Internet of Things Solutions

N-iX creates Internet of Things solutions of any complexity tailored to the most specific business needs.


Foster innovation and growth with our Internet of Things solutions and services

N-iX helps businesses take advantage of the IoT technology for customer-centric innovation, data-driven optimization and digital transformation. N-iX engineers have developed solid expertise in delivering self-taught software for Energy, Manufacturing, Aviation, Agriculture, Healthcare and other industries. We have experience in such IoT-friendly programming languages as C/C++, Java, Go, Parasail, Python, Assembly, B#, JavaScript, and platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM’s Watson and others.

With our hands-on experience in embedded software development and Internet of Things services, we help our clients harness technology to create cutting-edge applications and access new revenue streams. Our experts build connected solutions on top of existing IoT application platforms to fit into the context of your business. Take advantage of the opportunities in connectivity and become the next digital leader.

  • Hardware Design and Prototyping

  • Embedded Software Development

  • Building Scalable Backend Systems

  • IoT Cloud Services

  • Utilizing BI and Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance

  • Developing Human-Machine Interfaces

  • IoT Security Solutions

Industries We Serve



Delivering smart and secure IoT solutions in the energy sector to manage energy distribution and consumption, improve sustainability, and drive positive global impact.



Developing Internet of Things solutions for global industrial manufacturing companies to control the production processes and boost overall efficiency.



Engineering smart healthcare solutions to streamline organizational processes through improved diagnostics, remote health & patient monitoring, and inventory tracking.



Creating a new wave of digital connectivity and safety in the automotive industry with our Internet of Things development services.



Creating smart solutions with advances in sensors, communications, and data analytics for agricultural planning and operations.

Our IoT Expertise

Smart Product and Service Design

Crafting smart solutions based on our vast experience in embedded hardware development prototyping and connected systems development. N-iX IoT experts provide support at every stage of the project from prototyping to development and offer post-delivery support of your solution.

Device Connectivity

Building scalable software open for seamless integration with various smart devices, applications and third-party systems to meet the diverse clients’ needs. We deal with multiple communication interfaces and networking protocols like NFC, WiFi, BLE and equip assets with sensors that collect and integrate data for complete operational awareness.

Data Management and Analytics

Relying on our expertise with data analytics and machine learning, we create smart solutions that provide meaningful insights and credible predictions. Our specialists develop IoT analytics applications for reporting, analytics, workflow control, and process automation in M2M.

Augmented Intelligence

Delivering Internet of Things solutions and services that augment intelligence and behavior to meet real-world needs. We merge the power of AR and IoT to visualize data from hundreds of sensors simultaneously, overlaying actionable information over your environment via a headset.

IoT Cloud Services

Building connections between machines, cloud and humans with our smart IoT solutions. N-iX professionals have experience in working with various IoT cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson etc. for proactive device and data management.

Blockchain-Powered IoT

Using blockchain technology for IoT distributed systems and sensors that boost data security and avoid threats of device spoofing and impersonation. N-iX experts offer various blockchain-powered IoT security solutions to future-proof your business.

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