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N-iX builds advanced technology solutions to help retailers boost their operations, improve customer experience, and ensure sustainable growth at every stage of the retail value chain.

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Re-inventing retail: creating unique, omnichannel experiences tailored for each customer

Retailers are looking for new ways to reach consumers, create better products, personalize experiences and cultivate customers loyalty. They also are looking for a way to bring digital experience to traditional in-store shopping, as well as optimize every aspect of their operations.

As a global software solutions and engineering services company, N-iX has been helping retailers balance short-term results with long-term digital improvement, boost their operational efficiency, and increase revenue growth through advanced technology.


of boards in retail agree that digital is an implicit part of the growth strategy. (Gartner, 2023 Retail trends)


of consumers would share data for personalized support and service experiences. (EY, Future Consumer Index)


of customers do online research before committing to purchase. (KPMG, Global retail trends)


of CIO are increasing budgets for store technology investment (Gartner)

Achieve your business goals with speed and agility:

Optimize spending and enhance effectiveness of operations;

Create seamless customer experiences between brick & mortar stores and online;

Find the best pricing strategies;

Deliver personalized offers and build loyalty in new ways;

Reduce waste every step of the process, whether it's physical or digital.

  • optimize spending and enhance effectiveness of operations
  • create seamless customer experiences between brick & mortar stores and online
  • find the best pricing strategies
  • deliver personalized offers and build loyalty in new ways
  • reduce waste every step of the process, whether it's physical or digital

Our featured retail and commerce solutions Retail solutions

Competitive pricing intelligence

A pricing platform that analyzes competitor product prices and provides near real-time reporting. It allows retailers to effectively match the product and price needs of their customers.

  • Improves benchmarking
  • Helps to identify pricing opportunities and gaps
  • Boosts analytics capabilities
  • Allows respond to market changes faster
Business value

Improved pricing strategies, enhanced operational efficiency through real-time reporting, and expedited time-to-market.

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Demand planning

Our demand forecasting is built to meet the needs of our clients for purchase predictions, promotional activities, and automated replenishment of stock. The solution helps with:

  • Optimizing stocks and boosting availability
  • Enhancing promo prediction accuracy
  • Increasing revenue and raising profit margins
  • Curbing warehousing costs and improving labor allocation
Business value

Improved stock management, higher precision of predictions for promotional activities, and reduced physical and digital waste.

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Personalized search

A highly accurate and intuitive search engine that facilitates customer experience, allowing users to conveniently browse and find the right products easily.

Business value

Improved customer experience, increased sales and revenue growth.

Trend search application

An easy and user-friendly app that allows users to take or upload a picture of an outfit and quickly find things they love faster and place the order. The app has the following features:

  • Effective object detection;
  • Smart processing;
  • Easy and effective order placement.
Business value

Boosting seasonal and trending sales, increasing regular sales and overall revenue.

CV-powered product placement

Solution that analyzes Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) representation on the shelf using computer vision and allows retailers to automatically trigger the needed action, including:

  • Identify the effective placement of products
  • Inform about the products that are out of stock or out of order;
  • Inform manufacturers about the needed change in production volumes;
  • Plan and adapt logistics operations;
  • And more.
Business value

90% accuracy in image recognition for more effective and automated work of sales representatives and distributors.

Label recognition

An automated cargo label recognition for large warehouses. The solution has real-time image processing and scalable architecture. It also helps with:

  • Pallet detection
  • Label recognition
  • Box counting
  • Damage detection
  • Fuzzy information matching
Business value

An easily scalable solution, automated processes, reduced waste and human error, reduced operating costs.

Retail software development: from product design
to user analytics Software development for every stage of retail

  • 1

    Retail R&D

    Stay ahead of the competition, create strong new products, and drive innovation in the retail industry with efficient R&D.

    • New product development
    • Product design acceleration
    • Digital twins
    • Product simulation
  • 2

    Sourcing and manufacturing

    Optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve sustainability in sourcing and manufacturing processes.

    • Data-driven sustainability analysis
    • Supplier cost optimization solutions
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Intelligent labor automation (RPA)
  • 3

    Logistics & supply chain management

    Increase efficiency and visibility into supply chain management, logistics, warehousing, inventory, and transportation operations.

    • Inventory management automation
    • Demand prediction & automatic replenishments
    • Labor optimization
    • Robotics simulation
    • Route optimization
    • Last-mile delivery automation
  • 4

    In-store operations

    Modernize the brick and mortar with the help of advanced technologies, making them more convenient and easy to operate.

    • Planogram optimization
    • In-store Computer Vision
    • Self check-out
    • Frictionless payments
    • Stock management
  • 5

    Omni-channel and e-commerce

    Develop seamless customer experiences: enhance service quality, tailor offerings to individual preferences, and foster customer loyalty.

    • Recommendation engines
    • Search engines
    • Pricing optimization & competitor analysis
    • Virtual showroom & try-on
    • Sales promotion
    • Assortment planning
    • Out-of-stock prevention system
  • 6

    Customer analytics

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of customers’ preferences, shopping patterns, and channels of engagement, and devise novel strategies for effective outreach.

    • Retail CRM development
    • Recommendations
    • Personalized marketing and content
    • Feedback management
    • Social media analysis
    • Subscription management
    • Loyalty programs
    • Customer value
  • 7

    Sustainable retail

    Promote a smarter, more sustainable approach to every part of the retail process: from design and manufacturing, to delivery, use, and utilization.

    • Sustainable goods utilization
    • Smart consumption

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