Data warehouse consulting

Build a robust data warehouse, migrate it to the cloud, or build
a complex data solution with a reliable partner by your side.

Our data warehouse consulting services Our services

N-iX provides a full range of data warehousing services, including data warehouse research,
discovery, implementation, and support to help you get the maximum value from your data.
We have over 200 data experts onboard and over 30 data projects in our portfolio.

Data warehouse research and design

Our team will help you create an effective data warehouse strategy, choose the best data warehouse model, and build a prototype.

Data warehouse implementation

We offer an entire cycle of DWH development: from integration of data sources to full automation of data processes.

Data warehouse migration / optimization

Our experts will migrate your DWH to the cloud, scale it up, and help you optimize performance and costs.

Data warehouse support

We will implement small adjustments, make changes that are covered by SLA, and provide an overall support of your DWH.

How can you benefit from
data warehouse consulting?

Our consultants will assist you in every step of your data transformation journey.

Consolidate data access

A well-designed and integrated DWH ensures governed and secure access to data across your organization.

Reduce human involvement

A carefully chosen DWH platform allows you to save up to 60% of efforts in deployment, administration, and support.

Optimize costs

Data warehouse consulting includes an ongoing optimization of your infrastructure and cloud spending.

Accelerate ROI

Improve the overall visibility of the processes and take business decisions based on clean and accurate data.

How it works How it works

N-iX offers 360 data warehouse consulting services. Typically, data warehouse consulting has four phases:

01. Strategy

During this phase we will explore an existing ecosystem including:

  • Clarification of the stakeholders’ vision and objectives
  • Reviewing the environment and existing systems
  • Measuring current capability and scalability
  • Creating a risk management framework.

02. Discovery phase

We offer a Discovery Phase as a service to help you validate your idea, choose a tech stack, estimate ROI, and build a feasible prototype.

  • Defining client’s business needs
  • Analysis of existing reports and ML models
  • Review and documentation of existing data sources, and existing data connectors
  • Estimation of the budget for the project and team composition.
  • Data quality analysis
  • Detailed analysis of metrics
  • Logical design of data warehouse
  • Logical design of ETL architecture
  • Proposing several solutions with different tech stacks
  • Building a prototype.

03. Development

Based on your needs and chosen tech stack, our experts will build a robust data warehouse. Some of the steps will include:

  • Physical design of databases and schemas
  • Integration of data sources
  • Development of ETL routines
  • Data profiling
  • Loading historical data into data warehouse
  • Implementing data quality checks
  • Data automation tuning
  • Achieving DWH stability.

04. Ongoing support

We will help you build a dedicated team for ongoing support of the data warehouse. Overall, the support will cover:

  • Fixing issues within the SLA
  • Lowering storage and processing costs
  • Small enhancement
  • Supervision of systems
  • Ongoing cost optimization
  • Product support and fault elimination.

Technologies we work with Tech stack

Cloud providers


Data warehouse services and databases


Storage and databases


Why choose N-iX to help you with
data warehouse consulting? Why us


N-iX is a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, a Microsoft gold certified partner, a Google Cloud Platform Partner, an Opentext Services silver partner, and a SAP partner.

2,000+ professionals ready to consult and support you through every stage of your data warehouse implementation project.
N-iX specialists have a proven track record working with cloud-based tools such as Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, EMR, Dataproc, Cloud Composer, Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Databricks, etc.

Compliance with international regulations, including ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015, GDPR, and HIPAA, so your data will always be safe.


N-iX experts have solid expertise in Cloud native and agnostic development, Big Data engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science, ML&AI, BI, DevOps, and Security.


Successful partnerships with Lebara, Gogo, Vable, Orbus Software, and many other leading companies to help them leverage the benefits of the cloud and data analytics.

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Data warehouse consulting:
Success stories Case studies

Gogo is a leading provider of in-flight connectivity and entertainment with over 20 years of experience. The company’s superior technologies, best-in-class service, and global reach help planes fly smarter, airline partners perform better, and their passengers travel happier.

The Challenge

The company needed a qualified engineering team to undertake a complete transition of Gogo solutions to the cloud, as well as build a unified data platform, improve existing reports, and introduce new solutions in order to provide the best speed of the in-flight Internet.

The Solution

Our team has built the data warehouse system for storing and processing significant amounts of data. It helps the client to receive timely reports and provides the ground for operational processes. N-iX experts have also created an AWS-based data platform and built a data lake for collecting data from more than 20 different sources in one place. The data lake also has a separate layer that provides information for the company's data warehouse, improving the reporting process (while some business applications can connect directly to the data lake to extract information).

Lebara is one of Europe’s fastest-growing mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) with millions of active customers, employing over 62 nationalities worldwide in six countries.

The Challenge

At the first stage of our cooperation, Lebara had a legacy data warehouse and requested to rebuild it as it was not maintainable. The product was not renewed for a long time and had price-performance issues. For instance, the delay in monthly reports was 1-2 months. In time, the client decided to replace the classic data warehouse and change the tech stack to reduce the price, increase maintainability, and change the functionality.

The Solution

The N-iX team contributed to the development of a data warehouse for Lebara: we rebuilt the system architecture, data flows, and provided constant support. The data warehouse was built on-premises (MS SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services, Microsoft Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services). We used Tableau for data visualization. The data warehouse accepts the data from CRM, various accounting systems, and sim card information. To reduce the information processing delays, we created the process dependency tree and an orchestrating instrument, which was monitoring tasks and started new processes according to server load.

A global provider of managed cloud services

Our client is one of the leading managed service providers. They help businesses reduce management complexity and strain on IT resources with white-glove, personalized customer hosting solutions.

  • Industry:

    Information Technology & Services

  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    Nov 2020 - present

  • Team:

    9 people

The Challenge

All of the company’s siloed data was managed on-premises that caused issues with data governance, storage, accessibility, scalability, and more. The client engaged the N-iX team to develop a unified data warehouse on GCP, data warehouse migration, and automation of various internal processes.

The Solution

Our experts have helped the client consolidate 74 operational data sources and migrate 4 data warehouses and 1 data lake to Google Cloud. We built a unified data warehouse in GCP, allowing the client to elevate data management across the business. It allows our client to:

  • Consolidate 74 operational data sources, 4 data warehouses, 1 data lake from on-premises to Google Cloud;
  • Decommission 20 servers, leading to more than 1 million dollars in savings on MS SQL Server licenses alone.

Also, our test engineers are responsible for data quality in the data warehouse.

A Fortune 500 industrial supply company

The client is an American industrial supply company. It offers over 1.6M quality in-stock products in such categories as safety, material handling, and metalworking. The company provides inventory management and technical support to more than 3M customers in North America.

  • Industry:

    Business Supplies & Equipment

  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    Feb 2019 - present

  • Team:

    35+ people

The Challenge

The client needed to upgrade an existing on-premise data solution and move it to the cloud for better scalability, reliability, and cost reduction. We have helped to migrate from the on-premise Hadoop Hortonworks cluster to AWS and build a unified big data analytics platform on AWS with the help of Snowflake, Airflow, Terraform, Teradata, Tableau.

The Solution

We integrated more than 100 different data sources into a unified data platform, including daily data loads, along with a backfill of historical data. We compared Amazon Redshift with Snowflake and preferred Snowflake as it meets all the project requirements and provides multiple benefits. It allows the client to avoid vendor lock-in (Snowflake is a cloud-agnostic shared-data solution that is compatible with any cloud provider), achieve seamless scaling capability, have more automated maintenance than Redshift, reduce the costs, and improve performance.

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