Our experienced UI & UX designers will take care of your product’s user interface and ensure that your application feels as good as it looks.


Creating functional and attractive user interfaces and perfect user experiences from scratch

Effective design can connect people with technology and become your advantage on a highly competitive tech market. Outsourced UI/UX design professionals at N-iX create effective user interfaces for innovative software products with focus on companies’ business needs. We are not only making your products look beautiful and trendy, but we ensure they better serve your customers and exceed their expectations.

We collect our experience to be able to apply the knowledge to get better results for our clients. We deeply analyze your market, business and your customers’ behavior to deliver custom-tailored design that your users will love.

  • Product strategy

  • User research

  • User experience design

  • Interaction design

  • Prototyping and user testing

  • Brand identity

  • Mobile app development

  • Web development

  • Content strategy



Finance & Banking

Comprehensive software solutions for financial and banking institutions



Consumer friendly mobile and web applications, BSS/OSS software solutions, VoIP services and deep industry expertise


Media & Entertainment

Cutting-edge software solutions for publishing houses, ISVs, digital agencies, media firms and gaming companies



Full-cycle development of innovative healthcare, biotech and life science software solutions



Comprehensive software solutions for mobile, web and cloud-based platforms for leading players in hospitality and real-time booking

Why us

Industry experience

Our broad experience includes web, mobile, and tablets. We provide UI/UX services for a wide range of products from games to VOIP, booking applications and social networking platforms.

Focus on your results

Our goal is to deliver user experience that can transform your business leading to happier users and increasing conversion rate. Getting your customers to convert means solving their problems, telling your story and increasing credibility. Our UI/UX designers and strategists will help you increase conversion from understanding your users to crafting your custom design.

Continuous UI/UX support

We believe that useful products have a long lifespan and therefore continue to help you with UI/UX improvements even after your product is launched. To stay in line with users’ expectations, we validate all the ideas before implementation using a series of user tests to provide insight into real-world behavior.

Development excellence

UI/UX department works in close cooperation with Software Product Development experienced in creating products across many stacks. We have deep understanding of development process and design implementation and we do not design something that is impossible to build. The location of our delivery centers in Ukraine and Poland allows us to contribute to your project beyond the design.

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