Nowadays, many companies choose to hire offshore ASP.NET developers for their projects since outsourcing gives access to the worldwide pool of IT experts. There are several prominent IT outsourcing destinations in the world with lots of engineers, quality services and dynamic development of the IT market.

One of them – Eastern Europe – has become the primary destination for offshore development and .NET development outsourcing in particular. The reasons for that are an extensive number of qualified software engineers and rapid growth of the IT industry in this region.

Why .NET and ASP.NET

Microsoft .NET framework has got one of the dominant positions when it comes to software development. The .NET platform makes it possible to design, develop, and deploy a wide range of applications. It covers a large number of support programs, code libraries, APIs, and toolsets.

Meanwhile, ASP.NET is one of the most often used Framework technologies for building websites. On the whole, this framework allows creating rich high-end web applications. According to Builtwith, ASP.NET has been used to build nearly 40 million dynamic websites. The technology is applicable to web solutions of many kinds – from corporate and social networking websites to Custom CRM and CMS applications.

Google Trends indicates that there has been a decline in ‘ASP.NET development’ web search during the recent years. The framework came out in 2002, which was the time of peak interest, and it has stabilized by now. developers

Source: Google Trends

However, if we look at its popularity globally, we can see that the search results reach the highest point in the large IT outsourcing markets where the biggest software development outsourcing centers are located. Therefore, the demand for offshore ASP.NET developers is still high. development countries

Source: Google Trends

Overall, the number of ASP.NET projects is increasing and so is the interest in ASP.NET developers. That is why Europe faces the shortage of software engineers in this field. And here outsourcing comes in handy.

Ukraine and Poland as popular destinations for hiring offshore ASP.NET developers

Ukraine and Poland are the two most popular IT outsourcing countries in Eastern Europe. They both have plenty of companies providing software development services, a great number of IT professionals, good technical education, and fast-growing IT markets. Moreover, many companies that consider outsourcing value their geographical location, especially Western European partners.

As for the culture and work ethics, both Ukraine and Poland are very close to the USA, the UK, Germany, and other European countries in this respect. That is why many companies from the US and Western Europe choose these software development hubs for hiring offshore software engineers.

developers in CEE

Source: Stack Overflow

There are plenty of companies which outsource .NET development to software engineering teams in Ukraine and Poland. For instance, Manodo, the company that develops systems, services, and applications to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, has an offshore dedicated development team with .NET developers at N-iX – a leading software development provider in Ukraine.

Another example is 4 Finance – a global leader in digital consumer finance operating in 17 countries. This company outsourced .NET development services to a Polish offshore vendor Future Processing for developing two modules for their Enterprise Loans Platform. Also, such large companies as Lebara, Anoto, OpenText, and others outsource their .NET projects partnering with N-iX.

So let’s take a closer look at Ukraine and Poland as potential destinations for hiring offshore ASP.NET developers.

Software development services market


Software development market in Ukraine is growing at an unprecedented pace. Without any doubt, the IT industry plays a crucial role in the economy of Ukraine, being one of the leading and the fastest-growing sectors. In 2017, the value of software outsourcing export reached $3.2 billion.

Moreover, Ukraine is more and more often recognized in international IT rankings. In October 2017, Global Sourcing Association (GSA) named Ukraine “Offshoring Destination of the Year”. Gartner included this country in the list of 30 Leading Locations for Offshore Services. Also, 2018 Global Outsourcing 100 by IAOP contains 12 Ukrainian IT companies including N-iX. According to A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index, the country’s outsourcing market is one of the largest in Eastern Europe.

There are 16 IT clusters in the country which promote the development of the IT industry, launch innovative educational programs, cooperate with the local governments, organize tech events, and more. The biggest Ukrainian IT cities are Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Odessa.


The IT market in Poland is also one of the most dynamic areas of its economy. In 20 years, IT market value in the country has increased by 13 times – from $1.2 billion in 1995 to $15.7 billion in 2015. By and large, the Polish IT market is growing at a steady rate of 5-10% annually.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency states that around 40% of outsourcing R&D centers in Eastern Europe are situated in the country. Moreover, A.T. Kearney’s report on outsourcing listed it as one of the most attractive European outsourcing destinations.

Poland also has a number of IT clusters, and ⅓ of all the advanced production and service operation clusters are those which at least partially specialize in IT. The Polish cities with the biggest number of .NET professionals are Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, and Katowice.

Offshore .NET developers pool


Ukraine reportedly has the biggest number of software engineers in Central and Eastern Europe. It takes one of the leading positions worldwide by the number of educated citizens and IT professionals. There are over 116,000 IT specialists in Ukraine. In the last five years, this number has increased by 144%. Besides, around 60% of Ukrainian software engineers work for outsourcing companies. Software developer workforce in Ukraine is expected to grow and reach 242,000 by 2025.

When it comes to ASP.NET engineers, LinkedIn shows that there are almost 11,000 of these specialists in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the number of .NET professionals in the country is around 16,000., a popular Ukrainian developers community website, reports that the demand for .NET developers in Ukraine during the latest years has been constantly increasing. This means that the number of outsourced .NET projects to Ukraine is rising as well.

.net vacancies in Ukraine


According to, C# belongs to the most popular programming languages in Ukraine together with Java, PHP, and JavaScript. The first place in this competition belongs to Java, which covers 23% of the market. C# takes the third place (15%) being very close to JavaScript, which has the second place in this rating with its 16%.

According to, .NET programmers are in demand in Ukraine. vacancies ukraine


Also, there are many conferences in Ukraine on .NET development held in different cities such as .NET Framework Day, .NET Fest, Lviv .NET Community meetups, .NET FullStack Kharkiv, IT Weekend Ukraine, and many others. This means that the .Net community is developing actively generating interest in this technology.


About 140,000 people work in IT companies in Poland. Meanwhile, there are nearly 60,700 IT services companies in the country, and this number has increased by more than a half within four years.

Also, IT is the most popular field of studies among Polish students. So every year several thousands of Polish IT graduates enter the labor market.

According to LinkedIn, there are over 13,000 ASP.NET professionals in Poland. At the same time, the number of .NET programmers is more than 20,000.

offshore .net developers Poland


To promote the technology and facilitate knowledge sharing, Poland holds many .NET conferences such as .NET DeveloperDays, Code Europe, .NET Conf, 4Developers Conference, and many more. .NET DeveloperDays is the largest event in Eastern and Central Europe dedicated to .NET application development.

Business environment


Ukraine has established itself as an attractive destination for outsourcing software development. On its way to European integration, the country is implementing many reforms to simplify business processes and attract investments. Recently, the country has reduced labor taxes and mandatory contributions. So the taxation policy in Ukraine has become favourable for the development of the IT industry.

When it comes to the ease of doing business, the situation has improved a lot over the past few years. According to World Bank Group Report 2017, the ease of doing business in Ukraine almost doubled – from the 132nd position in 2003 to the 76th in 2017.


Poland has also improved its business environment in the recent years. According to Statista, Poland takes a leading place in offshore business services rating based on such factors as financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, and business environment. The country took the 10th place in 2016 A.T. Kearney Global Services Index as it demonstrated great improvement in compensation costs. Also, Poland has got the 27th place among 190 countries in ease of doing business rating in the 2017 World Bank Group report.


As one of the most prominent Microsoft tech solutions for more than a decade, ASP.NET still keeps its strong position in the first line. Nowadays more and more corporations hire offshore ASP.NET developers in Ukraine and Poland to boost their engineering capacities and bring products to market faster. As two steadily growing IT destinations, both Poland and Ukraine have solid talent pools of IT experts, favourable business infrastructure, and growing software development markets. So, both countries have all the chances to be the right destination to hire offshore ASP.NET developers for your project.

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