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Looking to find an offshore software development partner
and augment your team with top talent?

Offshore software development:
closing the talent gap

Talent is the new oil, and the global shortage of tech experts is soaring.
The US market has over 200,000 open jobs and the EU has over 75,000 unfilled
positions. Companies are struggling to find, hire, and retain top specialists.

However, with a world-wide switch to remote, the walls between onshore and offshore
have tumbled down. That is why more and more businesses around the world, from
startups to Fortune 500 leaders, opt for offshore outsourcing. For instance, companies
such as Microsoft, IBM, Boeing, Samsung, Fluke, Lebara, Travelport, and many others
have offshored their software development to Eastern Europe.

Companies that benefited from offshore
software development


Offshore software development vs other service models:
Which one to choose?

In-house team

An in-house development team gives you more control over the development process, but comes with HR and operational overhead. It takes more time to hire and is difficult to ramp up/down.

Onshore software development

In case of onshore development, your tech partner operates in the same country as you do. It allows you to find tech experts needed, without hiring and managing them in-house.

Nearshore IT outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing occurs when you outsource development to a company in a nearby country. It helps you to reach a larger pool of experts than you can do onshore.

Offshore software development

Offshore development services refer to partnership with a team from an overseas country. They allow you to tap into the global tech talent pool and scale up/down your team easily.

How you can benefit from offshore
software development Benefits of offshore software development

Offshore development services can help you find the right specialists,
augment your expertise easily, and mitigate risks.

Access top tech talent

With years of experience and dozens of completed projects, top offshore IT companies will help you apply best technology and industry practices.

Grow your team faster

Established vendors usually have a large recruitment team (30+ people) and an enormous base of tech experts to find the right specialists for your project.

Scale easily

When you need to scale your team up or down, your offshore software development partner takes care of all HR activities and helps you avoid overhead and mitigate risks.

Enjoy flexibility

Depending on the selected cooperation model, you can choose the level of responsibility and control you want have over the project in offshore outsourcing.

Most common cooperation models in offshore software development Cooperation models

Problem to solve
Input from the
Choose your model
Extended Team
Scale your core engineering team with flexibility in mind.

A team profile - a team and skillset definition, a project backlog, and established processes.
You communicate with developers and an N-iX manager on a daily basis.

  • additional team capacity with top talent
  • flexible scaling
  • a strong employer brand
  • team retention and HR management.
Quickly expand my team
Managed Team
Delegate part of your product development to a separate, self-sufficient engineering team integrated with your delivery organization.
A product vision - a roadmap, engineering requirements, project documentation.
You communicate with developers and the N-iX project manager, who is responsible for the team management and executes day-to-day technical guidance of the team. Additionally, you discuss the team state and its achievements during quarterly business reviews.
  • team and development day-to-day
    process management
  • project environment and processes
    frameworks are set up
  • transparent and established team
    management practices
  • quick on-demand access to N-iX
    company-wide tech expertise.
Set up a dedicated team
Custom Solution Development
Solve your business issue with an end-to-end tech solution.

The definition of done - the time and scope of the solution, acceptance criteria, the solution vision.
Apart from regular communication with developers and the N-iX project manager, you discuss roadmap progress updates, the project budget, its major milestones, and releases during quarterly business reviews.

  • design of the solution roadmap with its
    further implementation.
  • end-to-end solution delivery: from the
    vision to a full-fledged product
  • solution accelerators that reduce the
    project launch time, minimize
    development costs, and mitigate
    delivery risks.
Build a custom solution
Need to validate the solution vision or fill a gap in technology expertise?

Our team of top-notch experts will help you conduct a Discovery Phase, choose the most suitable architecture design, the tech stack and prepare a detailed implementation roadmap along with all the deliverables needed for a successful kick-off of the project.

Offshore software development: Best practices Best practices

Choose the right engagement model for offshore software development services
Choose the most suitable engagement model

There are three basic models. Fixed price is excellent if you have a small, well-defined project that requires no flexibility. Time and material best suits small and midsize projects that don’t have clearly defined requirements and cannot be estimated in advance. Dedicated team is the best option for large, long-term projects with evolving requirements.

select vendor with a strong employer brand for offshore development services
Select vendors with an established employer brand
When looking for a potential tech partner in an offshore location, find out whether a company cares about its employees, provides opportunities for professional growth, and supports the local IT community. A company with a strong IT market presence and established employer brand is more likely to attract top tech talent for your project promptly.
Security is an integral part of offshore software development
Prioritise the security aspect
With the amount of users’ and financial data companies collect, process, and store, the first thing you should think about is security. While choosing a tech partner for offshore software development, look for a company that is compliant with international security standards, including ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015, GDPR, and HIPAA.
discuss all legal details before signing a contract for offshore development services
Sign a win-win contract

Thoroughly discuss with your offshore software development partner such vital aspects as intellectual property rights confidentiality, notice periods, non-solicitation terms, data protection, regulation compliance, liability, and more. Consult with your legal team and negotiate every single aspect to avoid any contract loopholes, before you sign the contract.

arranging effective communication will make offshore development services more efficient
Arrange effective communication

Effective communication is an integral part of offshore development services. To avoid misunderstandings and set the ground for an effective working environment, define the rules of communication with your team.The unification of coding practices, establishing channels of communication, promoting knowledge transfer are a great way to achieve this goal.

prepare knowledge transfer before and after offshore software development
Prepare an effective knowledge transfer plan

The knowledge that is not shared or documented is lost. Successful knowledge transfer includes: sharing knowledge before the beginning of the project in order to explain the context, business logic, and expectations; documenting the accumulated knowledge during the project; and knowledge transfer for when the project is over.

How to find the best partner for offshore development services Finding a reliable partner

01. Choose the best outsourcing destination

  • Significant tech talent pool;
  • Favorable business environment;
  • Decent number of trusted vendors.

02. Research the potential tech partners

  • Explore international listings (IAOP, GSA UK, etc.);
  • Check out dedicated directories (e.g. Clutch);
  • Look for recommendations from industry leaders.

03. Narrow down the list based on

  • Industry and tech expertise;
  • Size and ability to scale;
  • Pricing and cooperation models.

04. Browse companies’ websites

  • Portfolio and technical expertise;
  • Awards and industry recognition;
  • News, careers, etc.

05. Send out RFI or contact vendors

  • How quickly do they respond?
  • Are they interested in cooperation?
  • How engaged are they in the process?

Why choose Eastern Europe for outsourcing
offshore development services?

1+M developers, with the largest share of JavaScript, Java, PHP, C#, C++, and Python developers
More than 4,500
companies that offer offshore development
Excellent technical education and moderate to strong knowledge of English across the region

Why choose Latin America for outsourcing
offshore development services?

Close to 2M tech professionals and cost-effective rates;
Over 2,300 vendors that provide software development services;
Time zone proximity to the North American market and complimentary time zones for European or the UK clients.

Why choose N-iX for offshore software
development services?


2,200+ professionals;

Compliant with PCI DSS, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and GDPR standards;
Certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, a Microsoft Solutions Partner, a Google Cloud Platform Partner, an Opentext Services silver partner, and an SAP partner;

Custom software development, cloud, data and analytics, ML & AI, embedded software, and consulting for manufacturing, fintech, telecom, healthcare, retail, logistics and supply chain, and others;


200,000 professionals in its CV database;


60+ experienced recruiters.

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