Healthcare and life sciences

N-iX helps healthcare and life sciences organizations leverage the latest tech innovations to deliver better patient care, automate medical workflows, ensure regulatory compliance, and increase service quality. We offer a full spectrum of healthcare software development services, including consulting, design, development, modernization, and integration of all types of medical applications.

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Transform, innovate, and keep up with the change

Healthcare providers, healthcare payers and life science organizations alike face the growing need to keep up with the constant industry changes, adopt emerging technologies, and transform. As a custom healthcare development company with over two decades of software engineering and tech consulting experience, N-iX offers a full spectrum of services to drive change in your organization. From modernizing and upgrading your existing solutions to large-scale technology transformations - we bring in the capabilities and domain expertise to address your most critical needs

Our tailored healthcare and life sciences solutions are designed to increase efficiency, improve patient experience, and ensure compliance with the latest regulatory standards. Leveraging advanced technologies such as generative AI, machine learning, computer vision, and advanced data analytics, we help healthcare organizations streamline clinical workflows, enhance data security, improve quality, grow revenue, and drive organizational resilience.

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Address the most critical industry challenges

  • Improve patient experience
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Reduce operating costs and increase service quality
  • Improve supply chain and inventory management
  • Establish effective payment models
  • Expand your products and markets
  • Establish effective data analytics for improved decision-making
  • Modernize and reengineer legacy systems
  • Protect from data breaches and cyberattacks
  • Adopt AI and other advanced technologies

Healthcare software development services we offer

At N-iX, we deliver a comprehensive range of healthcare software development services tailored to
meet the evolving needs of the industry. From consulting and custom healthcare software
development to data analytics and cutting-edge IoT solutions, we deliver robust, compliant, and
innovation-led outcomes.

Consulting and tech advisory
Custom healthcare software development
Modernization of legacy systems
Integration services
Cloud solutions and migrations for healthcare
Data analytics and BI reporting
IoT and embedded healthcare software development

Serving all types of organizations in healthcare,
pharma, and life sciences

Healthcare providers

Healthcare payers

Health tech companies

Pharma and biotech companies

Medtech companies and medical device manufacturers

Secure, scalable, compliant solutions for
healthcare and life sciences

For healthcare

At N-iX, we develop a wide array of custom healthcare solutions designed to enhance patient care and streamline hospital operations. From comprehensive EMR/EHR systems to advanced telemedicine platforms and robust medical billing solutions, our tech expertise empowers healthcare providers to deliver exceptional service.

  • End-to-end EMR/EHR Software development
  • Healthcare CRM development
  • Patient portals and patient engagement solutions
  • Health information exchange (HIE) solutions
  • Hospital management software
  • Hospital information systems (HIS)
  • Medical practice management software solutions
  • Healthcare operations management
  • Telemedicine software development and virtual care platforms
  • Software as a medical device (SaMD) solutions
  • Remote patient monitoring software
  • Medical billing and medical revenue cycle management

For pharma, biotech, and medtech

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of solutions for pharma and medical technology companies, from clinical trial software and pharmacy inventory management solutions to medical device software and advanced machine learning for medical image analysis, helping our clients accelerate innovations, improve operational efficiency and expand their revenue streams.

  • Clinical trial software and Clinical trial management solutions
  • Patient data capture and clinical evidence collection tools
  • Medical device software development and medical wearables
  • Pharmacy management software development pharmacy inventory management
  • Drug inventory tracking apps
  • Laboratory information management systems (LIMS)
  • Medical imaging software
  • Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Software
  • Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis
  • Medical lab software
  • Scientific data management systems (SDMS)
  • E-prescribing apps

AI strategy consulting and AI-powered healthcare

Drive the adoption of AI with N-iX AI consulting services to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and
improve clinical outcomes. We can help you design and implement your AI strategy, ensuring it brings practical
value to your organization.

AI strategy consulting for healthcare and life sciences
Chatbots for improved patient experience
Computer vision for remote patient monitoring
AI and NLP for EHR systems
Machine learning for medical image analysis
AI-based software for clinical trials

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Client reviews


The N-iX team has been instrumental in the evolution of our patient portal and our administrative modules. We believe they’ve contributed to the greater stickiness on our site, as well as the increased number of patients that are coming through it. 

Doug Bachelor


Global provider of managed cloud services

I'm impressed with the quality of N-iX's deliverables and results. Their work is consistently good, we get the product we want out of it, and they deliver it on time.

Jared Jacobson

Senior Manager of Data Governance

More tech expertise to address your needs

Your transformation journey with N-iX

Analysis and discovery

We begin by thoroughly examining your needs and identifying key project requirements to ensure the expected project outcomes.

Compliance planning

Our experts create a detailed compliance plan to adhere to industry regulations and standards from the outset.

Development and testing

Relying on engineering best practices and our stringent service quality requirements, we develop and rigorously test the software, ensuring it meets the highest quality and performance standards.

Compliance and risk assessment audits

We conduct thorough audits to identify and mitigate any compliance and risk-related issues before release.

Launch and integration

We seamlessly launch and integrate the software into your existing systems, optimizing functionality and minimizing disruption.

Support and maintenance

Our ongoing support and maintenance services ensure your software remains up-to-date, secure, and efficient.

Prioritizing compliance and security


Why choose N-iX as your trusted tech partner?


consultants and tech experts with healthcare domain expertise




with ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27701:2019, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, and other security standards and regulations


successfully delivered healthcare projects

21 years

on the market

160 clients

including Fortune 500 companies

7 delivery centres

in Europe and the Americas

Established partnerships

with AWS, Microsoft, GCP, SAP, OpenText, etc.

Meet our experts


Valentyn Kropov

Chief Technology Officer

Volodymyr Onyskevych

AVP Delivery

Vira Byy

Client Partner


Custom healthcare software can streamline operations, improve patient care, enhance data accuracy, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and provide better data security and privacy.
They streamline administrative tasks, reduce paperwork, automate routine processes, improve communication among healthcare providers, and provide real-time access to patient data.
Integration is handled through careful planning, using standard data exchange protocols, conducting thorough testing, and ensuring the new software is compatible with existing systems to minimize disruptions.
Costs depend on the complexity of the project, required features, technology stack, compliance requirements, and ongoing maintenance. We provide detailed estimates and transparent pricing to help you budget effectively.
We use a wide range of technologies including cloud computing (AWS, Azure, GCP), AI and machine learning frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch), data analytics tools (Tableau, Power BI), mobile development platforms (iOS, Android), and various programming languages (Java, Python, C#).
We help our clients stay abreast of regulatory changes and incorporate them into our development processes. Regular updates and compliance audits ensure that the software remains compliant with the latest standards.
Latest trends include the integration of AI and machine learning, increased use of telehealth services, blockchain for secure data transactions, wearable technology integration, and the use of big data analytics.

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