discovery phase will help plan development and integration in the best way. Interactive prototypes and the one-step ahead design process will create a proper 'look and feel' of the product and elimenate lots of team management risks.

Our expertise

Research and discovery

You have a great startup idea, but no guess what to start with?
Your software product needs an upgrade or a fresh start to increase income?
No guess why your competitors with a weaker product are better in their growth?
Need a minimum viable product (MVP) for the next investment round?

We are here to help you!

Our specialists will help you define the core functionality and the digital strategy for your future or existing product, improve user flows, and optimize interactions.

Requirements hunting

We all know that bad planning can cost you tons of time and money, whereas good planning allows you to do more business with less assets. That’s why it is extremely important to involve UX Designers and Business Analytics into the development process at the early stages.

Feature prioritisation, hypotheses and assumptions validation, MVP definition - all of these are must-haves of the effective development process. UX experts at N-iX help establish the effective and valid product requirement definition process for the best development and user testing process outcome.

Ideation and scenarios

Are you 100% sure who your target audience is? Is your feature list really exhaustive? Any ideas about the digital strategy or future monetization for your product or digital service?

Well, it’s the ideation phase time!

N-iX experts will help you establish workshops with stakeholders or users ensuring the most effective and productive atmosphere. User testing and UX research will help you create and validate the best user flows and informational architecture. Your product will get the best core and a robust plan for smart growth.


The ideation and preliminary research phases are over and it’s time to get the ‘look and feel’ of your future product.

Rapid prototyping will help our specialists make a quick presentation for a feedback session. A hi-fidelity interactive prototype will give you and the development team the best understanding of all product’s features.

This is the best time to show your progress for the investors and get user feedback to eliminate possible misunderstandings and gaps.

UI and interaction design

After well-tested and discussed prototype, it’s time to make branding and add colors to the design.

From the very first step of creating a design library and a visual ecosystem for your product till the designer’s supervision of the development phase - we will provide you with the highest quality design service.

We deliver ‘pixel -perfect’ designs, well-documented assets, responsive layouts and application interactions. Our design libraries will make your future product changes as easy as possible with minimal efforts.

Testing and support

User and usability testing, Google analytics, heartbeat measure, the Kano model, and the emotion matrix - we know these methods not only by names. We apply them to discover how your product feels.

We establish quick and effective testing sessions which allow us to get relevant feedback and make operational fixes considering changing client’s demands.

Our team also provides design support services for the whole delivery and development process.

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