.NET has had continued popularity over the last 10 years [1], and many companies have leveraged it to ensure the efficiency of their deliverables. However, both the UK and Europe are currently experiencing a profound lack of IT specialists. Thus many companies opt for nearshore .NET development in Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe. Nearshore software development in Ukraine offers myriads of benefits including the optimum cost/quality ratio, a growing number of software engineers, wide-ranging expertise, and hands-on experience in the latest .NET development trends.

Nearshore .NET development in Ukraine: why choose this country

Top reasons for nearshore .NET development to Ukraine:

1. Access to software engineering talent

Our country houses more than 1,600 software development vendors, so many global businesses opt for nearshore .NET development in Ukraine. The country is the second Eastern European country with the most significant number of tech professionals. In fact, there are over 192,000 specialists involved in the industry.

2. The large community of C# and .NET developers

There is a great talent pool of .NET and C# specialists in Ukraine. According to the DOU Programming language popularity ranking as of 2019, C# holds the third place in popularity among Ukrainian software engineers. Apparently, JavaScript (18,4%), Java (15,4%), C# (13.7 %), Python (13.2%), are the most widely used programming languages by Ukrainian developers. 

.NET developers nearshoring

According to DOU, nearly 15% of Ukrainian developers are .NET experts. And the tech community tends to grow significantly. In fact, the number of C# developers increased nearly twice from 2015 to 2019. So, some of the Ukrainian vendors, such as N-iX, contribute to the local .NET community which unites strong .NET developers in Ukraine with diverse expertise ready to share their knowledge.

.NET developers nearshoring

What’s more, Ukrainian companies organize many conferences in .NET and related topics, such as .NET fwdays, .NET FullStack Kharkiv, .NET Fest,.NET Conference,  and IT Weekend Ukraine, and many others.

3. High level of programming skills of nearshore software development professionals 

Ukrainian software engineers are among the most highly rated programmers in the world. They frequently take part and are in the lead of global coding competitions. Moreover, Ukraine boasts highly skilled talent, which is proven by many rankings. Indeed, the country holds the 7th place in TopCoder Rating. Also, it is 5th in the world by the number of the most skilled software engineers, according to the report by SkillValue. 

So, no wonder that Ukraine is one of the top destinations to outsource .NET development to. However, the most challenging part is to find a nearshore software development provider which can meet your specific technology needs and has a clear picture of your business goals and ways to achieve them.

Infrastructure for nearshore software development in Ukraine 

So what makes our country so attractive for nearshore .NET development in Ukraine, apart from the tech talent? The development of the IT infrastructure is of the highest priority, as the IT services have a big share in the country’s GD. There are many organizations that promote the IT industry in Ukraine, including Lviv IT Cluster, BrainBasket Foundation, Kyiv High Tech Cluster, and many more.

That all contributes to constant growth and development of the tech sphere. But Ukraine improves not only in this branch. For instance, the country is in the top 20 in A. T. Kearney Services Location Index. In this ranking, the country is recognized for its financial attractiveness and extensive human capital.

Nearshore software development Ukraine is growing due to financial attractiveness and extensive human capital

Moreover, during 2013-2020 Ukraine improved in Doing Business ranking by over 70 positions which also proves the constant development of the country.

Another aspect that adds additional points in favor of nearshore .NET development in Ukraine is Ukrainian higher education, that is well-known beyond the borders. In 2019, QS World University ranking chose 6 Ukrainian Universities to be featured in 1,000 world’s best universities. Every year, Ukraine has around 130,000 engineering graduates, including 16,000 IT graduates every year. In addition, many Ukrainian IT companies offer a wide range of educational programs and training across a variety of technologies.

education of nearshore .NET developers

Criteria to consider when choosing a nearshore .NET development company in Ukraine:

  • A portfolio demonstrating hands-on experience with .NET stack.
  • Expertise in Azure Cloud, Service Fabric, and other Cloud Services.
  • Expert knowledge of Design Patterns, SOA, Microservices; capability to choose the most suitable architecture implementation in each specific case.
  • Availability of Microsoft Certified Professionals.
  • Capability to adjust to a large enterprise project and offer smooth and seamless changes.
  • Team leads who focus first of all on assisting and guiding the team.
  • The company should be well-versed in the Agile (Scrum) methodology and have certified Scrum masters.

Choose a suitable cooperation model when nearshoring .NET development:

Dedicated Development Team (team extension)

Dedicated Development Team is a perfect fit for large, long-term enterprise projects. It functions as a team extension and is fully dedicated to the project. The customer gets full control over the team and product development. The team is tailored according to the customer’s requirements and can be scaled up or down when a need arises.

Time and Material (pay-as-you-go)

This cooperation model meets best the needs of short and mid-size projects. It is used when the project, scope of work, and development process cannot be estimated beforehand. The requirements are not clearly outlined at the very beginning and are subject to changes on the go. Also, the model is more flexible in terms of time software engineers are involved in your project. It may vary from 25% and more, based on the current project needs.


This cooperation model encompasses fixed quota, the fixed scope of work and fixed time of project delivery. The model is suitable for well-specified projects and smaller-scale projects, so it will not work if the client wants to continuously adjust the product to the market changes. If your business needs to respond to the needs of your customers and market changes very fast, this model is not the best way to go.

engagement models with .NET nearshore software development companies


Europe is experiencing a deficit of IT talent. Many companies choose to nearshore .Net development to Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe. They offer such benefits as vast IT talent pool, expertise in .NET and its latest versions, good cost/quality ratio, and more.

However, choosing the company which best meets your needs and can address your business goals is a challenging task. To help you make the decision, we recommend you to take into account such factors as expert knowledge and hands-on experience of the latest .NET updates, SOA, Microservices, Azure Cloud, and more. If you have any further questions, contact our specialists.

Why choose nearshore software development in Ukraine?

Why choose N-iX as .NET nearshore software development company?

  1. N-iX has a strong .NET community that unites top-notch .NET developers in Ukraine;
  2. N-iX is a well-recognized .NET nearshore software development company with a wide range of awards, such as Global Outsourcing 100, published by the IAOP, GSA UK 2019 Awards, and others;
  3. N-iX has delivery centers in different locations, such as Ukraine, Poland, and Bulgaria, which enables access to a talent pool of over 570,000 professionals and over 25,000 nearshore .NET developers;
  4. We have one of the strongest expertise in NET, .NET CORE, Xamarin, ASP .NET development in Ukraine.


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  2. DOU.UA

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