May 2021 - N-iX, a leading software development service provider, has become an Amazon DynamoDB Delivery Partner. This AWS designation recognizes that N-iX has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success with deploying and operating AWS DynamoDB.

As a part of the AWS Service Delivery Program, the company has already achieved three AWS service validations: Amazon API Gateway Delivery, Amazon Kinesis Delivery, and Amazon DynamoDB Delivery. N-iX is on course to reach more designations helping its customers realize all the benefits of AWS such as strong security, scalability, reliability, performance, and cost-efficiency.

“Early this year, N-iX became an AWS Advanced Consulting partner and achieved Amazon API Gateway Delivery and Amazon Kinesis Delivery designations. And now, we are the only Ukraine-based company that obtained Amazon DynamoDB designation. This achievement is the result of the continuous effort we dedicate to the development of our AWS expertise and advancement within the AWS Partner Network (APN). 

Certification of our experts, the completion of the AWS Partner Transformation Program, the complexity of solutions we deliver to our partners, great alignment of the company stakeholders on our cloud strategy - all these are essential elements in strengthening our cloud service offering and moving faster within the APN,” - Orest Furhala, Head of Partnerships at N-iX

N-iX helps companies across the globe migrate applications, big data & analytics systems to the cloud and apply DevOps best practices to streamline SDLC, production roll-outs, and operations. DynamoDB is one of the services N-iX experts have been using to enhance the security and scalability of our customers’ solutions for years. Amazon DynamoDB designation only validates the company’s competence in building fast and flexible NoSQL databases of any scale and helps N-iX differentiate as a reliable AWS consulting partner.

“N-iX has delivered over 100 AWS projects and helped a lot of global businesses build highly scalable reliable architectures with Amazon DynamoDB. Our experts have proven experience in developing big data and analytics solutions from scratch or migrating those to AWS leveraging Amazon DynamoDB alongside other AWS services. Among the companies that benefited from our AWS DynamoDB expertise are TuneIn - the most popular audio streaming platform in the US, HotSchedules - a hospitality leader with years of market presence, and others,” - Anton Vasylenko, Head of Solution Group at N-iX

Anton Vasylenko, Head of Solution Group at N-iX

N-iX experience with Amazon DynamoDB: Featured case studies

New in-app tool for HotSchedules to help operators prevent the spread of Covid-19

HotSchedules is the leading US provider of end-to-end technology and services for the restaurant and hospitality industries.

HotSchedules saw the need to create a solution that would display employees' and guests' wellbeing. Therefore, they requested developing a new app that would help employees answer a set of health screening questions following the guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The app had to provide guidance to help managers identify other staff members available to pick up shifts of ill co-workers. 

N-iX cloud experts needed to integrate the new app with the HotSchedules’ products so all of the users could benefit from it. One of the tasks was to find secure and confidential storage of survey data. 

Together with the client, N-iX has developed a new tool to help operators prevent the spread of coronavirus, among other illnesses. By using Amazon Web Services, the team has built a scalable app that adapts to the customer's needs. The solution is designed according to GDPR, and all the responses are encrypted and stored securely in DynamoDB. The choice fell on DynamoDB as it meets two main customer requirements: security and scalability. DynamoDB encryption at rest provides enhanced security by encrypting all the data at rest using encryption keys stored in AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS). Using Amazon DynamoDB, we can incorporate scalability and high performance with the ease of cloud administration. It can scale the table assets to a large number of servers on various Availability Zones for addressing storage needs.

The new app records and summarizes the necessary health information from employees in simple statuses, which helps managers assess if an employee is healthy enough to interact with guests and other employees before coming into the location and safely carrying out the shifts. The app also allows predicting the future labor demand to have enough workers and no downtime.

End-to-end cloud transformation and migration to microservices for TuneIn

Based in the USA, TuneIn is one of the most widely used audio streaming platforms with 75M monthly active users worldwide. In terms of their digital transformation, TuneIn decided to move their existing platform to AWS as well as migrate the monolithic architecture to microservices. Our client needed to tackle various technical issues, support and enhance existing high-load APIs, and find flexible solutions to improve the existing product. 

Together with the client, N-iX experts have performed end-to-end cloud transformation. We use several different services for data storage. The primary data storage is RDS. DynamoDB is used for a large amount of data like user-related info, change-tracking, and massive amounts of assets imported from our providers. DynamoDB gives the essential ability to auto-scale by tracking how close the usage is to the upper bounds. It allows the system to adjust according to the amount of data traffic, helping the customer avoid performance issues while reducing costs. ElastiCacheRedisis used for the quick response and to avoid overloading the database. An essential part of the functionality is searching. For this, we use Elasticsearch.

N-iX has tackled various performance issues, enhanced existing APIs, and ensured high scalability of the solution. Also, the team has migrated the platform’s core functionality from Windows to Linux machines, which is now managed by Kubernetes, so it has increased portability and greatly improved scalability. N-iX experts have also created a new subscription solution with updates in real-time, improved the usability of subscriptions, and added new features like Alexa Skill Account Linking that unifies the subscription approach and simplifies user experience.

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By N-iX June 07, 2021

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