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N-iX’s software engineering services rely on best-in-class technologies, processes and expertise to deliver exceptional results throughout your product’s journey - from ideation to development, launch, and further scaling.

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Engineering quality refined over decades

The success of software engineering solutions is determined by the synergy of the most qualified professionals, deep industry knowledge, mature processes, and prime technologies. Bringing together best practices in Product Management, Quality Assurance, Architecture Design, Cybersecurity, Agile, and more, N-iX ensures superior quality at every phase of your product’s lifecycle.

For over two decades, we have been growing and refining our software engineering expertise to bring efficiency, speed, and tangible value to our clients. Throughout our journey from an innovative product company to a global software development service provider, we have nurtured our engineering culture with a relentless focus on quality.

Software engineering services and solutions - N-iX

Software engineering solutions with far-reaching
business impact

Engineering assessment and best practices implementation

Mitigate risks, enhance code quality, ensure successful project delivery, and reduce costs.

  • Code quality: code review, tech debt management, and other best practices
  • Building effective CI/CD
  • Architecture design & implementation
  • QA assessment
  • Project management: requirements, risk management, etc.
  • Product management: value proposition, product strategy, etc.

Quality assurance

Enhance product quality, ensure faster delivery, enable continuous improvement, and minimize extra spending.

  • QA consulting: assessment and advisory, test documentation creation, training, etc.
  • Test automation: AQA process from scratch, regression testing, etc.
  • Testing process setup: test strategy definition, test planning, test environment setup, etc.
  • Performance and security testing
  • Functional and non-functional testing
  • Acceptance testing and defect management

Product management

Maximize the value and success of your product, boost conversion rates, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability.

  • Value proposition deep-dive
  • Product strategy calibration
  • Customer development setup
  • Data Analytics systematization (North Star, KPI's & success metrics review)
  • Roadmap prioritization and visualization
  • PoC and MVP development

Experience design

Build products your users will love, improve customer loyalty and retention, boost sales, and gain a competitive edge.

  • Design research and discovery
  • Ideation and features validation
  • Wireframes
  • User interviews and user testing
  • Prototypes and mock-ups
  • UI and interaction design

Agile transformation

Reduce development time and costs, eliminate waste, foster innovation, and increase time to market.

  • Agile assessment
  • Agile training and workshops
  • Agile product development
  • Scrum and Kanban implementation and consulting
  • DevOps
  • Organizational agility


Eliminate vulnerabilities in your systems, protect your business from cyberattacks, improve cyber resilience, and prevent data breaches & reputation damage.

  • Application security testing
  • Infrastructure penetration testing
  • Vulnerability management
  • Security architecture review and threat modelling
  • Secure SDLC consulting
  • DevSecOps and secure CI/CD consulting

How we ensure prime quality of our software
engineering services

Top-tier experts

  • A rigorous tech interview process to hire the best experts across more than 25 global locations.
  • Competency mapping and regular technical evaluations of our talents to monitor and foster professional growth.
  • Focus on soft skills to facilitate effective communication and a cultural match.
  • Technology Office, which unites top consultants, solution architects, and engineers, fuels the adoption of innovative technologies, introduces best practices, and ensures service excellence.
  • Learning and Development Center, which identifies upskilling opportunities, addresses skill gaps, launches training programs, and encourages professional development.
  • Architecture University for aspiring solution architects who want to grow into a new role and build innovative solutions for our clients.
  • A mentorship program, which allows our specialists to learn from the best, share knowledge, and acquire new skills.
  • Support of professional certifications, including collaborative study groups and full reimbursement for certification fees.

Best-in-class processes

  • Agile approach to software development, which speeds up product delivery and improves software quality.
  • Engineering Excellence Center, which develops and introduces best practices, does internal and external engineering assessments and ensures top quality of our services.
  • Wide adoption of engineering best practices across our whole organization, including code reviews, automatic code inspections, tech debt management, CI/CD, etc.
  • Project Management Office, which promotes project management best practices and agile methodologies across all our projects.
  • Security as an integral part of SDLC to build security into every phase of the product lifecycle and ensure that your software is resistant to security threats.
  • CI/CD pipelines, set up to accelerate your development cycles, increase code quality, and ensure reliable system deployment.
  • A strong focus on Quality Assurance, which includes all types of testing, development of test strategies and test plans, selection of the best testing tools, set up of QA workflows, and more.

Our engineering expertise

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Software engineering as a service with N-iX:
How it works

01. Ideate

Our top consultants conduct thorough business and technical analysis, define your organization’s goals, determine priorities, and prepare the preliminary vision of your solution.


02. Design

Our Solution Group develops the solution architecture, project implementation roadmap, and a prototype of the solution with performance, usability, security, and scalability in mind.


03. Build

We develop your solution, relying on Agile methodologies and the most efficient technologies, while we continuously monitor software quality and implementation of engineering best practices.


04. Launch

The product is launched after meticulous preparation of the release strategy and documentation, final adjustments to match the solution vision, and performing release testing.


05. Scale

N-iX experts will make sure your product grows together with your business. We help you advance your system through performance tuning, adding new features, security updates, and automated scaling.

Our technology leaders

Valentyn Kropov

Valentyn Kropov

Chief Technology Officer
Yaroslav Mota

Yaroslav Mota

Head of Engineering Excellence Practice
Mariya Miroshyna

Mariya Miroshyna

Experience Design Lead

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