N-iX DevOps engineers help enterprises and SMEs to streamline software delivery and deployment. We reinvent development processes with efficient production infrastructure and productive collaboration.


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N-iX offers DevOps as a standalone service, and we have DevOps engineers working on various dedicated development teams. Our software professionals help companies improve development productivity and substantially reduce time to market for digital products.

Our engineers build software solutions in close collaboration with clients’ operational teams. This way, N-iX helps businesses shorten development cycles and ensures close alignment of software development capabilities with business objectives.

DevOps development outsourcing - N-iX
Better productivity and faster time to market

The demand for DevOps is continuously growing among ISVs and SaaS companies with web-based applications. N-iX DevOps professionals help tech and non-tech companies deploy new features and improvements on a weekly or even daily basis. Our experts help businesses increase performance and scalability of their large distributed infrastructures.


Continuous integration with DevOps

DevOps stands at the intersection of software development and operations management. This definition precisely describes how our teams bring value to the global customers. N-iX DevOps engineers collaborate with clients’ business operations and development teams. We shorten development cycles and promote continuous software integration.


Alignment of business objectives and development capabilities

We help enterprises create digital products that closely align with their business objectives. N-iX DevOps teams allow clients to respond to shifting market conditions promptly. Our experts ensure real-time communication with operational departments. Fostering collaboration, we make sure our clients adopt necessary product changes faster than ever.

DevOps outsourcing services - N-iX

Proficiency with cloud technologies

DevOps is a software development practice that emerged alongside with cloud computing. We accumulated substantial experience in cloud technologies and DevOps practices. N-iX engineers will help you effortlessly scale capacity and capabilities of the systems, as your service expands.

Our DevOps as a service/Outsourced DevOps teams help to automate monitoring and deployment of server and network infrastructures. N-iX takes responsibility for day-to-day health and uptime for your production services. We use cloud computing to automate end-to-end delivery processes and ensure infrastructure stability and scalability.

Proficiency with key DevOps tools

We are proficient with the DevOps tools and solutions including infrastructure as code software (Bamboo, Bitbucket, and more) and software for automated deployment (AWS, Bamboo, and more).


DevOps for system maintenance

N-iX DevOps experts are responsible for maintaining your server infrastructure 24/7. We continuously monitor service uptime and stability, as well as handle planned and unplanned maintenance.


Substaintial experience with DevOps

Our DevOps department has substantial knowledge of continuous integration processes. Our build-and-release teams include solutions architects and DevOps engineers with 6 to 10 years of experience.


Automated infrastructure provisioning
Continuous integration and delivery pipelines
Custom development of dashboards, tools, connectors, and accelerators
Migration of IT infrastructure to Azure and AWS clouds
DevOps assessment and consulting
Infrastructure maintenance


Improved scalability

N-iX DeOps engineers assist companies that want to scale their software infrastructure quickly. We help companies build resources up or down responding to traffic surges and fluctuations.


Faster time to market

With N-iX DevOps and cloud infrastructure services, you can significantly reduce time to market for your digital products. We help you deliver software updates on a weekly and even daily basis.


Better development efficiency

Our DevOps teams set up standardized software development environments with automated deployments free your team up to work on tasks that bring more value to your organization.


Enhanced data security

N-iX is an ISO-certified software development provider with over 15 years of experience in building offshore development centers. We use the best practices in data security and threat intelligence.


N-iX named to IAOP global outsourcing 100 in 2018
ISO 27001 Information security - N-iX
N-iX receives PCI DSS certification
Clutch top outsourcing companies 2017 - N-iX
IT Europa 2017 excellence awards - N-iX
EBA member - N-iX
ACC member - N-iX
Microsoft Gold Partner - N-iX
SAP Partner - N-iX
Opentext Silver Partner - N-iX

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