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Many midsize companies and enterprises are showing their interest in robotic process automation (RPA) services. The RPA service allows the creation of software ‘robots’ that can mimic the way humans do certain tasks and follow pre-defined rules to fulfill certain business functions. This way, businesses can automate end-to-end processes that require the use of different subsystems, software, tools, and more, with little to no human interaction.

N-iX helps companies automate complex procedures, improve the accuracy of these processes, and achieve operational flexibility. Our RPA experts can create attended (with little human interaction) and unattended (no human involvement) automation solutions that will boost the effectiveness of business operations. Whether you know exactly what you need or are just considering automation, N-iX has the right skills and expertise to guide you through this journey.

RPA consulting services from N-iX

Our RPA services

RPA Consulting

N-iX offers complete 360° consulting services to help you automate your processes

RPA Implementation

Our specialists can implement a complex automation system for your business

RPA Maintenance

We can help you optimize performance or make changes to your existing RPA system

Your robotic process automation consulting
and implementation journey with N-iX

1. Assessment

Our experts will help you find the optimal processes and solutions to introduce automation to your business


2. Blueprinting

We will map the solutions onto specific business processes to find the best approach and help you gain maximum value


3. Design

N-iX specialists will create the optimal structure and
design of the solution


4. PoC

To help you sell the idea to key stakeholders or test its viability, we will create a working prototype


5. Development

Once we have all the requirements settled down, we will develop a solution according to your specifications


6. Testing and documentation

We will thoroughly test the RPA solution, document all the important cases, and pass this documentation to you


7. Maintenance and support

We will adjust and optimize the robot’s performance
according to SLA

How can your business benefit from RPA?

In addition to reducing operational expenses, companies can improve routine processes and achieve better results. Additionally, they spare their employees from dealing with mundane tasks, keeping them happier and more effective.

With the help of RPA solutions, we can automate customer support, procurement, accounting, and scheduling to run 24/7. RPA service can reduce human error, eliminate biases in work, and improve the overall efficiency of business operations. And, as an added bonus, such services can be scaled easily without the need to hire additional personnel.

As part of our RPA services here at N-iX, we will help you analyze your processes and outline the key areas where you can introduce automation. We will also take into account any challenges you may encounter along the way so that you can unlock the true potential of RPA.

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What processes can be automated with RPA? Our services

RPA tools are best suited to processes that involve repeatable, predictable interactions with software
applications. When you do not yet want to completely transform an existing system, there are no APIs to
connect the various parts of the structure, or the procedure itself is highly complex—these processes can be
improved with RPA tools without changing the existing software. Using RPA, you can automate processes that
are repetitive, prone to errors, based on strict rules, and are time-sensitive.
Here are some examples:

Document processing

Automate sorting of incoming correspondence, processing of resumes and emails, creation of reminders, and much more. RPA robots can read, analyze, interpret, and act upon the document based on the relevant information it contains.

Data management

Discover and extract data and metadata from multiple sources and file formats into a single pipeline. Migrate, validate, cleanse, or enter your data into a needed destination. RPA allows you to track and log every step of the process.

Customer services

Improve customer experience by introducing RPA services to your call centers and help desks. RPAs can sift through vast amounts of data and find answers faster, identify patterns, and effectively deal with rule-based functions with great accuracy.

Security and compliance

Ensure the 360° compliance with all the required policies by managing access control and creating effective role-based permissions. Establish secure authentication protocols and encryption. Build secure audit trail.

Reporting and analytics

Pull together data from heterogeneous sources and create reports and analytics that will be automatically shared and distributed to all the involved parties to track critical KPIs, major workflows, status, and progress of various

Help desks and IT support

Build an effective system that will allow your support departments to process requests faster, improve incident management, fast-track installations and network support, and optimize assistance to other departments.

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