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Achieve modernization, automation, and innovation at scale with N-iX software modernization services.

Helping businesses grow and scale with application modernization services

As a part of our services, N-iX helps organizations with legacy software and application modernization: providing them with effective modernization strategies and engineering assistance, whether it is to address architectural, development, infrastructure matters, or all of the above.

Our application modernization services range from helping to address existing tech debt and revamping the tech stack, to complex business & tech consulting and full-cycle implementation. As today's business and economic landscape become more dynamic, our clients need to elevate their current solutions, integrate state-of-the-art technologies, and strengthen their operations against the future challenges.

We tailor our consulting and end-to-end engineering services to each client's distinctive needs. With over 2,200 tech consultants and over 21 years of experience, our expertise spans a spectrum of domains including software architecture design, bespoke engineering, cloud transformation, DevOps & SRE services, data analytics, AI and Machine Learning, embedded software and IoT, RPA, and Enterprise platforms, among others.

Legacy application modernization services - N-iX

Benefits of software modernization from tech
and business perspective

From the tech perspective:

  • Repaying technical debt
  • Revamping UX and brand consistency across all channels
  • Strengthening security
  • Increasing agility and flexibility
  • Adopting modern tools and practices
  • Enhancing integration capabilities
  • Eliminating outdated code

From the business perspective:

  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Setting for sustainable cost-saving in the long run
  • Complying with industry regulations
  • Improving scalability, predictability, and agility
  • Raising the competitive edge
  • Increasing overall productivity of people and systems
  • New tech capabilities

Our application modernization services

  • Application modernization consulting
    • Audit of the current solution state
    • Modernization strategy development roadmap
    • Architecture advisory and governance
    • Centers of Excellence
  • Architecture modernization
    • Monolith to microservices migration
    • Tech stack modernization
    • Application re-architecting
  • Engineering modernization
    • Application re-engineering
    • Technical debt management and refactoring
    • Cross-platform portability
    • Version roll-up
    • Application rationalization
  • Infrastructure modernization
    • On-prem to cloud/cloud to cloud migration
    • Infrastructure cost optimization
    • Cloud modernization
  • User experience upgrade
    • User flow revision
    • UI/UX modernization
    • Target audience expansion

Related capabilities

Legacy software modernization with N-iX:
How it works


Assessment of your legacy software

  • Legacy software architecture review
  • Code quality review
  • Usage analysis
  • Cybersecurity assessment
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) calculation
  • Risk assessment

Selection of modernization model

  • Modernization scope determination/revision
  • Modernization budgeting
  • Modernization Proof of Concept
  • Modernization plan development

Software modernization

  • Modernization process management
  • Software modernization
  • Creating comprehensive documentation
  • Introducing change management processes
  • Testing the modernized solution

Post-modernization support

  • Collecting user feedback
  • Solution monitoring
  • Further improvements
  • On-demand software support

Success stories of our clients Case studies

What our clients say


They are a brilliant combination of quality and speed!

Kevin Coorevits

Manager Technical Teams


Big advantage of working together with N-iX, is that we are very flexible in finding out the best possible way of achieving the goals.

Igor Terzi


Commercial Retail Company

We’re impressed with the value for money they provide.

Project Manager


The professionalism from N-iX is unparalleled. They can always get the job done.

Steven Chilver

Product Manager


I think we work extremely well together with the N-iX. Reliable. In one word.

Lars Hoogweg

Head of Architecture and Exploration

Global provider of managed cloud services

I'm impressed with the quality of N-iX's deliverables and results. Their work is consistently good, we get the product we want out of it, and they deliver it on time.

Jared Jacobson

Senior Manager of Data Governance

Tech partnerships


Our technology leaders


Valentyn Kropov

Chief Technology Officer

Sergii Netesanyi

Head of Solution Group

Yaroslav Mota

Head of Engineering Excellence Practice

Mariya Miroshyna

Experience Design Lead


Application modernization services include resource optimization that presupposes infrastructure upgrade, software optimization, automation, data management improvements, and more. By focusing on these areas during application modernization, organizations can significantly enhance their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and better meet the evolving demands of their business and its customers.

Modernizing legacy software can lead to significant benefits such as technical debt reduction, enhanced user experience, improved security, and increased agility. From a business perspective, it offers better customer experience, decreased time to market, cost savings, scalability, competitiveness, and productivity.
Common challenges include limited capacity for growth, high maintenance costs, security vulnerabilities, inefficiency, poor performance, and compatibility issues with new technologies. All that can be achieved by moving from old approaches to new best practices during legacy software modernization.
The software modernization process typically starts with an introductory call with your tech vendor in order for you to understand the complexities of your existing systems and identify critical areas that need attention.
Businesses can achieve cost reduction through application modernization by optimizing their IT infrastructure and reducing maintenance costs. Modernizing applications often involves moving to cloud-based services, which can significantly lower hardware and operational expenses. Additionally, streamlined processes and improved efficiency from updated systems can lead to further reductions in costs over time.
N-iX provides a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet both straightforward and highly complex business needs, ensuring future-proof solutions. Our expertise spans from basic system enhancements to sophisticated, full-scale digital transformations designed to adapt and thrive in an evolving technological landscape. This approach guarantees that our solutions not only address immediate requirements but also anticipate and prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

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