.Net Development

Extensive competencies in .NET development to provide high quality outsourcing solutions for our partners across varied domains.

Building on .NET

Since our inception, .NET has become one of the most widely used software development environment, providing programmers a platform for developing applications using various languages.
Our extensive competencies in .NET development added value to our partnerships with such companies as Lebara (telecom operator) Anoto (digital pen technology), B-to-V (venture capital firm), Manodo (system for energy management and optimization), Pentagon Pricerouter (financial application) and a number of others. Besides traditional technology implementation, we built a few UNIX-based applications with open source .NET Mono.

  • Web applications

  • Desktop applications

  • Mobile development

  • Enterprise Solutions

Why .NET

Consistent programming model

.NET works on object-oriented programming that helps to eliminate the amount of unnecessary codes. You can use .NET framework to create programs performing various tasks.

Managed code

A special managed code written to execute in the framework offers integrated security, type-safe code and automatic track of the resource usage. While creating a .NET application,a developer doesn’t need to manually free application resources.

Language interoperability

.NET framework is language neutral, so you can reuse the code multiple times thus improving the efficiency of the development process. A set of features and rules, CLR and CTS (Common Language Runtime and Common Type System), allows to ensure multi-language code interoperability.

Ease of deployment

.NET applied new approach to the deployment process. Microsoft made the system much easier and more flexible. Depending on the version, you can choose either ClickOnce or No-Touch deployment.

We work with

ASP.NET – a web application framework designed to build robust application for computers and mobile devices. ASP.NET is great for creating data-based applications, reducing the amount of code required for complex applications.

SignaIR is the framework for creating real-time two-way communication. For this purpose SignaIR uses both client and server components, helping to build chat, real-time forms, dashboards and monitoring applications, real-time gaming etc.

Open source web application framework, AngularJS allows developers to extend HTML’s syntax in order to build dynamic web applications. Powerful framework enables users to create RIA (rich internet applications).

Xamarin is a framework for cross platform app development (iOS, Android and Windows and Mac). This framework is very useful when someone needs to shorten the development time and build an application with two or even more user interfaces.

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