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Logistics and supply chain
software development

N-iX specializes in custom logistics and supply chain management (SCM) software. We cover every
step of the process, from Discovery Phase, consulting, end-to-end development, all the way to product
release and post-production support. Our engineers will help you build digital solutions for warehouse
management, transportation and fleet management, procurement, and more.

End-to-end software development

Find your reliable partner for all engineering services related to supply chain software development services.

System modernization

Upgrade your platform or software solution and bring it to the latest industry standards.

Automation and optimization

Boost the performance of your supply chain software or its subparts and automate manual processes.

Third-party system integration

Integrate any software components from third-party providers and gain the maximum value for your business.

We can help you with

Inventory management

  • Warehouse management
  • Customized inventory management
  • Cloud-based inventory management

Logistics software

  • Shipping Software
  • Integration with 3P transportation companies
  • Calculation of shipments/transportation costs

Asset tracking solutions

  • GPS Asset tracking software
  • Barcode asset tracking
  • RFID software solutions

Supply chain optimization

  • Digital transformation
  • Advanced data analytics & visualization, reporting
  • Performance optimization

Mobile supply chain

  • Appointment management
  • Electronic driver logbook
  • Warehousing and inventory mobile apps

Material requirements planning

  • MRP Software
  • MRP Supply Chain
  • ERP and MRP System Integration

Order management

  • Custom order management
  • EDI order management
  • Order processing and returns

Smart supply chain

  • Digital documentation
  • Intelligent RFID Solutions
  • Predictive analytics

Featured success stories

Supply chain optimization

Our client is an innovative company that engineers and produces smart, automated solutions for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution environments.

  • Industry:

    Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Location:

    USA, Georgia

  • Partnership period:

    Jan 2018 - present

The Challenge

The client started the development of a new product — a cloud-based asset performance management platform. The client needed a team for complex supply chain optimization.

The Solution

The product is a platform that unifies operational business data, labor, maintenance, and equipment data across all facilities. Its main function is to support data-driven decisions that will maximize the effectiveness of the logistics of a warehouse. Our main task was to ensure high product quality. The N-iX AQA team analyzed the code and wrote automated tests based on the results. We developed a custom framework and implemented a complex test infrastructure to deal with this functionality and created a reliable test set. We also created an advanced CI solution for running tests. Another product that the client invited us to work on is a Warehouse Execution System (WES) — a platform capable of managing all aspects of warehouse operations from receiving to shipping. Our specialists started code refactoring. The N-iX team is also responsible for testing various processes within the warehouse.

Value delivered by N-iX

Now, after a successful collaboration, we are improving the quality of the two products: the next generation of the asset performance management platform and the warehouse execution system. We have:

  • Set up the test automation and code review processes;
  • Built an extendable test automation framework;
  • Significantly improved old automation infrastructure by refactoring the code, setting up new coding and testing standards within involved projects;
  • Developed the solutions for testing ETL functionality, data streams, and time-series data.

Logistics platform for a leading global supplier of technology and services

Our client is a German Tier 1 supplier with 395K employees and 700+ warehouses around the globe. The company offers innovative solutions for smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility, and connected manufacturing.

  • Location


  • Industry

    Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  • Partnership period:

    2019 - present

The Challenge

The client was looking for a tech partner, who specializes in logistics software development. The company had a legacy platform, which was not working according to their expectations and couldn't be scaled. They needed to redevelop it. The project scope has included:

  • Implementation of a cloud-native infrastructure and microservice architecture;
  • Multiplatform mobile applications with industrial embedded Computer Vision and OCR;
  • Continuous integration and delivery.

Value delivered by N-iX

We created a multi platform mobile application with Computer Vision, OCR, and NLP for document processing. The solution allows the client to manage and track the goods in a non-touch way and has the following features:

  • Pallet detection;
  • Label recognition;
  • Box counting;
  • Damage detection;
  • Fuzzy information matching.

Our teams have redeveloped the legacy platform, introduced cloud-native infrastructure and microservice architecture. We have also introduced and automated deep machine learning.

BitLog delivers innovative supply-chain and logistics solutions to customers across the world. The company’s key product — a digital warehouse management system that increases productivity and automates logistics operations.

The Challenge

The company needed to develop a smart supply chain software for warehouse management that would help logistics companies automate their daily operations and increase efficiency.The client needed a technology partner to enhance their existing product and develop functional iOS, watchOS, and tvOS applications in cooperation with their onsite team.

Value delivered by N-iX

  • Enhanced the client’s WMS solution, designed and developed applications for different iOS devices.
  • Developed functionality for different user roles and scenarios to automate various operations: from planning and credit control to manual distribution.
  • Engineered a Transportation Management System (TMS) application for efficient supply chain management and controlled delivery.

Thanks to the solution optimization, Bitlog’s efficiency increased by up to 50%

Big Data platform for a Fortune 500 industrial supply company

Our client is a US-based industrial supply company. They offer more than 1.6 million quality in-stock products, a consultative sales approach, technical and product expertise, a premium digital experience, and the ability to get complete orders to customers quickly to help keep their operations running and their people safe.

  • Industry:

    Business Supplies & Equipment

  • Location:

    USA, Chicago

  • Partnership period:

    July 2019 - present

  • Team:


The Challenge

The client needed to create a major big data platform that would contain data from all the company's departments. They also wanted to migrate the solution to the cloud that would reduce operating costs.

The Solution

The N-iX team built a cloud-based big data platform from scratch. The whole development process is designed to ensure that the client can easily change the cloud provider in the future. Our specialists created a proof of concept to choose the best data warehouse solution. Currently, our team prepares all of the processes for processing a large amount of data. We have automated the data extraction process. It allows the client to minimize data duplication by checking whether the ingesting files have or haven't been processed yet. After half of the year of working on data pipeline unification, we pulled more than 100 different data sources into one unified data platform. This includes daily data loads, along with a backfill of historical data. Currently, the biggest table we have has more than 4 TB of data.

Value delivered by N-iX

  • Switching to the cloud allowed the client to save the cost;
  • Created a platform that will store all the client data in one place;
  • Fully automated the data extraction process from different sources.

Our expertise


  • Cloud native services
  • Cloud adoption and migration
  • Cloud optimization and automation


  • Delivery pipeline and continuous integration (CI/CD)
  • Automation and system orchestration

Data Analytics

  • Advanced data analytics
  • Data science solutions
  • Business intelligence

Internet of Things

  • Cloud-native solutions for IoT
  • Fleet and asset tracking
  • Data services

Machine Learning & AI

  • Computer vision solutions
  • Natural language processing tools
  • AI algorithms and applications

Professional Services

  • Salesforce, SAP, Open Text
  • Security & performance optimization
  • Infrastructure & application support

Why choose N-iX to help you with supply chain software development?

Full-cycle solution development

N-iX provides tech consulting and end-to-end software development services. We will guide you through every step of the process, from Discovery Phase/audit of your legacy system to delivery and post-production support.

Security is an integral part of offshore software development
Secure and robust solutions

Our software engineers create robust, reliable, and secure supply chain solutions that maintain the highest level of data integrity. We help businesses optimize their operations and cut logistics costs without security compromises.

Diverse technological expertise

Large-scale supply chain operations usually require various solutions that utilize multiple coding languages and technologies. We help businesses choose the best tech stack for any given project, software application, and selected architecture.

Continuous innovation

N-iX research and development centers in Eastern Europe are up to date with the latest tech advancements and software development trends. We make sure our clients get the best value out of the currently available technologies.

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