OpenText Professional Services

OpenText Professional Services (OpenText Exstream and OpenText ECM consulting) allow companies to increase business processes efficiency with OpenText-based solutions.


We’ve had several OpenText-based projects implemented for efficient enterprise information management across different companies of the Holding. Partnership with N-iX allowed us to deliver these projects on time at a high quality level and achieve all our business goals. During our collaboration, the N-iX team helped us find effective architecture solutions to satisfy our business needs without any system downtime. This allowed us to achieve good business performance in processing documents across different systems and companies of the Holding within the deadlines set by the customer. The flexibility of the solutions within the delivered projects makes it possible to apply them to similar business processes at other companies of our Holding.
Rudenko Yevheniy
Head of Finance Processes Department, Metinvest Digital
Global Cents (GCI Live LLC) creates products and delivers controlled document solutions for highly regulated industries including life science and energy. With the help of N-iX, we deliver these solutions with high quality, on time, and under budget. There are two characteristics of N-iX stand out: first, their staff are smart and quick to learn new tools and second, the whole team is quality minded and conscious of deadlines. N-IX has highly skilled technical resources with OpenText Content Server experience and they've been able to learn our GCI PowerTools products quickly. ​N-iX has proven to be a reliable partner for Global Cents.
Tom Lilly
CEO, Global Cents
In every engagement that Delaware SEA has had where the team of N-iX was roped in, we’ve found a reliable, competent and mature partner that is able to execute work in a process driven manner and understands when to trigger if/when things are at risk of going out of bounds. I’ve personally had the pleasure to work with a number of N-iX consultants and can attest that not only they are all of the aforementioned, they all are also, without exception, wonderful people to work with.
Christophe Derdeyn
Partner at Delaware Consulting
N-iX has augmented our capability around OpenText adding value and expertise around StreamServe solutions. Working with N-iX for our customers brings added-‎value to our portfolio. N-iX has been always professional, committed and goes beyond contractual obligations.
Jaime Gutierrez
Partner, Optima Consulting
We have been doing business with N-iX for some time. They have been supporting us well with their knowledge and good work. We are planning to collaborate with them in the future for many projects. Thanks for good work.
Yener Alemdaroğlu
OpenText Product Manager, ADM Danışmanlık Hizmetleri
Putting marketing messages on our invoices and removing inserts has enabled us to lower our distribution cost by 30%.
Thomas Wandahl
Customer and Loyalty Director, Hi3G
Partnering up with N-iX has been successful and accomplishing, together we feel fully supported and much more confident.
Anna Söderström
VP of Business development, XStreamReports LLC California
N-iX provides qualified consultancy and has excelled in complex technical work. We are very satisfied with their performance and compromise. For sure we will keep on working with them in the future.
Francisco Raimundo Chilet
Socio-Director, Stratesys
As OpenText partners, together with N-iX, we have participated in the execution of a project to implement the document management SAP xECM solution for a company in Latin America leader in Oil & Gas industry. N-iX has been distinguished by the expertise and technical knowledge of its human resources as well as the quality and timeliness of its deliverables. For Projection Core Consulting, to have the professional services of N-iX is undoubtedly a stronghold to opportunities and market demands.
Juan Carlos Correa Garcia
Senior Solutions Architect - PM, Projection Core
Effective solution for customer invoicing based on OpenText Exstream

N-iX offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional PDF invoices, giving your customers unmatched user experience. Now, they can access the necessary info or perform the desired action in just one click.

With our interactive invoices in the HTML5 format, businesses across utility, telecom, and other industries can considerably cut their costs on data storage. Generated HTML5 invoices consume less disk space than PDF files, reducing invoice storage costs. They are stored in the server or in the cloud for as long as required for the customer access and internal or legislative purposes.

Our solution for the utility industry

Our solution for the telecom industry

Interactive invoices leverage all the advantages of HTML5 technology. Visual charts feature contextual tooltips that pop up as you move your mouse over individual elements. Interactive invoices can contain educational and promotional video content. Less important sections can hide behind expandable links, making the invoice easier to read and navigate.

Interactive invoices allow you to get valuable insights into customers’ behaviour. You can track user interactions, such as button or link clicks. Having this information analyzed, you can create better experiences for your customers.

Years of in-depth expertise in OpenText product suite

Early in 2015, N-iX became an Authorized OpenText partner. Since then, our experts have been helping integrators and solution owners with design, development, and support of OpenText Exstream and Content Server-based solutions.

With years of in-depth expertise in a number of OpenText products and modules, N-iX offers custom-tailored document management and customer communication management solutions for enterprises of any scale.

Custom OpenText ECM solutions

N-iX Professional Services have experience in development and customization of the entire OpenText ECM product suite. We have extensive knowledge of Content Server and its various modules, including Enterprise Connect, Archive Server, Records Management, Directory Services, Tempo Box, Enterprise Scan, OpenText Capture Center, and more.

We use Extended ECM for SAP, xECM for Salesforce, and xECM for Process Suite helping businesses integrate Enterprise Content Management with their key enterprise applications.

Improved customer experience with comprehensive CCM solutions

Our consultants have implemented OpenText Exstream solutions in various industries, such as utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, insurance, telecom, and others.

With our CCM integration services, global enterprises automate their document management, cut paperwork flow cost, reduce manual workload, and improve customer service. As a result, effective CCM implementations lead to automated and personalized customer communications, better customer engagement, and increased profits.


OpenText Application Managed Services

N-iX also offers application managed services enabling enterprises to obtain maximum value from their OpenText solutions. Our team has wide expertise in different OpenText products, modules, and integrations. So we provide full maintenance of your enterprise information management solutions including monitoring, reporting, optimization, and update of OpenText Exstream and OpenText ECM systems.

We combine remote work with regular onsite visits to ensure the highest quality of managed services. With our flat-rate pricing model, you get uninterrupted performance of your enterprise systems with a predictable cost.


OpenText Content Suite

OpenText Content Suite is Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software platform that provides the infrastructure for secure, compliant management of information flows across the organization — from capture through to archiving and disposition.

Leveraging OpenText Content Suite, N-iX delivers world-leading Enterprise Content Management solutions that improve business processes, raise efficiency, cut costs, strengthen compliance, and enable better decision making. As a recognized expert in OpenText ECM, N-iX not only delivers implementations, customizations and integrations but also drives enterprise information strategies and advises on the most effective solution for each business case.

OpenText Exstream

OpenText Exstream is enterprise Customer Communication Management software that enables companies to automatically create and distribute large volumes of invoices, statements, and notification letters to its customers. OpenText Exstream gives hands-on control of the document layout and content to business users, including designers, marketing staff, customer support agents, and process owners. 

Our portfolio includes dozens of Exstream and StreamServe implementations, upgrades, and migrations across utility, telecom, banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. We are also offering an innovative Exstream-based solution for interactive HTML5 invoices, which provide customers with better user experience, require less disk space for storage, and allow businesses to collect statistics on customer activities.

OpenText xECM for Process Suite

OpenText Extended ECM for Process Suite integrates enterprise content from OpenText Content Server with business processes governed by OpenText Process Suite. It attaches business context to documents created by business processes, stores them in the correct Content Server workspaces, and incorporates corresponding workspace listings into the Process Suite interface. By enabling users to access associated documents directly from OpenText Process Suite applications, N-iX Professional Services helps companies to streamline operations and deliver better user experience.

SAP Document Presentment Live

We have built strong expertise in StreamServe / SAP integration. Amongst our specializations is Document Presentment Live, an OpenText solution that allows creating and editing on-demand documents based on StreamServe templates directly from SAP. As a part of the solution, we are offering our own Document Presentment Live add-on, which organically integrates with DP Live through the API and enhances document editing experience for SAP users.

OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions

For many years, xECM for SAP Solutions has been one of our top skills. With this technology, we can help you integrate your enterprise documents and other content into your SAP Business Suite on HANA (SAP ERP, CRM, SCM, SRM, PLM) and S/4HANA. OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP Solutions adds data and document archiving, imaging, document management, collaboration, certified records management, and application-spanning virtual views of related information to your SAP systems.

OpenText Extended ECM for Salesforce

Among our focus areas is OpenText Extended ECM (xECM) for Salesforce, which enables Salesforce users to access collateral, contracts, proposals, invoices etc. right from Salesforce without switching to OpenText Content Server. The solution connects Salesforce cloud services to the OpenText Extended ECM Platform and surfaces ECM capabilities and content inside the Salesforce user interface. It also synchronizes content with other related business platforms like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.



OpenText Authorized partner

Since 2014, N-iX is an official OpenText partner for CIS region with technology focus on CEM – Customer Communications Management, ECM – Content Lifecycle Management, ECM – Enterprise Archive and industry focus on Financial Services, Telecommunications, Aerospace & Defense, Utilities, Energy, Engineering & Construction, Healthcare.

35+ OpenText certified consultants

All our consultants are certified by OpenText and have a substantial track record of delivering Professional Services and a strong technical background in development, product integration, database services and network connectivity.

Successfully deployed over 150 OpenText solutions

As an OpenText (earlier StreamServe) back office in delivering Professional Services, we have vast experience in deployment of StreamServe/Exstream solutions on customer sites in 27 countries on all continents. Our customer geography includes the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Kuwait, the UAE, Algeria, the Republic of South Africa, South Korea, India, New Zealand and Australia. It spans across different business domains including utility, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy, and other industries.

12+ years of experience in OpenText Global Services

Since 2005 N-iX has been the home to one of the OpenText Global Services centers, offering StreamServe R&D, consulting services, and 3rd line product support. After OpenText acquired StreamServe in 2010, N-iX has delivered consulting and 3rd line technical support for Content Server, Archive Server, Enterprise Connect, OTDS, Extended ECM for SAP, Tempo and related products.

Access to broad technology expertise from other N-iX departments

Our team is a part of N-iX, a leading European software development company with over 1000 IT specialists on board. Therefore, we offer access to a wide engineering talent pool comprising experts in .NET, Java, Ruby, Scala, PHP, Python, JavaScript, and other technologies.

Cultural alignment and effective communication

We cooperate with companies around the globe so we understand the importance of cultural awareness and take an individual approach to each client. Our team values integrity, keeps promises and commitments, respects our agreements, and maintains high professional ethics. This way we build the relationship of trust with our clients and establish long-lasting partnerships.


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