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Build, modernize, or optimize your cloud solutions with the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Azure. As an official Microsoft Solutions Partner, N-iX provides comprehensive expertise to support you at any stage of your cloud adoption journey.

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Drive efficiency and innovation with Microsoft Azure and N-iX

As one of the most prominent cloud platforms on the market, Microsoft Azure helps thousands of SMBs and enterprises optimize expenses, facilitate innovation, boost operational efficiency, and improve security.

N-iX is an official Microsoft Solutions Partner, offering deep expertise in Azure consulting services. We have over 400 cloud experts ready to assist you at any stage of developing cloud solutions, be it strategy design, migration, optimization, or maintenance.

Microsoft Azure facts

Our Microsoft Azure cloud consulting services

Assessment and strategy development

Maximize the value of your investments in Microsoft Azure by developing an effective strategy that helps you become more efficient, agile, secure, and competitive while reducing costs and simplifying IT management.

Migration to Microsoft Azure

Boost operational efficiency, optimize costs, improve customer experience, and facilitate innovation by migrating your workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Azure DevOps consulting

Deliver value to your customers faster with Azure-native CI/CD pipelines, efficient infrastructure management, and testing automation.

Enhancing Data and Analytics with Azure

Design a modern data solution complete with Azure’s AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science features to enhance your analytical and decision-making capabilities.

Cloud security

Audit your Azure infrastructure to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, establish robust system security, prevent breaches, and protect sensitive data.

Azure cost optimization

Ensure efficient allocation of your resources to identify and take advantage of cost-saving opportunities without compromising performance.

How can you benefit from Azure cloud
consulting services?

  • Optimize costs

    Realize substantial cost savings by thoroughly analyzing your cloud usage, gaining actionable insights to prevent cloud waste, and ensuring you pay only for the resources you need.

  • Improve performance

    Ensure optimal performance of your applications and services under varying loads with a properly configured and optimized Azure environment.

  • Accelerate time-to-market

    Achieve faster digital transformation with efficient and agile development and migration processes that minimize downtime and enable faster product launches.

  • Enhance availability

    Maintain smooth operations and reliable service availability with solutions that offer redundancy and failover mechanisms.

  • Accelerate innovation

    Utilize Azure’s extensive suite of services to integrate various advanced technologies, including big data analytics, AI, and machine learning.

Our approach to Azure cloud consulting

Conducting assessment and Azure WAR

We thoroughly analyze your existing infrastructure and specific requirements to clearly understand your business goals. We pinpoint key challenges, opportunities, and potential benefits of the migration to Microsoft Azure. Furthermore, our experts can conduct an Azure Well-Architected Review of your existing Azure-based solutions (if you already have them in place) to identify and introduce improvements.

Planning and designing a roadmap

We design an Azure adoption strategy tailored to your needs by defining the architecture, setting key milestones, and outlining the necessary resources. In addition, we can create a comprehensive improvement roadmap as part of our extended Azure WAR services. It ensures that the necessary improvements are introduced that guarantee high security, compliance, and performance of your Azure solutions.

Setting up the Azure environment

We build and configure your Azure environment by deploying essential services and establishing robust security measures. Our engineers apply various best practices to ensure that your solutions are scalable, reliable, and comply with the industry standards.


We implement the designed strategy with minimal disruption to your operations. This includes:

  • Migration of data, workload, and applications to Microsoft Azure;
  • Building and implementing Azure-based applications;
  • Integrating advanced capabilities, including data analytics, AI, and machine learning, to foster innovation and provide you with actionable insights.
Improving, managing, and optimizing solutions

We offer continuous support for your Azure-based environment and applications to ensure their security, reliability, and performance. Additionally, we assist with identifying cost-saving opportunities and optimizing your resources to reduce your cloud expenses.

Enhance your data and analytics with Azure consulting services

Put data at the center of your decision-making process with Azure’s advanced data capabilities. With over 100
successfully completed Microsoft Azure consultancy projects, N-iX is fully prepared to help you build flexible, scalable,
and secure solutions that unlock the full potential of your data.

Scalability, flexibility, and effective analytics

Easily analyze data across all your databases, query data with your language of choice, and optimize queries with effective workload management and isolation.

Integrations with Power BI, AI, and Machine Learning

Integrate with powerful tools such as Power BI and Azure Machine Learning to enhance your analytical capabilities and discover valuable insights from your data.

Near-real-time insights

Import data from databases and applications automatically without complex ETL processes to acquire insights in near-real-time.

Unified experience

Take advantage of Azure’s convenient workspace that ensures smooth operation and cooperation of all your teams.

Robust data protection

Utilize Azure’s advanced security features, such as automated threat detection or always-on encryption, to keep sensitive data secured.

Customer-focused pricing

Pay only for the features and capabilities that you use with Azure’s flexible customer-focused pricing plans.

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Lately we have been achieving a lot of things that makes our customers very happy. And in the end of the day it's the work that we do together is about making our customers happy be competitive on the market.

Rikard Strid



There is a good interaction, the N-iX team helps us with designing solutions and making sure that it’s done in a smart way that is future proof.

Lars Hoogweg

Head of Architecture and Exploration


Certainly I think partner is a keyword with how to describe it. They are a business partner, very positive.

Stephen Parsons

Development Manager

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