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Unlock the power of enterprise Big Data solutions to optimize your operations, save costs, and gain valuable insights that will help you achieve your business goals.

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Benefit from Big Data services at N-iX Benefits

Streamline data processing

Enable effective collection, processing, and analysis of large amounts of unstructured, semi-structured, or structured data. Obtain valuable insights to obtain tangible advantages for your business.

Gain flexible scaling and data storage

Migrating Big Data to the cloud will provide you with limitless storage resources and the ability to quickly scale your infrastructure up or down upon the needs of your project.

Allocate and optimize costs

Utilize various cloud services to optimize the storage and processing of large amounts of data without maintaining expensive infrastructure.

Implement smart Data Science solutions

Gain a competitive edge with predictive, behavioral, risk, and other types of intelligent analytics solutions powered by ML and AI.

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How N-iX develops reliable Big Data solutions How it works

01. Preparation

  • Exploring business environment
  • Conducting market research and competitor analysis
  • Defining a detailed Big Data strategy implementation plan
  • Analyzing business goals and needs
  • Researching the landscape for most suitable Big Data technologies
  • Preparing a list of possible architecture constraints and concerns

02. Deep dive

  • Refining business goals and vision
  • Developing business flows
  • Defining priorities and functional distribution
  • Analyzing critical functional requirements, constraints, and concerns
  • Preparing Quality Attributes and initial architecture vision

03. Solution definition

  • Creating relevant architecture views
  • Preparing Big Data technology stack
  • Creating DevOps and Operations vision
  • Preparing Work Breakdown Structure
  • Estimating implementation efforts
  • Aligning roadmap and requirements with estimates
  • Documenting the Architecture vision

Build a reliable Big Data platform
from the ground up Our services

Design and implement ETL, DWH, or OLAP

Extract, transform, and load your data into a comprehensive database where it can be analyzed and used for effective decision-making.

Design and build data lakes or data lake houses

Acquire a centralized system that stores and processes all of your structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data.

Implement real-time or near real-time analytics

Make quick and accurate decisions to ensure that your business can effectively adapt to any change.

Establish data visualization and automated reporting

Obtain relevant visually-informative insights and guarantee that you receive all your data reports on time.

Set up master data management

Make sure that all your assets of enterprise master data are uniform, accurate, consistent, and accountable.

Deploy sophisticated analytics models

Open new business opportunities by incorporating advanced analytics methods like deep learning or predictive modeling.

Migrate your Big Data to the Cloud


Flexible infrastructure scalability


Limitless storage capacity


data security





N-iX partners with leading cloud providers

N-iX has the status of an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and an official Google Cloud Partner, which signifies of our high expertise at developing reliable cloud-based solutions.


Implement intelligent solutions
powered by Data Science, ML, and AI

Predictive analytics

Prepare your business for future trends and market changes with intelligent predictive ML algorithms.

Customer behavior analysis

Retain and attract more customers by analyzing their behavior and offering personalized communication to match their outstanding needs.

Risk allocation and mitigation

Enhance your risk mitigation capabilities by bolstering cybersecurity and fraud detection with learning-based solutions.

Predictive maintenance

Keep your equipment operational and avoid downtime by predicting potential failures and providing timely maintenance.

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