Cut costs, achieve greater flexibility, and accelerate innovations with SAP on AWS. As a long-standing partner of both AWS and SAP with dozens of successfully completed enterprise projects, N-iX can help you assess, modernize, migrate, and manage your SAP solutions on the cloud.

Business value you can measure

Transitioning SAP workloads to AWS Cloud enables enterprises to significantly reduce their total cost of ownership with resource right-sizing, avoiding overprovisioning, and eliminating hardware refresh expenses. N-iX is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner eligible for participation in the AWS Migration Acceleration Program, which packages best practices, expertise, tooling, and funding benefits. Financial incentives for SAP workloads vary depending on the annual spending and project specifics and might result in significant cost reduction. In addition, SAP on AWS allows organizations to improve the scalability, time to market, overall resilience, and data security of their systems.

Delivering enterprise solutions for over 20 years, N-iX knows how to help organizations achieve maximum value from their AWS SAP cloud initiatives. Our established partnerships with AWS and SAP, dozens of certified experts, and strong domain knowledge allow us to deliver measurable results to our clients.


of AWS users see cost improvement by moving from on-premises to AWS for their SAP landscapes (IDC);


71% reduction of the total cost of ownership when compared to running SAP on-premise (AWS);


of three-year ROI from bringing SAP ERP Central Component to AWS (Forrester);

SAP Migration and Application Managed Services
to maximize the value of AWS cloud

Consulting and assessment

Get detailed insights into the current state of your SAP landscape and choose the best optimization strategy.

  • Our leading SAP consultants and engineers will conduct a thorough assessment of your SAP environment and provide you with an optimal migration strategy, along with cost estimates and timelines.

SAP to AWS migration

Minimize infrastructure costs, optimize performance, and reach compliance.

  • We will prepare your data for transfer, execute the migration of SAP workloads to AWS, and run tests to ensure the system’s proper functioning.

Greenfield SAP on AWS implementation

Save time and launch your SAP landscapes directly on AWS.

  • We will install the SAP environment on AWS from scratch, which includes sizing, provisioning, and configuration of the infrastructure.

SAP application managed services

Focus on your core tasks while your SAP AWS environment is being monitored.

  • We will provide 24/7 management of your AWS SAP infrastructure by utilizing AWS cloud monitoring tools, workload reporting, and SAP BC support.

Migrate your SAP workloads
to AWS in five steps with N-iX

1. Assess

Before kicking off your cloud journey, our SAP consultants and AWS experts will thoroughly examine the current state of your SAP landscape, assessing the existing solutions, databases, and applications.


2. Plan

We devise a migration plan for every SAP system, establish a clear timeline for the whole process, and outline project deliverables.


3. Migrate

We will transition your SAP infrastructure to AWS and migrate all related applications, data, and settings.


4. Run

After we launch your SAP workloads on AWS, we support you with hypercare providing initial SAP Basis and AWS DevOps support. Our experts will also set up reactive and proactive monitoring of your SAP environments in SAP SolMan and AWS CloudWatch.


5. Support

N-iX conducts ongoing tech support for your SAP landscape on AWS, utilizing AWS cloud monitoring instruments, reports, and 24/7 SAP BC best practices.

Featured case study

Greenfield SAP on AWS implementation for a leading pharma company

Our client is a biotech company that develops and produces innovative medicines which save the lives of millions of people.

  • Industry:


  • Number of employees:

    500 people

The Challenge

The company needed to replace their legacy on-premise ERP software with an SAP S/4HANA solution and migrate their data to a newly installed SAP landscape. The client highlighted the importance of implementing cost-effective SAP AWS environments that would be scalable, secure, compliant, compatible, and provide good network connectivity from day one.

The Solution

For this project, N-iX has gathered a team of experts including SAP Enterprise Solution Architect, certified SAP Basis Consultants, and AWS DevOps specialists. We have helped our client to ensure that the migration to SAP is cost-effective and secure by doing a rigorous Assessment. Following a thorough check-up, our team devised a plan for optimal infrastructure configuration, chose the most cost-effective AWS layout, and set detailed timelines for each SAP system in the AWS cloud. In addition, our experts have conducted reactive and proactive monitoring setup in SolMan, which will allow the client’s systems to operate smoothly and remain cost-effective in the long run.

Experience the benefits of running SAP workloads on AWS

Reduced SAP infrastructure costs
SAP system reliability
Boosted performance
Enhanced security and compliance
Access to innovative AWS technologies
Resource optimization
Improved business resilience

Why partner with N-iX for your SAP on AWS
project success


years of SAP partnership


years of experience with
enterprise technologies


AWS-certified DevOps and SysOps


enterprise platforms
implementation projects


certified cloud specialists, including
SAP and AWS certifications


cloud engineers

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