Technical Consulting and ECM Solution Development for US-based Utility Providers

  •  scalable and efficient ECM and CCM solutions
  • OpenText and SAP professional services
  • product integration and technical consulting
OpenText Professional Services Enterprise Content Management Customer Communications Management

Cloud-based Payments Platform Development for Currencycloud – a Renowned FinTech Company

  • scalable and secure FinTech platform
  • a client-facing responsive web application
  • API development and payments optimization for different regions
  • solution compliance with industry regulations
FinTech Software Product Development Software QA & Testing Dedicated Development Team High Load Systems Cloud Solutions Ruby

Software Product Development for Schibsted – an International Media Corporation

  • delivering several high loaded web-projects with responsive design
  • integration of multiple websites, CMSs, and services into one platform
  • cross-platform mobile application development
Media & Entertainment UI/UX Dedicated Development Team Software Product Development Software QA & Testing Mobile Application Development DevOps High Load Systems Cloud Solutions PHP

VR Solution Development for Training Simulation in American Football

  • Immersive VR Solution
  • Optitrack Motion Capture System
  • Ultra-Realistic 3D Graphics
  • Character Customization System
  • Data Performance Tracking and Analytics
Game Development & VR Virtual Reality Game Art Production Mobile Application Development

Embedded Software and Hardware Development for a Broadcasting Network

  • real-time media data transmission at high speed
  • multiplexing multiple media signals into one high speed digital stream
  • flexible signal conversion and routing
Embedded Software

Embedded Software and Hardware Development for Egston

  • creating a set of power supplies to cover a wide range of voltages (from 5V to 24V)
  • certification by the strictest international standards
  • designed for worldwide use with input voltage from 90V to 264V, from 47Hz to 63Hz
Embedded Software Software QA & Testing

Embedded Software Development and Hardware Design of the Connectivity Solution

  • hardware independent cross-platform mesh network solution
  • proprietary communication protocol with adaptive routing
  • custom developed hardware network node running embedded Linux
Embedded Software Software QA & Testing

Fintech Solution Development for a London-based P2P Lending Company

RateSetter is a leading P2P lending platform operating in the UK and Australia. Since 2010, it has matched over £1.6 bn in loans and now has over 250,000 active customers. 

FinTech Finance & Banking Dedicated Development Team Software Product Development Cloud Solutions

UI/UX Design for Cure Forward, an Innovative Healthcare Platform

  • Intuitive UI design
  • Personalized user experience
  • A complex 5 in 1 web application
  • Flexible form for patients
Healthcare UI/UX Software Product Development Dedicated Development Team North America

UX Design for Book2Meet Hospitality Solution

  • a booking platform for business needs
  • a user-friendly application
  • improved user navigation
  • responsive design


Hospitality Dedicated Development Team UI/UX Benelux

UX Design for Bitlog Logistics Solution

  • intuitive iOS applications
  • seamless user experience
  • simple and consistent UI design


UI/UX Enterprise Mobility Mobile Application Development iOS Nordic

Native iOS and Android Application Development for a Ride-sharing Platform

  • Ridesharing platform that allows to reduce personal CO2 emissions
  • iOS and Android apps for drivers and riders
  • Electric, hybrid and gas powered vehicles available
  • GPS positioning of the available cars nearby, route navigation
Mobile Application Development Android iOS Cloud Solutions Java
Xenko game development

StarBreach: Graphical Assets for Xenko Demo Game

  • art production for StarBreach demo game
  • creation of PBR graphical assets
  • integration of art assets into the engine
Media & Entertainment Game Development & VR Virtual Reality

VR Experience Demo for Transfinity Motion Platform

  • 360 motion control
  • VR viewing solution
  • Motion tracking system
  • 2DOF motion platform
  • Wireless hand controllers
Game Development & VR Unity 3D Unreal Engine

ComPet Game Development for MindArk

  • Real-world economy
  • Cross-platform strategy game
  • Turn-based multiplayer
  • VR and AR components
  • City building elements
Game Development & VR Game Art Production Unity 3D Scala

Lohko: 2D Multiplayer Game with Built-in AI

  • Simple mechanics
  • Intuitive and fun gameplay
  • Online and hot-seat multiplayer
  • AI system with several levels of difficulty
  • Ads and purchase integration
Game Development & VR Unity 3D Game Art Production Photon Engine

Customizable Enterprise Mobility Solution for Industry Automation

  • Integration of SCADA and CMMS functionality 
  • Offline and online data synchronization
  • Customization depending on specific business requirements
  • Hybrid mobile application based on PhoneGap framework
Manufacturing Hi-Tech Dedicated Development Team Software QA & Testing Software Product Development Mobile Application Development Enterprise Mobility Java IoT