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N-iX offers enterprise-level mobile app development services to provide your employees and customers with functionality and digital experience whenever, wherever.

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Top-notch mobile solutions powered by advanced technologies

N-iX designs and builds high-performance mobile apps for various environments, platforms, and users. We specialize in native, cross-platform, and platform-agnostic designing and engineering of consumer and proprietary applications. Our mobile development engineers have experience building robust enterprise mobile apps for retail, manufacturing, fintech, automotive, and other business domains.

N-iX uses cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI, Computer Vision, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and edge computing to enhance app performance, user experience, and market competitiveness.

  • Design, PoC, prototyping, tech stack validation, and MVP;
  • User-centered UX/UI;
  • End-to-end native and cross-platform mobile app development services;
  • Standalone or embedded mobile solutions;
  • GenAI, CV, IoT, and ML integration.

The value you get from mobile apps
developed by N-iX

  • Streamlined company-wide digitalization and transformation

N-iX develops mobile apps that help digitally transform the enterprise environment. Our solutions help set up secure access to enterprise tools, enable remote work, leverage real-time data analytics, and automate processes. All this enables efficiency and agility across your enterprise environment.

  • On-the-go access to enterprise systems

N-iX empowers your workforce with the mobile flexibility they need to reach better business outcomes. Our enterprise mobile apps help establish remote access for system use, management, and maintenance to enhance employee productivity and organization resilience to various market disruptions.

  • Increased customer engagement

We design consumer mobile applications to elevate customer engagement, loyalty, and brand awareness. It helps SMEs and enterprises increase revenue and market presence.

  • Quality data to make effective business decisions

By leveraging advanced analytics algorithms, our mobile apps provide valuable insights into customer behavior and enterprise operations, empowering you to make informed business decisions.

Our mobile app development services

Strategic consulting

N-iX helps you define your vision, assess mobile app concept viability, and design the most optimal development roadmap. With this roadmap, you'll be better equipped to benchmark your project against the business goals and create workflows aligning with your budgets, deadlines, and expected results.

Native iOS and Android mobile development

N-iX provides end-to-end mobile app development services and creates high-performance native iOS and Android applications. In addition, our UX designers ensure that high-performance apps provide a seamless, feature-rich user experience.

Cross-platform mobile development

Our cross-platform mobile app development helps businesses reach their target audience on any device and platform. We use ReactNative, Xamarin, Flutter, and other technologies to create a single codebase that helps us build cross-platform applications with native-like UX while allowing for fast maintenance and simultaneous updates.

Custom mobile app development services

Our full-stack teams specialize in creating mobile solutions that solve complex business problems in highly regulated industries. We design custom app functionality, develop tailored solutions, and integrate them into your infrastructure so you can make your business mobile-friendly and remain fully compliant.

iOS mobile app development

We create scalable iOS mobile apps to improve your B2B and B2C interactions and
treat your users with an exceptional mobile experience.















Android mobile app development

We build high-performance Android mobile applications for your customers and
employees to enjoy uninterrupted user experiences.















Cross-platform mobile app development

We design and deploy mobile applications to help you provide a consistent user experience
to your clients and save development time, cost, and maintenance expenses.


React Native






Apache Cordova






Native Script

N-iX expertise in mobile app development

  • PoC, prototype, and MVP development
  • Back end as a Service
  • Progressive web app development
  • Mobile edge computing
  • UI/UX design
  • Mobile app scaling and modernization
  • API/API-Less integrations
  • QA testing
  • Mobile app modernization

Technologies we use to add more value to your mobile apps

We develop secure mobile applications that connect people, things, and data to improve visibility, customer experience, and business processes.

Cloud solutions help us develop robust, high-performance mobile apps with high availability regardless of the load.

N-iX uses AI and ML to power mobile apps with chatbots, personalization, image recognition, speech-to-text conversion, data visualization, and other functionality, making your product irresistible.

With a CV component, our mobile apps can process and interact with visual information, enable augmented reality features, and perform visual search, object detection, and recognition.

With these technologies, we help businesses collect and process information on user behavior to optimize app usage and personalize user experience to drive more engagement and revenue.

As a mobile app development services company, we use RPA tools to automate routine tasks during mobile app development, facilitate back-end data processing, and monitor app health.

Mobile Analytics

We use it to help businesses access real-time data and analytics on mobile devices, enabling data-driven decision-making and enhancing user experiences through personalized insights.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Leveraging AR and VR, N-iX helps businesses create more engaging, interactive digital experiences, improve service and product value, and explore new business opportunities.

4-Phase mobile app development journey with N-iX


Discovery and business analysis

As a mobile app development services provider, we collaborate with the client’s team to evaluate the app's concept and align it with business goals. We set clear milestones at this stage, define the techstack, and choose the engineers needed during each development phase. During this initial phase, the team also assesses your tech infrastructure to ensure the mobile app will fit both the tech landscape and digital transformation strategy.


Design and prototyping

We build apps with appealing design, seamless functionality, and personalized experience. For this, we evaluate customer expectations and design user journeys. These insights help us create user-centered interfaces and ensure smooth interaction and navigation. Our engineers also create PoCs and prototypes to validate technical requirements, get feedback from all stakeholders, and secure financial support for further research and development.


Product development and testing

We follow Agile/Scrum methodologies to plan development iterations. It allows us to create mobile applications in small sprints and continuously deploy new features and improvements, test the performance, and update accordingly. In addition, it helps us identify areas for future improvements.


Release, maintenance, and support

We publish consumer apps to the respective app stores and integrate enterprise apps into the corporate systems/devices After the app's successful launch, our team can further support, maintain, and modify the app's components to ensure a smooth customer experience.

How our mobile solutions transformed the client's business Case studies

Choose the best cooperation model for
your mobile app development project

Whether you need a few skilled mobile app developers, a managed team, or an
end-to-end application development, N-iX has all the resources ready to implement your
ideas. Choose the scenario or business case that best describes your business and mobile app project.

Business need

I need a few developers to join my team. I have a project manager and tech lead to manage the development process from conceptualization to publishing.

Value you get

  • Experienced mobile app developers ready to join your team and start your project
  • Full control over the development process
  • Flexible team augmentation at any development stage

Business need

I need a full tech team with a project manager to develop the mobile app according to my specifications and roadmap.

Value you get

  • Fast hiring
  • Flexible, phase-based team composition to save cost
  • Regular updates on the development process

Business need

I have a mobile app concept and need a vendor to outsource end-to-end development. I have a set budget and need a working MVP as a result.

Value you get

  • Full-cycle development
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Results as defined by contract

Business need

I need to validate my concept and see if the idea is worthy of further investment.

Value you get

  • Cross-functional team to assess the market, business objectives, and project viability
  • Saving on initial development investment
  • Actionable plan for concept improvement or mobile development

Why N-iX?

  • 100+ custom mobile solutions delivered to businesses of various sizes and specializations, including projects for leading Fortune 500 companies;

  • Experience in developing mobile apps serving 5,000,000 users;

  • Secure mobile solutions for heavily regulated industries (healthcare, fintech, manufacturing);

  • More than 2,200 software engineers experienced in cloud solutions, data analytics, AI, IoT and other advanced tech;

  • UX-first approach to match the users’ needs.


To hire the best mobile app development company, you should check their service offerings, portfolio, collect feedback from their former clients, and inquire about the vendor's mobile app development process. Knowing these factors before signing contracts will help you make the best decision for your case.

You should hire a mobile app development company to outsource mobile app development services, save development costs, and reduce time to market. Companies like N-iX can tailor the app development process to meet your specific business requirements, app specifications, and customer expectations, and deliver the best results.
The benefits of custom mobile app development services are high-performance mobile solutions, easy app integration and scalability, better risk management and security, custom UI design, and smooth integration of unique features and technologies.
To improve mobile application performance, you should define the improvement area, assess the app functionality as-is, and design the improvement strategy based on your desired outcomes and business needs. N-iX can help you measure the app's performance, design the improvement plan, choose the necessary tech stack, develop and integrate the app into your system.

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