Software QA & Testing

Scale testing capacity, optimize costs, enhance CI/CD processes, and reduce time-to-market with a full-cycle QA and testing partner by your side.

Unlock the value of quality assurance

Increase your cost-effectiveness

The early detection of bugs and issues helps to avoid large expenses later on. Integrating testing from the project kick-off will make the whole development process more effective.

Boost your development processes

Our experts integrate all necessary types of testing in the development process to help your product reach its end-users as soon as possible without compromising quality.

Streamline a well-structured QA process

We provide testing services for different business cases. You can benefit from testing processes streamlined according to the best market practices.

Improve the test visualization

You will get transparency into your testing processes, including clear reports and test coverage visibility, as well as documented test cases.

Redefine CI/CD to reduce time-to-market

By testing software in stages with fully automated deployment cycles (CI/CD), you will be able to reduce time-to-market and make the overall testing process more efficient.

Benefit from end-to-end testing

We ensure end-to-end testing services, including test strategy definition and planning, test environment setup, test creation, execution, and closure, as well as acceptance, quality analysis, and defect management.

Automate and optimize analytics with AI

Our engineers will help you implement ML/AI models that automate analytics, reduce manual work, eliminate human error, and more.

How N-iX can help

Scale testing capacity with minimum effort and engage additional QA professionals during the project’s peak loads.

Build your testing processes from scratch
  • Analyze the system
  • Provide several tech approaches to choose from
  • Develop Proof of Concept (if needed)
  • Create a unified testing approach
  • Define test scope and clear data for testing
  • Choose and apply reporting tool that fits your needs
  • Represent test results
  • Enable the continuous integration
Optimize your testing processes
  • Assess the existing testing processes and identify areas for improvement
  • Estimate the project’s roadmap and choose a tech stack
  • Provide solutions based on best testing practices
  • Introduce automated testing
  • Improve test coverage and scope
  • Develop extensive and complex documentation
  • Reduce time-to-market

QA and software testing services

N-iX QA teams have broad experience in continuous testing practices. Our services include
creating and developing architecture, choice of tools and platforms, management of QA teams,
investigation, and proposal of solutions for complex problems. We create test solutions from scratch and
improve the existing ones based on the best practices on the market with customizations requested by you.

Manual testing

N-iX manual QA team evaluates the functionality of your product on a wide range of devices and analyzes its user interface and usability. With the help of manual testing, we identify vulnerabilities that can’t be detected automatically and provide personal feedback about the look and feel of your product.

  • Regression and progression testing of your systems
  • Vulnerability testing with different tools

Automated testing

N-iX automated QA teams set up and improve the test automation processes based on the best practices with customizations requested by the client. We choose the most efficient tools and solutions for different environments that exist on the market.

When it comes to automated testing, our main goals are to accelerate the feedback time and combine the managerial part with using testing best practices.

We can help you to:

Build analytical quality control (AQC)

  • Application and development process assessment
  • Testing scope and approach definition
  • Framework development
  • New tests process and approach team training
  • Integrating AQC into the Agile process

Streamline AQC Assessment

  • Evaluation of the existing AQC process
  • Suggestions on the process updates
  • Code review and process bottleneck detection
  • Testing scope and approach redefinition
  • Process update and code refactoring roadmap presentation and guiding

Performance Testing

  • Setting up performance testing
  • Evaluating the application’s readiness
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Fixing possible issues and bottlenecks
  • Performance degradation monitoring with synthetic tests

Software testing and QA: Success stories

Internal marketing system and better user experience for a leading energy supplier

Key facts

  • Industry:


  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    Dec 2017 - present

Our client is a flagship brand, offering a suite of digital energy services, solutions, and technologies. This company had a management system that allowed stationary engineers to receive requests to maintain, operate, or repair boilers. As the number of requests has increased, it couldn't handle the operational flows. The client requested to optimize the system so it would process more data.

The Challenge

  • The absence of QA professionals on the project
  • The need to identify problems at the early stages to ensure high-quality system optimization

Value delivered

  • Implemented testing as a service from scratch
  • Managed the entire testing process from requirements analysis and testing documentation development to maintenance and testing process execution
  • Provided the high-quality testing in the process of system optimization
read the full success story

Domain-driven test automation framework for a global telecom company

Key facts

  • Industry:


  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    April 2018 - present

Our partner is a global company that provides technology and business services for many wireless telecommunications companies and multinational enterprises. Their communications platform allows businesses to reach customers in every corner of the globe, with 60B messages delivered a month and around 160M transactions driven in an hour. They needed a reliable partner to boost their technological capabilities in wireless communications services.

The Challenge

  • The absence of a unified approach to testing
  • The unclear scope of testing
  • Subjective data for the testing
  • Lack of integrated reports
  • Poor extendibility

Value delivered

  • Brought client’s test automation to the industry standard and developed a quality center that controls most of the projects inside the company and involves only employees of the client
  • Provided a unified testing tool for the company
  • Test analysis performed by all parts of the team
  • Reduced regression time from 3 days to 3 hours (IMN)
  • Eliminated manual testing by providing simulators and mocks
  • 80% coverage of API test cases (SCG)

Quality control improvement for Code Worldwide

Code Worldwide is a digital transformation business that helps clients invent a new future for their marketing through technology and data. It offers its clients services in Transformation Consultancy, Data Engineering, Marketing Science, and Marketing Technology.


  • The difficulty of scaling the platform
  • An ever-growing number of clients
  • Inability to integrate with key technology platforms

Value delivered

  • Successfully ran the integration and release process for the whole adZU platform
  • The time for setting up a new tenant and its testing was reduced from two weeks to 3-4 days as a result of improved First Time Quality
  • Reduced the time-to-market by 60%

Test automation solution for Orbus Software

Orbus Software is an independent software vendor and a leading global provider of software solutions for Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis, and Application Portfolio Management. Orbus Software had an extensive manual QC web team but to meet their business needs they needed test automation.


  • Operational overheads with regression testing
  • A huge and hardly maintainable test case base
  • The regression time on the desktop application took about two months which was too long
  • No visibility on test coverage and scope because of extensive and complicated documentation

Value delivered

  • Eliminated the need for test documentation efforts (which took 50% of manual QC efforts per sprint) and regression testing efforts (that took three weeks and blocked developers per sprint)
  • Increased reliability of testing with introduced web functional testing that covers automated E2E tests and API/web services testing
  • Achieved controllable scope and coverage of testing due to test design as code
  • Improved the sprint planning phase for developers by introducing concurrent Domain-Driven Testing
read the full success story

QA and software testing stages

01. Audit of existing test strategy

Our experts will analyze your test strategy, identify areas of improvement, and choose the most suitable tech stack to execute in your specific business case.


02. Test strategy design

At this stage, we discuss all critical aspects, including quality goals definition, test levels, testing methods, and types, acceptance criteria, test scoping, risk assessment, test coverage, and Pass/Fail criteria definition.


03. Test environment definition and setup

To make sure that the testing process corresponds to your business case, our specialists choose the tools and test environments that meet your specific needs.


04. Test creation

N-iX QA team will ensure your test workflow has all the requirements in place and provide a new test design to match coverage criteria and test development.


05. Test execution

We will help you perform functional/non-functional testing, defect tracking, and verification, regression testing, and status reporting.


06. Test acceptance

N-iX QA experts evaluate acceptance criteria, support user acceptance testing, as well as perform alpha and beta testing.


07. Defect management

Ensure the smooth running of your system with N-iX by your side. We will provide ongoing defects tracking and analysis.

N-iX testing pipeline

Why choose N-iX as your software testing partner


Software testing is an integral part of 85% of N-iX long-term projects. We have proven experience in setting up testing activities that integrate smoothly into the development streams of our clients.

N-iX QA specialists are well-versed in data analytics, databases, UX design, and other tangent areas of expertise.
With 150+ QA professionals on board, we have experience working with business cases of different shapes and sizes.

We offer professional DevOps services, including cloud adoption, building and streamlining CI/CD processes, security issues detection/prevention, firewall-as-a-service, and more.


We build end-to-end testing processes that include stages like test strategy definition and planning, test environment setup, test creation, execution, and closure, as well as acceptance, quality analysis, and defect management.


We are compliant with key international regulations and security standards, including ISTQB.

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