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Establish effective Data Governance to enhance the ROI of your data projects, improve data access and compliance, and minimize the risks of security breaches.

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Data Governance is not optional

Organizations today have enormous amounts of data. When used properly, this information can help businesses better understand their clients and users, their own processes and employees, faster respond to market changes, and ultimately reach their goals. Data Governance is crucial for using data analytics effectively and keeping it accurate, well-documented, and accessible. It helps keep all information protected, compliant, and confidential.

With over 300 data governance consultants and engineers, we’ve completed dozens of data projects and helped multiple organizations establish effective Data Governance. This allowed our clients to not only unlock the value of their data but also make sure it continues to bring lasting business results.

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Unmatched value brought by N-iX Data Governance services

High business efficiency and productivity

Optimize processes and reduce manual work by bringing consistency to data management across all business processes and entities.

High data quality

Standardize the systems, processes, and policies to ensure the highest levels of data quality and accuracy.

Effective team collaboration

Establish frictionless cooperation between your teams with data catalogs and a clear distinction of who can access and use which data.

Consistent data security compliance

Ensure that all data security regulations, such as HIPAA, GDPR, or PCI DSS, are met across your organization.

Managing data efficiently with N-iX
Data Governance service

With over 20 years of experience and dozens of completed data projects, N-iX builds robust
data management platforms that solve Data Governance related challenges. We will help you
improve the quality and accuracy of your data, effectively allocate data accesses, mitigate
security risks, and set up an efficient process of collecting, transforming, and distributing data.

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Business Process Management

Risk Management

Data Policies

Business Policies

Regulatory Compliance

Data Governance is the key to efficient cloud-based infrastructure

Data Governance services are crucial for the effective use and operation of cloud-based data infrastructure. It helps to quickly and efficiently build the infrastructure from scratch or migrate an existing one to the cloud. It also ensures that all data moving through the cloud remains secure. N-iX has over 150 certified data and cloud experts and is an official partner of all major cloud service providers. Whether you need to build a hybrid or a full cloud data model, we will ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.


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Head of Data and Analytics Practice

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Director of Technology Office

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