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Achieve faster time-to-market, scalability, and cost optimization with N-iX cloud application development services, whether you need to build a new solution or modernize an existing one.

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Improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of your applications with the cloud

Cloud-based solutions allow businesses to save costs by effortlessly adjusting resources to meet demand fluctuations (according to research by g2). They ensure high levels of data security and disaster recovery, reduce operational overhead with simpler updates and maintenance, and foster innovation with cutting-edge technologies that help stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

N-iX can help you design, build, or modernize a cloud application that matches your needs. We have over 400 cloud experts who offer profound expertise in cloud application development.

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Cloud application development services by N-iX

Cloud application consulting

Outline and prioritize requirements, design an architecture, estimate ROI and TCO, conduct a feasibility study, and obtain a clear roadmap for building a new app or improving an existing one.

Custom application development

Design a new or scale an existing cloud-based application tailored to the specific needs of your business using any cloud technology, be it private, public, or hybrid.

Cloud infrastructure management

Plan, set up, configure, oversee, and enhance all elements of your cloud app infrastructure, such as storage, servers, networking, etc.

App migration to the cloud

Quickly and efficiently migrate your application from an on-premises infrastructure to the cloud using the most optimal migration strategy.

Support, monitoring, and maintenance

Ensure that your cloud applications run at top performance with 24/7 monitoring, optimization, regular updates and patching, backups, etc.

Cloud application security

Build a secure environment from the ground up or enhance an existing one to protect your cloud data, infrastructure, and applications.

Gain maximum value from your cloud applications

  • Innovation

With access to cutting-edge technologies offered by cloud platforms, we will help you promote innovation and agility in your apps.

  • Scalability

Cloud allows us to easily scale your applications to help match your requirements and avoid downtimes or overloads.

  • Cost-effectiveness

We apply the tools and methodologies to help you reduce costs for developing, maintaining, and hosting your applications.

  • Flexibility

We ensure that your cloud applications can seamlessly incorporate updates (conceptual changes, new features, etc.) and easily integrate with other applications.

  • Security

Whether you are building a new application or improving an existing one, we ensure that your data remains protected at all times.

  • Compliance

Our compliance experts will make sure that your application meets all of your compliance requirements (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.)

Our strategic partnerships

Design cloud
applications with AWS

Speed up the adoption of Amazon Web Services and incorporate open innovation and intelligent workflows.

Build enterprise
solutions with Azure

Utilize the full potential of Microsoft Azure to build robust, enterprise-grade cloud solutions.

Create scalable cloud
apps with GCP

Achieve unlimited scalability with the advanced technological capabilities of Google Cloud Platform.

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What our clients say


There is a good interaction, the N-iX team helps us with designing solutions and making sure that it’s done in a smart way that is future proof.

Lars Hoogweg

Head of Architecture and Exploration


Certainly I think partner is a keyword with how to describe it. They are a business partner, very positive.

Stephen Parsons

Development Manager


The quality of work is very high because the team is very experienced. We had good luck finding talented individuals who were able to learn cutting-edge technology.

Igor Beliaev

Data Science Manager


Big advantage of working together with N-iX, is that we are very flexible in finding out the best possible way of achieving the goals.

Igor Terzi

CIO of Bikeshare Danmark

I'm impressed with the quality of N-iX's deliverables and results. Things get done fast, and they don't let their team members fail. Their work is consistently good, we get the product we want out of it, and they deliver it on time.

Senior Manager of Data Governance

We’ve been able to launch a new line of business for our industry, and N-iX’s work has been instrumental in that being with us throughout the process.

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