UiPath consulting and implementation services

Our UiPath development services are designed to streamline processes, enhance accuracy, and drive cost savings.

Leverage AI-powered business automation with UiPath and N-iX

Consider the potential of a business where every operational aspect is infused with automation. With UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA), mundane manual tasks can be effortlessly automated, from data entry to intricate large-scale operations. Through RPA, software robots emulate human actions, expediting tasks and minimizing errors. This means substantial time and cost savings for your business.

As an authorized UiPath Partner, N-iX is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to seamlessly implement tailored RPA solutions, allowing you to focus on growth, efficiency, and staying ahead of the competition. Let us help you unlock the doors to operational excellence, where time-consuming manual labor gives way to streamlined, automated processes.

UiPath consulting and implementation services - N-iX

UiPath development and consulting services by N-iX

UiPath Consulting

Our comprehensive UiPath consulting services provide a holistic approach to process automation. We begin by studying the nuances of your business processes to offer strategic insights and tailored recommendations that will optimize the automation process and guide you toward efficient solutions.

  • Process assessment: We start by assessing your current processes to identify automation opportunities and areas for improvement.
  • Custom automation strategy: Our experts craft a tailored automation strategy aligned with your business goals and specific needs.
  • ROI analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis to determine the potential return on investment for your automation initiatives.

UiPath Implementation

A specialized team of cross-industry experts is equipped to deploy intricate automation systems tailored to your business needs, ensuring a seamless integration process.

  • Custom automation development: Our team focuses on automating critical business processes where the impact is most significant and beneficial.
  • Testing and quality assurance: We ensure the reliability and accuracy of your automation solutions through comprehensive testing.
  • User training: We offer training and support to ensure your team can efficiently use and maintain the automation systems.
  • Deployment planning: We develop detailed deployment plans to ensure a seamless transition to automated processes.

UiPath Maintenance

We offer ongoing support to optimize system performance and adapt your existing RPA setup to evolving business requirements for long-term efficiency.

  • Continuous performance optimization: We offer ongoing support to optimize system performance and ensure it aligns with evolving business requirements.
  • Proactive issue resolution: Our experts anticipate and address potential issues to prevent disruptions in your RPA operations.
  • Adaptive automation: We help you adapt your existing RPA setup to changing business needs.

UiPath Scaling

Scaling is crucial for adapting to evolving business demands, accommodating growth, and maintaining optimal performance. However, the process presents complexities that demand meticulous assessment and planning. Our strategic approach addresses these challenges, ensuring smooth expansion.

  • Scalability assessment: We evaluate your automation system's scalability to ensure it can accommodate increased workloads.
  • Infrastructure expansion: Our team plans and implements infrastructure expansion to support the growth of your automation initiatives.
  • Enhanced security: We enhance the security measures to protect your automation systems as they scale.
  • Monitoring and reporting: Our engineers implement advanced monitoring and reporting tools to track the performance and health of your automation solutions as they grow.

Our step-by-step UiPath
implementation process


Initial assessment and strategy development

Our team collaborates closely with you to assess your unique business needs, identify key processes ripe for automation, and develop solutions that align with your objectives.


Solution architecture and PoC

We create a detailed blueprint for applying automation to specific business processes, ensuring the most efficient approach for maximizing value. N-iX specialists craft the optimal framework for your solution and construct a functional prototype to assess feasibility.



We design and build automation workflows, configure bots, and ensure seamless integration with existing systems. Our UiPath development services focus on creating a solution that not only meets the technical criteria but is also aligned with your business requirements.


Testing, documentation, and handover

Our team rigorously tests your UiPath solution and prepares comprehensive documentation. N-iX also offers handover and education sessions to equip your team with the knowledge and skills required to manage and maintain your RPA solution.


Ongoing maintenance and scaling

We continuously fine-tune and optimize the robots’ performance to accommodate increased workloads, handle additional processes, and support a growing user base. We are always ready to expand your system to support your organization's growth trajectory so you can always respond effectively to fluctuations in workload.

We build UiPath solutions for every business case

  • Financial services

Leverage the power of automation to streamline financial operations, boost accuracy in transactions, and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Customer service
  • Transaction processing
  • Fraud detection
  • Back office processes
  • Report automation
  • E-commerce & Retail

Improve your customer satisfaction by implementing end-to-end process automation from inventory management to return processing.

  • Content creation
  • Inventory management
  • Payment processing
  • Sales analytics
  • Logistics & Supply chain

Achieve seamless logistics and supply chain operations, from efficient deliveries to post-sale support.

  • Delivery optimization
  • Order fulfillment
  • Shipment management
  • Support requests and after-sale services
  • Manufacturing

Harness the potential of UiPath in optimizing production processes, ensuring operational efficiency, and maintaining precision throughout the production cycle.

  • Inventory management
  • Administrative tasks automation
  • Bill of materials
  • Performance reporting
  • Healthcare

Benefit from UiPath in streamlining patient care and operational excellence, ensuring the utmost service delivery in the healthcare industry.

  • Patient scheduling
  • Electronic health record
  • Physician credential verification
  • Insurance document automation

What can you achieve with N-iX and UiPath?

Increased productivity

Our UiPath development services enable businesses to automate tasks across all business functions, improve operational efficiency, and increase agility.

Integrated digital workforce

Improve operational efficiency with a cohesive team of software robots working seamlessly alongside human employees, enhancing productivity, elevating service standards, and ensuring a superior customer experience. This integrated approach optimizes workflows, creating a harmonious collaboration between digital and human resources.

Cost reduction

N-iX is a UiPath development company that specializes in driving operational cost reductions through expert automation solutions, enabling increased revenue, fostering innovation, and delivering a higher ROI. Our UiPath expertise ensures efficient processes, translating into tangible cost savings for your business.

Streamlining complex operations

Accelerate intricate business processes by automating either specific segments or entire workflows, minimizing human intervention wherever possible.

Risk reduction

With the right approach to UiPath implementation, you can reduce risks by eliminating human error and improving compliance.

Cross-platform integration

UiPath seamlessly integrates with various platforms and applications, promoting interoperability and ensuring a cohesive digital ecosystem within your organization.

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