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Optimize performance, ensure robust security, and improve time-to-market with a full-cycle IoT development partner by your side.

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Your one-stop shop for IoT development

We will help you with every aspect of your IoT project, from validating your idea and building a prototype
of your hardware to designing scalable cloud architecture and unlocking the value of predictive analytics.
We will support you at each step of the way, identifying your business needs and offering the best
solutions to meet them.

IoT-related services we offer Our services

Device layer
  • Create a fast Proof of Concept to validate your idea
  • Prototype and manufacture hardware for your IoT project
  • Develop software/firmware for your devices
  • Develop a Test Automation Framework to ensure your devices operate properly
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Gateway layer
  • Choose the most suitable gateway for your case, considering a target coverage range and types of your IoT devices, or design a custom one
  • Develop custom software/firmware for your gateway
  • Benefit from edge computing
  • Use the most suitable protocols for your specific case
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Cloud layer
  • Design a high-load, scalable architecture
  • Use cloud-agnostic approach to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Apply DevOps best practices to automate provisioning and deployment, optimize resource usage, and save costs
  • Use DevSecops approach to implement security and threat intelligence at each step
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Data management layer

Leverage our broad data expertise to design effective solutions for monitoring/alerting, predictive maintenance, industrial automation, inventory management, etc.

  • Classical SQL and NoSQL DBMS
  • Big Data / Data Warehouse / Data lake
  • Real-time Data Processing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
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IoT development life cycle How it works

Adopt best practices in development, testing and security at each stage, from product
discovery to installation and support

01. Product discovery

Our experts will help you analyze the specific context behind your business case, formulate viable KPI’s, design your project roadmap, and choose the most suitable tech stack and architecture for your IoT solution.

  • Product design
  • PoC
  • MVP
  • Hardware design verification
  • Component selection

02. Product-driven development

Get full transparency into your project progress. We provide you with regular customer demos and updates on the project milestones. Our IoT outsourcing teams work according to Agile methodology, and you receive a secure and robust solution, with fast time-to-market, as testing and development go hand in hand.

  • Product development
  • Product security
  • Test automation framework

03. Manufacturing

Make sure your hardware works properly, is 100 % secure, and compliant with all the necessary certifications. We will help you build firmware for hardware manufacturing verification and develop software for specific certifications your product needs to meet. Also, our experts will help you with copy protection.

  • Certification
  • Manufacturing verification support

04. Installation

Ensure your IoT solution is properly provisioned and commissioned. We will help you enroll your new devices or sensors onto the system, authenticate them on the network, and configure them according to your needs.

  • Provisioning
  • Commissioning

05. Support

We will provide continuous support of your solution making sure all updates are properly tested, the system runs smoothly, and the users are happy.

  • Continuous integration
  • Software update&support
  • Firmware update&support

Benefit from our
IoT development expertise


  • Industrial automation
  • Asset tracking & management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Equipment health monitoring
  • Employees safety checking
  • Inventory management

Logistics and supply chain

  • Fleet tracking
  • Connected vehicles
  • Asset tracking
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Shipment condition monitoring

Energy management

  • Smart grid
  • Smart metering
  • Fraud prevention
  • Equipment health monitoring


  • Supply chain control
  • Smart product development
  • Space utilization analytics
  • Smart advertising
  • Indoor navigation

Smart homes

  • Home automation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Elder care
  • Voice control
  • Condition monitoring
  • Security systems

Smart offices

  • Indoor lighting
  • Indoor asset tracking
  • Space utilization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • HVAC
  • Working place condition monitoring

Smart cities

  • City asset tracking
  • Street and outdoor lighting
  • Outdoor surveillance
  • Smart parking
  • Traffic management
  • Waste management
  • Water management


  • Telehealth
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Emergency notification system
  • Predictive maintenance
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Why choose N-iX as your IoT development partner? Why us


As a one-stop IoT shop, we provide the whole life-cycle of hardware and software development services, including consulting, product discovery, design, development, testing, training, and support. It allows you to unify IoT outsourcing expertise at one place, reduce communication overhead, and improve time-to-market.

2,200 specialists that have experience working with business cases of different shapes and sizes.

400 + cloud experts, including many of them certified by industry leaders.


We offer professional DevOps services, including Cloud adoption (infrastructure set up, migration, optimization), building and streamlining CI/CD processes, security issues detection/prevention (DDOS & intrusion), firewall-as-a-service, and more.


A team of 200+ data experts. N-iX has been recognized by ISG as a Rising Star in data engineering services for the UK market and positioned in the Product Challengers Quadrant both in the data science and data Infrastructure & cloud integration services.


Compliance with international regulations and security standards.

Internet of Things development:
Success stories Case studies

Scalable cloud architecture for a leading IoT device manufacturer

Our client is one of the biggest IoT device manufacturers in Europe. The company has three key business units: CMR manufacturing, connectivity solutions development, and IoT.

The IoT business unit provides device-tracking and asset-tracking solutions to enterprises with the help of the SaaS platform. The platform is a hub for IoT devices that supports industrial protocols. It manages connected devices and transmits their data to third-party services, such as SAP and Salesforce.

  • Industry:


  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    Apr 2021 - present


  • Legacy monolith architecture
  • The absence of containerization
  • No clear division between business units in the system architecture
  • Data centers connectivity

Value delivered:

  • Containerization of their application with Docker
  • Improved testing
  • Adapting cloud-native services (AWS cloud)
  • Streamlined CI/CD processes
  • Separation of IoT unit, enabling more effective cost management
  • Improved operational efficiency and support
  • Enhanced scalability due to cloud migration

Technologies used: Elastic Kubernetes, S3, ECR, Argo CD, Docker, AWS WAF MQTT, SSL MQTT, CoAP protocols

IoT data analytics platform for a leading telecom

Our client is the largest telecom company in Japan and has over 17,000 employees and partner staff worldwide. Our client wants to build its own 5G network. As a part of this project, the company is developing a new product — an IoT Data Processing Platform that will collect data from multiple IoT devices, sensors, and GPS.

The platform will allow both internal users and third parties to build customized data pipelines, export data in a convenient format, and prepare actionable predictions and reports. Given the amount of data the company generates, the system needs to process hundreds of thousands of transactions per minute close to real-time.

  • Industry:


  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    Jan 2020 - May 2021


  • System integration with the client`s infrastructure
  • Near real-time data analytics
  • Complex security requirements

Value delivered:

  • Created a scalable, customizable data analytics system in near real-time
  • Covered a full development lifecycle of an IoT platform — from prototype design to production deployment
  • Security readiness

Technologies used: PostgreSQL, Google Kubernetes Engine, Flutter, Spark, Apache Zookeeper Kafka

IoT system for industгіal fleet tracking and management

Our client is an international company that offers smart solutions for various models of material handling as well as industrial and agricultural equipment. Among their key services, they offer smart telematics and related solutions for efficient fleet operation and management.

Our client specializes in enterprise-level remote encryptor management solutions. They enable administrators to visualize and manage devices — including their health, status, and connectivity.

  • Industry:

    Logistics: Industrial Fleet management

  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    Feb 2021 - present


  • System integration with existing customer products
  • Creating a solution in a short time

Value delivered:

  • Customized the out-of-box gateway for monitoring and management of vehicle activities, according to the customer’s needs
  • Implemented the system that allows its users to see the speed the vehicle is traveling at, fuel consumption, engine efficiency, and more
  • Integrated the system with the existing customer’s products, such as access key panels, load sensors, etc
  • Helped to choose other system components (e.g., Android tablet) to ensure the system’s best performance
  • Developed a new full-stack IoT solution for industrial fleet tracking and management companies, allowing our client to certify the product and engage new customers

Technologies used: RFID, Google IoT Core, Industrial IoT, OTA Update

Redevelopment of logistics management system that includes IoT, big data, and AI

Our client is a leading global supplier of technology and services that employs roughly 395,000 associates worldwide.

  • Industry:

    Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    Jan 2019 - present


  • Legacy logistics management platform and annotation tools
  • The need for real-time data processing
  • Continuous delivery for machine learning from scratch
  • Continuous integration/delivery for microservices to cloud infrastructure from scratch

Value delivered:

  • Redeveloped the logistics platform
  • Implemented the IoT system that tracks the movement of the packages and their condition by collecting the data from different data sources
  • Integrated the data sources, such as sensors (humidity, shock, GPS), mobile devices, and embedded Linux devices with the IoT system
  • Implemented the cloud-native infrastructure and microservice architecture
  • Created a multiplatform mobile application
  • Developed an embedded Computer Vision for docks
  • Automated all stages of deep machine learning development in scale

Technologies used: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB

A full-service parking management solution

Our client designs, manufactures, and operates parking equipment and software across Australia, New Zealand, and within Asia and the USA. The client engaged the N-iX team after successful work on another project. Our engineers joined the client’s team in development of the parking meter with a touch display.

  • Industry:

    Smart City and Infrastructure

  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    August 2019 - present


  • Our challenge was to develop a solution that would allow us to save solar energy and increase the duration of its use.
  • All communication with the web is performed via 3G.
  • The device needs to store and display information about the balance and paid parking time.

Value delivered:

  • The N-iX team developed a brand-new solution based on microservices, allowing the client to introduce new features when needed.
  • The device is powered by solar energy and has a solar battery.
  • We developed a brand-new parking meter with a touch display for one of the markets and will continue the work on adaptation of the product for other regions.

Technologies used: C++ 14, Qt 5, QML, D-Bus, YOCTO Linux

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