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Innovative solutions for Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance companies

In an era where the financial landscape is evolving rapidly, financial institutions are facing a ton of challenges: from the exponential need for adoption of emerging technologies to the total demand for personalization and a customer-centric approach. Businesses are looking for new revenue streams and pursuing new sources of value generation. Financial services organizations are also looking for ways to optimize their operations, removing silos in processes, data, interactions, and more.

Identifying and addressing these challenges drives N-iX to develop robust solutions for the Banking, Capital Markets, and Insurance industries. As a global software solutions and engineering services company, we have over 20 years of experience helping fintechs, banks, consumer financing businesses, investment platforms, and other financial institutions:

  • rejuvenate tech stacks and modernize existing solutions;
  • build new, highly available, and highly secure systems;
  • introduce innovation and advanced technologies to traditional processes;
  • untangle the ever-growing web of standardization, compliances, and regulations;
  • help non-financial companies with industry convergence.


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N-iX helps banking institutions boost performance, streamline processes, mitigate risks, and tackle regulatory
. Our services are designed to help your organization drive customer engagement and satisfaction,
expand your portfolio, and safeguard transactions by accelerating digital transformation. We partner with
Retail, Corporate, and Investment banks, as well as fintechs transforming into digital or neobanks.


  • Expand loan portfolios
  • Streamline application processes
  • Drive informed credit assessments


  • Elevate digital payment experience
  • Expand payment ecosystem
  • Ensure secure transactions

Fraud prevention

  • Reduce fraud losses
  • Enhance customer trust
  • Implement cutting-edge detection technology


  • Strengthen customer verification
  • Optimize risk management
  • Enhance operational efficiency


  • Fortify digital defenses
  • Enhance regulatory compliance
  • Mitigate financial risks


  • Accelerate technology transformation
  • Boost performance and scalability
  • Enhance security and agility

BPM modernization

  • Transform operational workflows
  • Elevate customer engagement
  • Ensure real-time compliance

Front-office solutions

  • Automate routine tasks
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Provide value-driven interactions

Regulatory compliance

  • Navigate regulatory complexities
  • Streamline compliance processes
  • Optimize real-time monitoring

Capital markets

Our Trading and Risk solutions can help you navigate market complexities, ensuring competitive advantage.
Middle, back office, and CLM solutions drive down operational costs, accelerate decision-making, and fortify
compliance, embodying a holistic approach to modern market challenges. We help our clients accelerate
revenue generation, enrich their portfolios, and improve client relationships.

Trading and risk

  • Navigate market complexities with precision
  • Ensure optimal risk management
  • Foster a competitive trading environment that aligns with regulatory mandates

Middle- and back-office

  • Drive down operational costs
  • Accelerate decision-making processes
  • Ensure a robust compliance framework in an evolving regulatory landscape

Customer lifecycle management

  • Accelerate revenue generation
  • Enrich client relationships through centralized data management
  • Fortify compliance with a technology-driven approach to regulatory adherence


The transformation of the insurance sector is fueled by data insights and smart automation. Our solutions
help businesses uncover valuable insights, boost fraud detection, and improve underwriting, claims, and
engagement decisions. We also help companies enable innovation in insurance product development,
quick adaptation to market demands, and regulatory compliance.

Data analytics platforms

  • Uncover deeper insights with tailored data models
  • Propel real-time compliance and fraud detection
  • Transform decision-making across underwriting, claims, and engagement

New product development

  • Leap ahead with innovative insurance products
  • Swiftly adapt to market needs with tech-driven development
  • Ensure regulatory compliance while embracing market opportunities

Customer lifecycle management

  • Foster enduring customer relationships with personalized service
  • Enhance engagement and loyalty through data-driven insights
  • Streamline operations and bolster compliance with automated workflows

Automation with AI

  • Accelerate operational excellence with intelligent automation
  • Realize seamless claims processing and underwriting
  • Engage dynamically with real-time data insights and personalized offerings

Fraud detection

  • Fortify trust with proactive fraud detection
  • Leverage real-time analytics and IoT for secure claims processing
  • Ensure compliance and safeguard assets with advanced cybersecurity measures

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Why choose N-iX as your financial services
software development company?

  • Full-cycle solution development

Our team will be there to help you through every step of the process, from the Discovery Phase/audit of your legacy system to delivery and post-production support.

  • Portfolio of projects and strong domain knowledge

Over the years, we have successfully delivered over 250 different projects for our Financial Services clients, ranging from replatforming to complex automation and scaling.

  • Strong team of talents and in-depth expertise

We have over 2,200 experts and strong technological acumen with enterprise systems, Cloud, Data, Cybersecurity, and much more.

  • Regulatory compliance

N-iX has all the necessary certifications needed to be able to create secure and scalable financial solutions of any complexity.

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An award-winning online brokerage and wealth management firm

We’ve been able to launch a new line of business for our industry, and N-iX’s work has been instrumental in that being with us throughout the process.


Continental Finance Company

N-iX does a great job of understanding what we’re looking for and identifying the right type of resources for us

Darren Talham

Director of IT

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