Cybersecurity services

N-iX offers full-cycle cybersecurity services helping organizations eliminate vulnerabilities in their systems, mitigate risks, improve cyber resilience, and optimize their investment in cybersecurity. We will  keep your data and online assets safe while you concentrate on driving your company forward.

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Protect your business from cyber attacks

As technology advances, the threat of cyber attacks continues to grow, putting your business at risk of a data spill. At N-iX, we know how to protect your business from these threats.

Prevent data breaches

N-iX can help you implement robust security measures, such as encryption, access controls, intrusion detection systems, regular security audits, employee training and more.

Prevent the loss of money

Safeguard your company against unauthorized access to financial systems, protect sensitive financial information, mitigate the risk of financial theft and payment fraud.

Prevent reputation damage

Protect your brand reputation and maintain trust with your stakeholders by improving your cyber resilience and mitigating the risks of data breaches and cyber attacks.

Optimize your investment in cybersecurity

We work with you to understand the optimal level of investments in cybersecurity to ensure that your company is protected without hindering business development.

Prevent regulatory breaches and penalties

N-iX experts will help you complete all the necessary security audits as well as stay updated with industry regulations to proactively address any potential compliance issues.

We provide comprehensive cybersecurity services
while you focus on your business goals

Cybersecurity Consulting

  • Implementation roadmap for ISMS components
  • Assistance in selecting suitable solutions and estimating the budget
  • Formalization and implementation of key processes like access provisioning, vulnerability, incident management, etc.
  • Configuration review and hardening recommendations
  • Cloud security review
  • Implementation of the zero-trust network concept
  • Awareness training
  • 3rd party due diligence

Application Security Services

  • Application security testing
  • Infrastructure penetration testing
  • Vulnerability management
  • Security architecture review and threat modeling
  • Security training for developers and other tech experts
  • Security code review
  • Dependency analysis
  • Security requirements management
  • Secure SDLC consulting
  • DevSecOps and secure CI/CD consulting

Governance & Compliance

  • Consulting on the adoption of the governance and compliance framework (ISO, SOC2, PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, etc.)
  • Analysis of the currently adopted practices vs the selected compliance framework
  • Preparing control remediation and implementation plan to reach compliance
  • Internal controls testing
  • Support with certification audits

Security Operations Center

  • Implementation and configuration of the log collection and monitoring tools
  • Implementation of honeypots and deception tools
  • Establishing incident response procedures
  • Conducting threat intelligence
  • Improving company resilience to cyber attacks
  • Providing monitoring, incident detection, and response services in the required mode (up to 24/7)
  • Forensic investigations

Application security services across the entire SDLC

For more than two decades, N-iX has been building robust and secure software applications across
various industries, including finance, telecom, healthcare, automotive, and others. Our engineers know
how to integrate robust security measures into the development process, ensuring a secure foundation
for your software.

Application security testing

N-iX applies application security best practices, conducts thorough manual penetration testing, and utilizes the best tools for web and mobile app penetration testing to ensure that your software is resistant to security threats.


Report with identified vulnerabilities and remediation recommendations

Infrastructure pentests and vulnerability management

Our experts conduct external and internal network pentests, assess the vulnerability of your employees to social engineering attacks, perform Red vs Blue team assessment, SOC, incident response, and more to minimize the risks in your tech infrastructure.


Report with identified vulnerabilities and remediation recommendations

Security architecture review and threat modeling

We review the architecture to make sure it follows secure design principles, while threat modeling enables us to mitigate potential threats even before an application is developed.


Threat model / Architecture blueprint

Security training for developers and other tech experts

We will make sure that your tech experts are familiar with general security concepts, secure architecture design principles, application threat modeling, secure coding practices, and the approach to application security testing.


Security training recording, completed tests, other training materials.

Security code review and dependency analysis

White-box application security testing combines the use of static code security tools with the manual evaluation of high-risk functionality to increase efficiency, while dependency analysis helps identify risks associated with using third-party components.


Report with identified risks and remediation recommendations

Secure SDLC consulting

Our experts review the software development process and security-related practices, identify any insufficiencies and suggest options to improve the process, reducing the likelihood of new vulnerabilities and flaws.


Gap analysis report with improvement recommendations

Security requirements management

N-iX experts analyze the existing functional and non-functional requirements, identify any missing security requirements and enrich the requirements with security-related items to meet current and future business needs.


Security requirements

DevSecOps and secure CI/CD consulting

We analyze the current CI/CD practices and pipelines and incorporate SAST, DAST, SCA, container scans, secret scans, and other security measures to reduce the likelihood of new vulnerabilities.


Updated CI/CD pipelines and process description

Step-by-step application security with N-iX


Our experts conduct a thorough review of your development process and security practices to identify any weaknesses and provide actionable recommendations on how to improve the security of your SDLC.


Through architecture review and threat modeling, we ensure that secure design principles are incorporated into your architecture decisions and identify potential vulnerabilities even before the application is designed and developed.


By integrating security requirements from the start, we help protect your systems from potential threats and ensure they align with your business objectives.


This stage involves a number of security approaches, tools and best practices, such as code review, dependency analysis, white-box appsec testing, integration of DevOps processes, building a secure CI/CD pipeline, and more.

Testing and deployment

Through security testing and application security penetration testing, we identify potential threats and vulnerabilities within your system, address these issues and enhance the overall security of your software.


We continuously monitor and enhance the security of your systems by doing Infrastructure pentesting, vulnerability management as well as conduct regular training for your engineering teams.

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