Media & Entertainment

Development of advanced technical solutions for media & entertainment domain ranging from video streaming services to complex media portals, custom virtual reality experiences and multiplayer online games.

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We provide publishing houses, ISVs, digital agencies, media firms and gaming companies with cutting-edge software solutions for their business.
Our partners now can focus on producing greater digital content, generating new ideas and interacting more with their users, instead of thinking of potential software issues and infrastructure failures. Experienced N-iX tech professionals will cover full-cycle of software development and deliver solutions tailored to fit your specific requirements and achieve desirable results. We are proud to be a part of your business success and serve you with the latest technologies used in the digital media industry.
With our broad portfolio of services, solutions, and technologies we’re driving media and entertainment innovation to help you to impress your users with next-gen interactive experiences.

  • Custom software development for Media and Entertainment

  • Online media platforms

  • Digital media apps

  • Digital content streaming solutions

  • Content aggregation and processing software

  • Games for mobile/PC/Console

  • Custom VR solutions

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