Streamline your software delivery and deployment with a reliable DevOps engineering partner by your side. We will help you reinvent your development processes with an efficient production infrastructure and productive collaboration.


Expertise we offer


Infrastructure as a Code

  • Infrastructure is more clear and documented
  • Infrastructure knowledge maintainability
  • Infrastructure unification between environments

Configuration Management

  • Reduced Mean Time to Recover (MTTR) from failure
  • Application configuration is unified between environments

Delivery Pipeline and Continuous Integration (CI/CD)

  • Reduced lead time: time between starting on a work item until it is deployed
  • Improved quality of deliverable services or applications

Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration

  • Improved quality of infrastructure operations routines
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Unified approach to infrastructure management

Monitoring, Logging and Alerting

  • Improved availability and performance of services or applications
  • Reduced Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Reduced Mean Time to Recover (MTTR) failures
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Cloud adoption

  • Cloud platform development
  • Cloud consultancy and infrastructure design
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Cloud migration
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Infrastructure stability

  • DDoS detection/prevention (multi-layered and cloud-based)
  • System scalability and withstanding high-load
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Secure infrastructure

  • Firewall-as-a-service
  • Web attack detection/prevention
  • Intrusion detection/prevention
  • VPN Hardware firewall tuning
  • Security testing

DevOps Value

N-iX DevOps team can reduce bootstrap time for new projects with automated provisioning that enables operations teams to ramp up new development environments fast.
By building and deploying software in stages with fully automated deployment cycles (CI/CD), N-iX DevOps engineers can enhance visibility of the project progress.
Better development efficiency. Our DevOps teams set up standardized software development environments with automated deployments. That allows your team to focus on their tasks and brings more value to your organization.
Simplify system configuration across diverse development and production environments.
N-iX DevOps engineers can optimize resources and adhere to operational policy and security standards including migration of the solution to the cloud.
Improved scalability. N-iX DevOps engineers assist companies that want to scale their software infrastructure quickly. We help companies build resources up or down responding to traffic surges and fluctuations.
N-iX DevOps team can significantly reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) failures by leveraging the latest availability and performance monitoring technologies.
Enhanced data security. N-iX is an ISO-certified software development provider with over 15 years of experience in building offshore development centers. We use the best practices in data security and threat intelligence.


  • Cloud architecture
  • Implementation
  • Administration
  • Support/maintenance
  • Cloud and infrastructure assessment
  • Designing cloud and infrastructure architecture from scratch
  • Working with a delivery team to adjust process and application
  • Assessment of the existing cloud infrastructure
  • Suggesting optimizations:
    • infrastructure optimization (e.g. general review/optimization, Spot instances etc);
    • scale-down of under-utilized resources (and infrastructure to scaleup when needed);
    • migration to more cost-efficient services within the same cloud provider.
  • Analysis of the existing application, structure, and delivery processes
  • Assessment of source and target clouds (efficiency, running costs, migration costs, etc)
  • Identification of the most suitable cloud solution
  • Designing and planning of the cloud solution:
    • adjusting the delivery process;
    • creation of a cloud optimal and cost-effective architecture;
    • working with a delivery team to apply application changes needed;
    • transition planning.
  • Implementation

Technologies we work with

Infrastructure as a Code

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Automation and Orchestration

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Cloud and Infrastructure Providers

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Monitoring & Logging

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Founded in 2004 and headquartered in London, Orbus Software is an independent software vendor and a leading global provider of software solutions for Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis and Application Portfolio Management

Orbus Software creates products that extend and enhance the Microsoft applications used by millions of people every day: Visio, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Project Server.


  • Legacy on-premises infrastructure
  • Setting up production-grade infrastructure in Azure
  • Implementing multi-tenancy
  • Implementing orchestration


  • Implemented infrastructure as code to all Azure resources. Migrated legacy infrastructure to IaaC
  • Built fully automated CI/CD from Git commit to delivering the app to production
  • Allowed creating a fully set up environment easily
  • Performing monitoring by using Application Insights


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Lebara was founded in 2001. It is one of Europe's fastest growing mobile companies employing over 62 nationalities worldwide in six countries. Company have a lot of services in the development stage.

Infrastructure and services were implemented by using Azure cloud provider and Microsoft automation solutions for delivery applications.


  • Lead time from code commit to production consists of too many manual steps and takes days
  • Providing a clear and automated CI/CD process for developers
  • Applications and infrastructure monitoring
  • Decreasing deployment time for all environments
  • Making sure an alerting system covers all services


  • Designed and Developed a fully automated CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOPS
  • Integrated CI/CD into Azure Repos Git workflow
  • Used IaaC approach. Mostly all of the infrastructure used in development process is dynamically created by Terraform and ARM templates
  • Decreased lead time to a few hours
  • Provided great visibility into all processes with the Applications Insights alerts and dashboards
  • Performed monitoring by using NewRelic solutions


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FPL Online Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company offering a platform that provides a secure channel for instant communication in the insurance domain and a digital store to keep the information safe and handy at all times.

The objective of FPL-Online Connect Marketplace is to protect the interests of the customers while helping them to find the best insurance service providers in Singapore with the most convenient location.


  • Moving the legacy app to AWS Cloud Platform
  • Setting up a production-grade infrastructure
  • Reducing high infrastructure costs
  • Implementing ZeroOps


  • Designed and developed AWS infrastructure from scratch following a well-architected framework
  • Implemented cost saving solutions that shut down the whole environments during non-business hours, use spot instances, etc
  • Built fully automated CI/CD from git commit to delivering App to Production


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FinBursa is a complex investment marketplace, which covers the full investment spectrum from debt to equity, from direct investment to managed investments.

FinBursa is created for issuers, investors, advisors, and strategic partners, who work in the investment domain. The transaction management platform provides its users with security, scalability, and traceability while helping to save time and costs.


  • Setting up a production-grade infrastructure in Google Cloud
  • Building a cost efficient infrastructure for microservice architecture
  • Implementing ZeroOps


  • Designed and developed GCP infrastructure from scratch following a well-architected framework
  • Kubernetes platform was chosen as the most suitable one for microservices architecture
  • Built fully automated CI/CD processes from git commit to delivering the app to production


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