Software Product Development for Think Research – Canadian Healthtech Company

  • efficient remote supervision
  • seamless referral status tracking
  • all-time access to clinical information
  • improved decision making
  • real-time insights
  • better patient outcomes

Software Product Development for Efficio – UK-based Management Consulting Company

  • microservice architecture
  • centralized authorization solution
  • background processing system
  • background monitoring tool
  • test automation


Dedicated Development Team Software Product Development Software QA & Testing PHP Cloud Solutions DevOps

Creating Template Documents in OpenText Content Server with ICCS

  • implementation of Communications Center Enterprise Interactive Correspondence for Content Server
  • more flexible system for creating and managing template documents in the Content Server environment
OpenText Professional Services Enterprise Content Management Customer Communications Management

Leveraging OpenText Exstream 16.2 in the Insurance Industry

  • migration to OpenText Exstream 16.2
  • integrating content assets from two different systems (Exstream and CCE/StreamServe)
  • applying Opentext Directory Services(OTDS) and Communications Builder
OpenText Professional Services Customer Communications Management Enterprise Content Management

Technical Consulting and ECM Solution Development for US-based Utility Providers

  •  scalable and efficient ECM and CCM solutions
  • OpenText and SAP professional services
  • product integration and technical consulting
OpenText Professional Services Enterprise Content Management Customer Communications Management

Cloud-based Payments Platform Development for Currencycloud – a Renowned FinTech Company

  • scalable and secure FinTech platform
  • a client-facing responsive web application
  • API development and payments optimization for different regions
  • solution compliance with industry regulations
FinTech Software Product Development Software QA & Testing Dedicated Development Team High Load Systems Cloud Solutions Ruby

Software Product Development for Schibsted – an International Media Corporation

  • delivering several high loaded web-projects with responsive design
  • integration of multiple websites, CMSs, and services into one platform
  • cross-platform mobile application development
Media & Entertainment UI/UX Dedicated Development Team Software Product Development Software QA & Testing Mobile Application Development DevOps High Load Systems Cloud Solutions PHP

VR Solution Development for Training Simulation in American Football

  • Immersive VR Solution
  • Optitrack Motion Capture System
  • Ultra-Realistic 3D Graphics
  • Character Customization System
  • Data Performance Tracking and Analytics
Game Development & VR Virtual Reality Game Art Production Mobile Application Development

Embedded Software and Hardware Development for a Broadcasting Network

  • real-time media data transmission at high speed
  • multiplexing multiple media signals into one high speed digital stream
  • flexible signal conversion and routing
Embedded Software

Embedded Software and Hardware Development for Egston

  • creating a set of power supplies to cover a wide range of voltages (from 5V to 24V)
  • certification by the strictest international standards
  • designed for worldwide use with input voltage from 90V to 264V, from 47Hz to 63Hz
Embedded Software Software QA & Testing

Embedded Software Development and Hardware Design of the Connectivity Solution

  • hardware independent cross-platform mesh network solution
  • proprietary communication protocol with adaptive routing
  • custom developed hardware network node running embedded Linux
Embedded Software Software QA & Testing

Fintech Solution Development for a London-based P2P Lending Company

RateSetter is a leading P2P lending platform operating in the UK and Australia. Since 2010, it has matched over £1.6 bn in loans and now has over 250,000 active customers. 

FinTech Finance & Banking Dedicated Development Team Software Product Development Cloud Solutions

UI/UX Design for Cure Forward, an Innovative Healthcare Platform

  • Intuitive UI design
  • Personalized user experience
  • A complex 5 in 1 web application
  • Flexible form for patients
Healthcare UI/UX Software Product Development Dedicated Development Team North America

UX Design for Book2Meet Hospitality Solution

  • a booking platform for business needs
  • a user-friendly application
  • improved user navigation
  • responsive design


Hospitality Dedicated Development Team UI/UX Benelux

UX Design for Bitlog Logistics Solution

  • intuitive iOS applications
  • seamless user experience
  • simple and consistent UI design


UI/UX Enterprise Mobility Mobile Application Development iOS Nordic

Native iOS and Android Application Development for a Ride-sharing Platform

  • Ridesharing platform that allows to reduce personal CO2 emissions
  • iOS and Android apps for drivers and riders
  • Electric, hybrid and gas powered vehicles available
  • GPS positioning of the available cars nearby, route navigation
Mobile Application Development Android iOS Cloud Solutions Java
Xenko game development

StarBreach: Graphical Assets for Xenko Demo Game

  • art production for StarBreach demo game
  • creation of PBR graphical assets
  • integration of art assets into the engine
Media & Entertainment Game Development & VR Virtual Reality