Digital Transformation

N-iX expertise in a diverse technology stack and quality software development services across multiple industries allow us to implement end-to-end digital transformation of your business.


Our digital transformation services are powered by the vast engineering expertise and grounded on the latest technological advances

VR and AR, wearables and IoT, AI and Big Data, enhanced communications and many other technological strides challenge modern businesses. Companies need to rethink their digital strategies to maintain the competitive edge. We all feel the acute need for modernization, innovation, and wider digital transformation, which is impossible without the necessary technological expertise.

At N-iX, we provide extended teams and full-scale development centres to help businesses drive their digital transformation strategies. Our highly qualified engineers employ agile practices and take an iterative approach to the digitization of organizations.

We help enterprises modernize their aging tech stack and adopt latest technological innovations. With our nearshore and offshore software development centers in Eastern Europe and more than 600 experienced engineers and consultants, we can handle the digital transformation of any scope.

  • Employing Data Science, Big Data and BI for data-driven transformations

  • Delivering innovative enterprise mobility solutions

  • Leveraging blockchain technology to create decentralized applications

  • Using the disruptive power of VR and AR

  • Transforming critical business processes through effective CCM and ECM


1. Discovery & analysis

N-iX professionals conduct a series of discovery sessions to get clear understanding of your major business operations and the technology’s role in them. Our senior engineers and consultants make an in-depth analysis of the legacy systems to establish the requirements for their step-by-step transformation.

2. Creating a digital transformation roadmap

We offer our clients a personalized digital transformation roadmap to ensure the efficiency of the chosen strategy. Thus N-iX IT specialists develop an end-to-end transformation plan of our clients’ products and services to align our technical expertise with your business objectives.

3. Incorporating Data Science and Business Intelligence

As a data-driven organization, N-iX helps its clients to unlock the potential of their data. We leverage data science and business intelligence to eliminate transformation risks, achieve predictable results, and reach the desired level of customer satisfaction.

4. Agile transformation, scaling and support

N-iX helps enterprises embrace experimentation and iterative delivery to become more agile and adopt new technologies faster in the process of their digitization. We also provide the necessary resources to quickly scale your extended team or development center and support your digital solutions.



Digitization of finance and banking

Our experienced engineers work with the leading fintech companies including Currencycloud, RateSetter, and others. We build scalable architectures and modern infrastructures with the highest level of security to implement digital transformation for our fintech clients.


Digital transformation in telecom

N-iX helps telecom providers define new digital strategies, diversify their services, and empower their all-connected consumers by leveraging smart calling, secure data, mobile payments, digital wallet, authentication technologies and more.


Digitization in healthcare

We enable our healthcare clients to deliver data-driven experiences, drive better diagnoses, provide more effective and accessible treatment to their patients, and ultimately turn their healthcare enterprises into smart organizations.


Digitization in manufacturing

We provide software development of enterprise mobility and logistics solutions to help our clients optimise operations, improve distribution and efficiency, boost equipment utilization and product quality, as well as reduce production costs.


Digital transformation of insurtech

N-iX helps insurance companies to increase customer acquisition and engagement, optimize operations, and enter new marketplaces using IoT innovations, data science, AI, blockchain and other disruptive technologies.

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