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Fast-track your business growth with our expertise in Generative AI. Our tailored AI solutions unlock the value hidden in your data, converting it into actionable insights and game-changing outcomes.

Elevate your enterprise success
through Generative AI consulting

Generative AI can radically boost efficiency, spark creativity, and bolster operational performance, provided the correct measures and regulations are enforced. Maximizing the technology's potential while minimizing its risks will require ongoing research, development, and open discussion. As we pioneer into the AI era, our mission is to empower our clients to leverage the boundless potential of generative models in shaping their digital future.

As a company with significant experience in delivering top-notch AI projects, we can help you:

  • Supercharge your workflow by automating and accelerating diverse tasks
  • Enhance offerings with unique product customization and co-creation
  • Improve customer satisfaction through elevated personalization
  • Overhaul operational efficiency, cut costs, and enhance returns
  • Propel innovation, paving the way for sustained growth


of occupations could be partially automated by generative AI advances


faster software development with generative AI coding support


of new drugs and materials will be systematically discovered using generative AI by 2025


of the design effort for new websites and mobile apps will be automated with generative AI

Leverage these Generative AI use cases together with N-iX

Generative AI success stories of our clients

Global ecommerce solution provider

Located in Germany, our client offers comprehensive e-commerce and subscription management solutions, adeptly monetizing digital products, online services, and SaaS in diverse sectors. Their cloud-based e-commerce platform is an elegant solution to recurring billing, customer experience optimization, and a one-stop shop for global compliance and payment needs.


Our client wanted to lower their customer churn rate and increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) by adopting Machine Learning (ML) for predicting subscription churn and guiding communication strategies. They also required the use of Generative AI to craft appropriate marketing content.


N-iX developed and set up an ML system for our client that enabled the smooth integration of ML models, with MLOps techniques supporting constant operations and service. We established a specific multi-tenant ML solution that predicts subscription churn and bolsters this with AI algorithms to suggest effective communication tactics.

We aided the client in automating marketing responses for groups identified by churn likelihood. N-iX's work improved retention through a data-centric approach, faster content creation, and less reliance on manual tasks. This led to more personalized and efficient customer experiences.

P2P review platform

Our client, a front-runner in the global technology marketplace, presents a unique platform for software comparison. With a 60M annual user base, the platform enables users to submit reviews on various software categories.

  • Industry:


  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    2021 - present


The client aimed to introduce aggregate product reviews to improve their SEO. The critical challenge was the selection of an optimal summarization algorithm that ensured coherent results while avoiding data loss. The goal was to derive a deterministic structured output from a large language model (LLM) while limiting the number of words processed at a time.


N-iX developed an OpenAI-based solution that produced structured aggregate reviews containing each product's general information, pros, and cons. The solution was tested on 50 product reviews across 30 categories from the past six months, with results fine-tuned based on client feedback.

This solution provided the client independence from third-party review services, automated review generation, and ensured scalability for larger data volumes. The GPT LLM yielded higher quality output than smaller NLP models and was quicker to implement than custom language models. This reduced the cost of testing the client's hypothesis and could enhance their SEO if it proved correct.

Generative AI consulting: Step-by-step

Validate the feasibility of Generative AI use cases, increasing the chances of
achieving the desired outcomes and maximizing the potential of Generative AI.

1. Business concept validation

Design a prototype to represent a core business idea


  • Receive early feedback from end users
  • Enable internal analysis
  • Validate business idea

2. Finding the technical solution

Find the technical solution for the problem or compare alternatives


  • Select the optimal solution
  • Eliminate technical blockers
  • Elicit technical limitations

3. Proof of technology

Verify the feasibility of a technical solution


  • Prove feasibility
  • Reduce the technical uncertainty
  • Ensure technology compatibility

4. Clear project plan

Implement a critical business module with a real team to build financial confidence


  • Adjusts timelines
  • Predict costs better
  • Identify needed resources
Business challenge 2

How we approach Generative AI projects

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Generative AI consulting is a service where experts provide strategic insights on integrating generative AI technologies into business processes. This type of consulting aims explicitly to unlock new opportunities for innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and drive revenue growth. By leveraging AI that can autonomously create content, automate tasks, and analyze data, companies can significantly optimize their workflows and gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.
Companies seek generative AI consulting to innovate, streamline processes, and gain a competitive edge. Expert consultation helps them effectively integrate generative AI solutions into their operations, ensuring they capitalize on AI's capabilities for creative problem-solving, automation, and data-driven decision-making. This often leads to enhanced productivity, cost reduction, and the development of new services or products.
To start your generative AI consulting journey, define your business goals and the areas where AI can add value. Contact N-iX for a consultation - our team of experts will evaluate your needs, propose tailored AI solutions, and guide you through the implementation process. N-iX's extensive experience in AI, ML, and related technologies ensures seamless integration of generative AI into your business, maximizing its potential benefits.

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