SAP Consulting

N-iX provides professional SAP consulting and ABAP development services helping enterprises achieve their digital ambitions.


Drive full business value from your SAP products with qualified SAP consultants and ABAP developers at N-iX

SAP enterprise software is used globally to streamline operations, automate business processes and boost productivity. Experienced SAP consultants at N-iX help companies implement the digital transformation of their businesses and drive maximum value from their SAP investment by providing high-quality SAP software development and consulting services. N-iX provides SAP outsourcing services from its development centers in Eastern Europe, a destination where a lot of IT talent is concentrated.


Our dedicated ABAP developers can augment your in-house team to help you extend the functionality of your SAP ecosystem. In addition to professional ABAP development, N-iX experts have vast experience in integrating SAP products with other enterprise solutions such as OpenText, Streamserve etc.

  • Integrating OpenText products into SAP ecosystem

  • OpenText Data Archiving for SAP solutions

  • OpenText Document Presentment Live

  • Team augmentation with technical SAP consultants and dedicated ABAP developers

  • SAP cloud services

  • SAP Hybris integration

  • Ongoing support of SAP solutions

  • Implementing SAP ERP upgrades

  • SAP Basis Administration

SAP Services in Detail

SAP OpenText integration

With over 10 years of experience in OpenText ECM and Streamserve professional services, we know how to integrate your SAP product with OpenText suite. Whether you seek to track engineering documents or automate data entry, streamline collaboration or ensure accurate reporting, OpenText and SAP services we provide cover all these areas.

ABAP development

N-iX developers have wide experience in working with both core SAP modules and building company-specific functionality. Thus we utilize ABAP to develop innovative solutions to enhance your SAP infrastructure. Our Poland and Ukraine-based specialists can design, code, test, document and support custom solutions that go beyond the standard SAP applications.

SAP Cloud Services

N-iX SAP consulting team leverages the capabilities of SAP cloud enabling midsize and smaller enterprises exploit the full potential of their SAP products while cutting infrastructure costs.

SAP Hybris Integration

N-iX consultants deliver cutting-edge B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions by integrating Hybris with SAP products. A diverse set of Hybris APIs can be incorporated into SAP ecosystem to build advanced scalable e-commerce systems.

Industries we serve


SAP consulting in Utilities

N-iX consultants’ wide expertise in the utilities sector allows us to deliver high-quality SAP services such as implementing IS-U solution, updating and transforming SAP legacy systems and delivering modern customer-service capabilities.


SAP expertise in Manufacturing

N-iX consultants help manufacturing companies increase productivity, improve their asset management, reduce downtime, and achieve the mobility they strive for by developing advanced SAP solutions. 


SAP in InsurTech

N-iX expertise in SAP, OpenText and Streamserve professional services is an indispensable part of the IT services we offer to our InsurTech clients. Our cross-domain knowledge allows us to deliver quality ECM and CCM solutions.


SAP consulting for Telecom

N-iX expertise in telecom encompasses a rich array of projects and a long-term cooperation with Lebara, a global telecom provider. Our SAP consultants’ vast industry experience allows us to understand and address your industry-specific needs.


SAP for Energy Sector

We cooperate with energy companies enhancing their operational efficiency while reducing costs and integrating the SAP systems with other enterprise software products.

Why us

Excellent track record in Professional Services with over 10 years of experience

Successful integration of SAP solutions with StreamServe (OpenText Document Presentment and Document Presentment Live) and OpenText ECM products

100+ completed projects across many industries including utilities, manufacturing, energy, insurtech, telecom etc.

Investment in training and knowledge sharing to ensure we have the right skills and resources for any project

A reliable IT partner with broad technological expertise

High level of cultural awareness in the company ensuring effective communication with our partners

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