Machine Learning & AI

N-iX utilizes machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neural networks in self-taught enterprise solutions. Take advantage of our solid technological expertise and extensive pool of IT professionals.


Drive intelligent automation with our machine learning expertise

Machine learning systems process and analyze enormous amounts of data without explicit programming. They scrutinize previous experience and improve performance on the fly. N-iX offshore and nearshore experts have rigid hands-on knowledge of developing self-taught software for Healthcare, Fintech, Aviation, Information and Content Management, Entertainment, and other industries.

We write machine learning algorithms with Python and R and use multiple additional frameworks and libraries such as Caffe, DeepLearning4J, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch, and more.

Why use machine learning and AI?

For a wide array of tasks, machine learning is superior to traditional software designs. It stands behind state-of-the-art search engines, real-time data science, digital security, and artificial intelligence software. N-iX is a leading company in Eastern Europe when it comes to cutting-edge machine learning and cognitive computing expertise. We can help you boost services and outperform the competition with the power of AI.


Machine learning systems examine how users access corporate data and categorize behavioral patterns. Self-taught algorithms recognize user activities that might put valuable data at risk and act to isolate them. N-iX can help you build a rigid cybersecurity system that identifies and prevents security breaches in real-time. Such systems will become a necessity in the near future, as hackers already actively use machine learning to crack traditional cybersecurity barriers.

Financial security

Much like with cybersecurity, machine learning algorithms are incredibly good at recognizing corrupt financial activities. They analyze user actions and distinguish between various types of transactions. N-iX creates custom self-taught solutions that track anomalies on the fly and flag suspicious behavior. These systems accurately detect frauds and other criminal activities.


Drive value from computer vision development

Need to optimize supply chain logistics, improve road safety, automate repetitive tasks? We will help you build efficient Computer Vision solutions, from designing the most suitable architecture to fine-tuning and deployment. Our experts build optical character, image, and video recognition solutions by testing and training models on volumes of properly annotated images or videos with clearly defined metadata. We apply incremental learning to start training models as soon as possible and retrain them with a larger set of images to achieve high accuracy.

Our Computer Vision experts have helped a Global Fortune 100 technology company build CV solutions to improve warehouse management by tracking packages almost real-time, effectively managing the delivery statuses of boxes, and predicting warehouse load.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

N-iX has massive experience with NLP software development and connecting language with machine perceptions. Our AI engineers created a system that analyzes customer reviews in Twitter and automatically identifies whether the review is favorable, neutral, or negative. N-iX also constructed a sophisticated machine learning algorithm that studies patients’ medical history and predicts what treatment they might require.


Chatbots are a special use-case for natural language processing. This technology is common in sales, information acquisition, and automated customer service. N-iX developers create efficient multi-purpose chatbots for retail, telecom, and other industries. We use state-of-the-art machine learning and AI algorithms that automate user interactions, cut costs and boost sales.

Neural Networks & AI

Artificial neural networks or deep learning systems are great at crunching big data sets with a massive number of variables. These systems discover behavioral patterns that humans and conventional software designs cannot identify. N-iX specialists integrate neural networks and artificial intelligence libraries into software solutions. We utilize complex ready-to-use deep-learning packages and customize them to match objectives of your development project.

Expertise we offer

Real-time data science
Self-taught analytical tools
AI algorithms and applications
Neural networks and deep learning
Automated customer interactions
Fraud detection
Intelligent cybersecurity
Breakthrough business insights
Natural language processing tools


Crafting Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems that mine data and make human-like decisions.
Delivering self-learning algorithms that protect valuable data, detect frauds, and isolate security breaches.
Designing real-time data science solutions that analyze performance logs and prevent hardware failures.
Engineering intelligent big data solutions that scrutinize customer preferences and boost service quality.
Building machine learning software that examines player behavior and improves player retention.




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