N-iX, a leading European software development company, has received Amazon RDS Service Delivery Designation, the company's sixth designation within its partnership with AWS. This recognition confirms that N-iX demonstrates proven customer success and follows best practices with Amazon RDS. 

As an Amazon RDS Partner, N-iX can help companies with database monitoring, security, and performance using Amazon RDS database engines, including Amazon Aurora MySQL, Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and SQL Server. 


N-iX is an AWS RDS service delivery partner

"We have passed a rigorous technical validation, ensuring N-iX follows best practices with Amazon RDS and demonstrated proven customer success. Now being a recognized Amazon RDS Partner, we are ready to help even more AWS customers to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud", shares Orest Furhala, Head of Partnerships at N-iX. 

Orest Furhala, Head of Partnerships at N-iX

N-iX experience with Amazon RDS: Featured case study

Our client is a global provider of stock photography, stock footage, stock music, and editing tools. The company needed to modernize its platform that allows the development of exceptional content that fits the client's visual and marketing needs. 

N-iX has built a solution that optimizes the workflows and gives managers the opportunity to save time and respond immediately to any updates. By using AWS services, we have managed to reduce infrastructure maintenance and, in turn, save the customer’s costs. Amazon RDS for the PostgreSQL database was used in the development process.

Enjoy the benefits of the cloud with AWS and N-iX

N-iX is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that specializes in a wide range of AWS products and services, starting from AWS cloud strategy development to on-demand implementations and maintenance. Besides Amazon RDS, we have achieved a number of other AWS designations and competencies, including AWS Data and Analytics Competency, AWS Kinesis Designation, AWS Lambda Designation, Amazon API Gateway Designation, and AWS Dynamo DB Designation. With over 300 cloud engineers, dozens of successful projects, and many certified AWS experts, we help our clients take full advantage of AWS capabilities, maximize their cloud investments and bring lasting business results. 

N-iX AWS designations and competencies

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By N-iX July 25, 2022

About N-iX

N-iX is an Eastern European software development service company that helps businesses across the globe expand their engineering capabilities and develop successful software products. Founded in 2002, N-iX has formed strategic partnerships with a variety of global industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies, including OpenText, Fluke Corporation, AVL, Lebara, Currencycloud, TuneIn, and many others. With more than 2,000 professionals, N-iX offers expert solutions in software engineering, cloud-native services, data analytics, embedded software, IoT, machine learning, and other tech domains covering a wide variety of sectors, including finance, manufacturing, telecom, supply chain, to name a few.

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