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N-iX builds custom consumer mobile applications and enterprise mobility solutions across all major platforms. We deliver full-cycle mobile development services, including concept, UI/UX design, prototyping, programming, testing, and support.

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Mobile development is an integral part of nearly every N-iX project. Our teams deliver native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile products with particular focus on security, usability, and UI / UX. We collaborate with companies across various domains creating mobile applications for smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

N-iX dedicated development teams deliver top value for every outsourced mobile development solution. Our teams have over ten years of experience in enterprise mobility, as well as strong expertise in iOS, Android, Unity, and Unreal Engine platforms.

Mobile applications that handle high load

Mobile development teams at N-iX build mobile apps that handle large volumes of server requests. For instance, we have helped a British-based company Lebara develop a P2P Money transfer application, as well as Lebara Talk, a calling and messaging app. The latter helps Lebara serve 5,000,000 users in six countries.

Mobile apps for multiple industries

N-iX teams deliver mobile applications for various domains, including telecom, logistics, hospitality, and more. For instance, we cooperate with HotSchedules, a US-based service provider of mobile tools for restaurants, retailers, and hotels. Our mobile engineers have developed iOS and Android apps that serve nearly 2,000,000 users across 26 countries.

Cross-platform and hybrid mobile applications

Our dedicated development team created a cross-platform industrial automation app for SCHAD. The solution simplifies tracking and reporting activities at airports, automotive companies, plants, and industrial factories. Large airports like Boston Logan International Airport and big automotive companies including Toyota, Volkswagen, and Honda use SCHAD’s application.

Success stories Case studies

Development of native mobile applications

Our teams help enterprises build intuitive native mobile applications. As an example, N-iX dedicated development center created four mobile applications for FaceDrive, a ride-sharing service in Canada. We developed native iOS and Android apps for drivers and passengers.

Mobile development unit at N-iX accumulated massive experience in native enterprise mobility solutions for logistics, industrial automation, and more. As an example, our team helps Bitlog build their warehouse management system, including iOS development and user experience design.

Expertise we offer

Native iOS and Android applications
Custom mobile app development
Cross-platform mobile apps
Enterprise mobility applications
Mobile games
UI/UX design

How we work

1. Discovery and business analysis

Our cross-functional team scrutinizes the app’s initial concept. We study how the application addresses particular business objectives and solves users’ problems. N-iX mobile experts analyze the client’s business model and collaborate closely with client’s teams to identify the key challenges. We scrutinize the app’s target audiences and outline project development milestones.

2. UX and visual design

We evaluate customer expectations and use cases of the application. At this stage, we define how user experience of the future app will help achieve project’s business objectives. N-iX team proceeds to UX concept development, wireframing, user interface mapping, and testing.

3. Product development

N-iX teams use Agile/Scrum methodologies to create an early working application, and then add features and improve the application with every iteration. Our mobile testers are involved at every stage of the development process to help identify improvement areas.

4. Release and support

Once the production version of the enterprise mobility solution is ready, we integrate it with organization’s business processes. As for consumer apps, our engineers launch them in mobile app stores. After the release, N-iX helps enterprises support and maintain mobile applications.

Why us

100+ projects of different size

Mobile product development is an integral part of nearly every project at N-iX. We form strategic partnerships with many tech and non-tech companies, helping them solve various technological and business challenges.

Diverse portfolio in various industries

We have over a decade of experience in mobile product development. N-iX has been creating mobile products for companies that operate in multiple industries, including financial services, healthcare, hospitality, communications, and real estate.

Full-cycle mobile app development

We cover the complete lifecycle of mobile app development. N-iX helps enterprises along the whole process of app creation, including conceptualization, UI/UX, graphic design, prototyping, development, quality assurance, and integration.

Part of an established company

Mobile Development Unit is a part of N-iX, an Eastern European software development company. Our 1,900+ software engineers can effectively tackle mobile development projects of any size. We are experts in developing consumer market apps and domain-specific enterprise solutions.

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