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Achieve the unmatched performance, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness of your cloud solutions with N-iX cloud infrastructure management services.

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Enhance the performance and cost-effectiveness of your cloud infrastructure

Managing cloud infrastructure is crucial for optimizing performance, scalability, and reliability of cloud-based solutions, allowing businesses to focus on innovation and mitigate risks associated with complex cloud environments. Furthermore, experienced cloud consultants can optimize the costs associated with cloud infrastructure, helping businesses significantly reduce expenses and eliminate budget waste. With 21 years of experience, N-iX offers a comprehensive suite of cloud infrastructure management consulting services. Our experts can ensure that all aspects of your infrastructure, be it storage, virtual machines, or networking components, run like clockwork.

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Our cloud infrastructure management services

Cost control

Monitor cloud usage, analyze spending patterns, optimize resource utilization, and implement cost-saving strategies such as reserved instances, spot instances, and rightsizing to optimize costs and maximize ROI.

Performance monitoring and optimization

Monitor the performance of cloud resources, identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies, and optimize configurations to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Automation and orchestration

Leverage automation tools and orchestration frameworks to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and ensure consistency, reliability, and scalability in cloud operations.

Security management

Implement and manage security measures such as access controls, encryption, identity and access management (IAM), threat detection, and compliance monitoring to protect data and applications hosted in the cloud.

Change management

Implement change management processes and controls to manage updates, patches, configurations, and migrations effectively while minimizing disruptions and maintaining system stability.

Resource provisioning and configuration

Provision, configure, and manage cloud resources such as virtual machines, storage volumes, databases, and networking components to meet your business requirements efficiently.

Effective management of any type
of cloud infrastructure

AWS infrastructure management

Ensure efficient and cost-effective use of all your AWS-based infrastructure components.

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Azure infrastructure management

Design, deploy, and manage enterprise-grade IT infrastructures based on Microsoft Azure.

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GCP infrastructure management

Manage and optimize infrastructures based on GCP to improve their performance and efficiency.

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Multi-cloud infrastructure management

Design and tailor an efficient multi-cloud infrastructure that strikes the balance between cost and performance.

How can you benefit from the management
of cloud infrastructure and services?

  • Cost optimization

    Optimize costs by rightsizing instances, implementing cost-saving measures, and avoiding over-provisioning.

  • Improved performance

    Ensure high availability, reliability, and performance of applications and services, minimizing downtime and ensuring a positive user experience.

  • Enhanced security

    Protect data, applications, and infrastructure from cyber threats with robust security measures, ensuring compliance with regulations and preserving customer trust.

  • Easier scalability

    Scale resources up or down quickly and dynamically to meet changing demands, ensuring agility and flexibility in operations.

  • Streamlined operations

    Introduce automation and orchestration capabilities to reduce manual effort and improve efficiency, allowing you to focus on core objectives and innovation.

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Certainly I think partner is a keyword with how to describe it. They are a business partner, very positive.

Stephen Parsons

Development Manager


The quality of work is very high because the team is very experienced. We had good luck finding talented individuals who were able to learn cutting-edge technology.

Igor Beliaev

Data Science Manager


Big advantage of working together with N-iX, is that we are very flexible in finding out the best possible way of achieving the goals.

Igor Terzi


Global provider of managed cloud services

I'm impressed with the quality of N-iX's deliverables and results. Their work is consistently good, we get the product we want out of it, and they deliver it on time.

Jared Jacobson

Senior Manager of Data Governance

An award-winning online brokerage and wealth management firm

We’ve been able to launch a new line of business for our industry, and N-iX’s work has been instrumental in that being with us throughout the process.


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Andriy Varusha

Head of Cloud & Security

Valentyn Kropov

Chief Technology Officer

Orest Furhala

Director of Alliances & Partnerships


Cloud infrastructure management services involve overseeing and optimizing the performance, security, and cost-effectiveness of cloud environments. Businesses need these services to ensure their cloud infrastructure operates efficiently, securely, and in alignment with organizational goals, allowing them to focus on core objectives without worrying about managing complex cloud environments.

Management of cloud infrastructure and services covers a wide range of aspects, including resource provisioning, security management, performance monitoring, cost optimization, backup and disaster recovery, automation and orchestration, change management, user access and identity management, compliance management, and continuous improvement.
Businesses can effectively manage and optimize any type of cloud infrastructure to meet their unique needs and objectives. This includes private clouds, public clouds such as AWS, Azure, and GCP, and hybrid clouds that combine elements of both public and private clouds.
Cloud infrastructure management and services typically involve several key steps, including assessment and planning, design and architecture, deployment, security implementation, monitoring and performance optimization, cost management, backup and disaster recovery, continuous improvement, and adherence to best practices and standards.

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