Energy Management Software for Company's Flagship Product

Manodo (acquired by KTC) develops systems, services and applications to improve energy efficiency of buildings.

Manodo (acquired by KTC group) enables large real estate owners and enterprises to reduce energy consumption, improve communications, increase security and get control over property remotely through a web browser that monitors and controls the energy network.

Partnership overview

Software development team at N-iX in Ukraine contributed to the re-design, implementation, and testing of all modules of Manodo Server suite, such as modules that allow visualizing meters in each property and accessing real-time and past meter data; modules that enable to have remote control over the meters, allow scheduling network actions, alerting operators, customizing messages for each alarm situation, generating customized reports, keeping track and categorizing all premises; uploading, keeping and categorizing system documents, etc.

The team was involved in new modules development, such as Budget module that enables to predict energy expenses. It also initiated and implemented additional features for existing modules, such as a Script Engine which allows manipulating values on flowcharts. In addition, N-iX engineers provide web, mobile, and embedded development for such solutions as Manodo Server, MeView, MeSetup, KTC Server, KTC Web View, IMC, CCS, and desktop Metering.

The dedicated development team also contributed to the full-cycle development of the following applications:

  • Manodo Draw, a graphic visualization app for custom-designing Manodo Server flowcharts;
  • Manodo Manager, an app that allows its users to setup Manodo Server customers data (for example, connect system data with the flowcharts);
  • MeView, a web application for apartment residents that allows controlling energy consumption.

Finally, the team adapted the system for all web browsers and developed an installation package for client’s customers.

Partnership period
January 2009 - present
Microsoft .Net Framework (ASP.NET, WCF, WPF), Silverlight, Microsoft SQL Server (Service Broker, SSIS), Windows Services, WebApi, WebSokets, EntityFramework, iOS, Xcode, Swift, Android, Android SDK, Android Studio IDE, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Gulp, NodeJS, Bootstrap, Bower, HTML, CSS (Sass/Less), AngularJS, TFS, GIT, InstallShield, NAnt

Product overview

KTC SCADA & Analyser

Company’s flagship product is KTC SCADA & Analyser targeted at energy companies and large enterprises. It consists of two multicomponent web applications: SCADA , a system for controlling and measuring technical equipment in buildings and district heating systems, and Analyser, an application that monitors, calculates, and analyzes the data.


Another company’s product, MeView , allows apartment residents to control energy consumption.

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