OpenText Application Managed Services

N-iX Professional Services provides high-quality application managed services helping enterprises make the most of their enterprise information management systems.


N-iX has augmented our capability around OpenText adding value and expertise around StreamServe solutions. Working with N-iX for our customers brings added-‎value to our portfolio. N-iX has been always professional, committed and goes beyond contractual obligations.
Jaime Gutierrez
Partner, Optima Consulting
Putting marketing messages on our invoices and removing inserts has enabled us to lower our distribution cost by 30%.
Thomas Wandahl
Customer and Loyalty Director, Hi3G
Partnering up with N-iX has been successful and accomplishing, together we feel fully supported and much more confident.
Anna Söderström
VP of Business development, XStreamReports LLC California
We have been doing business with N-iX for some time. They have been supporting us well with their knowledge and good work. We are planning to collaborate with them in the future for many projects. Thanks for good work.
Yener Alemdaroğlu
OpenText Product Manager, ADM Danışmanlık Hizmetleri
N-iX provides qualified consultancy and has excelled in complex technical work. We are very satisfied with their performance and compromise. For sure we will keep on working with them in the future.
Francisco Raimundo Chilet
Socio-Director, Stratesys
As OpenText partners, together with N-iX, we have participated in the execution of a project to implement the document management SAP xECM solution for a company in Latin America leader in Oil & Gas industry. N-iX has been distinguished by the expertise and technical knowledge of its human resources as well as the quality and timeliness of its deliverables. For Projection Core Consulting, to have the professional services of N-iX is undoubtedly a stronghold to opportunities and market demands.
Juan Carlos Correa Garcia
Senior Solutions Architect - PM, Projection Core
Cost-effective support of OpenText ECM and CCM solutions

N-iX Professional Services has over a decade of experience in delivering OpenText-based ECM and CCM solutions for many industries including finance, manufacturing, energy, telecom, healthcare, and others. After the product rollout, we want to make sure our clients get maximum value from their investment.

Our qualified technical consultants provide a wide range of OpenText application management services using a flat-rate monthly pricing model. This allows our clients to get uninterrupted performance of their enterprise systems with a predictable cost.

Preventing issues before they disrupt business processes

Our application management services encompass monitoring, reporting, optimization, and update of OpenText Exstream and OpenText ECM systems. Instead of reacting to the arising issues, we take the proactive approach to discover and fix the problems before they disrupt vital business processes.

Responding quickly to new regulatory requirements

Today, more than ever, businesses need to swiftly respond to market changes and new legislative requirements. However, engineering resources are scarce and training in-house specialists is time-consuming. Technical consultants at N-iX specialize in a diverse tech stack, so we can quickly adjust any OpenText solution to meet the latest industry standards.

Enhancing application performance

Scalability is critical for any enterprise system that has to process large volumes of data without slowing down business processes. Our team can optimize your OpenText solution, upgrade it to new versions, integrate it with other enterprise applications, and boost its overall performance.


Expertise we offer

Infrastructure and application support
Implementing changes to meet new business and legislative requirements
New development, such as new document forms, workflows, statistics reports, etc.
Performance audit and optimization
Security audit and optimization
System monitoring, regular health checks and proactive support
Integration with new third party systems
Upgrades to new versions
Data migration
Discover our hybrid model combining remote and on-site application management services

We offer managed services through a hybrid model, where most of the work is done remotely, with consultants flying onsite to meet the customer and perform various on-site tasks on the as-needed basis. You get seamless service and we handle hiring, onboarding, training, tax management, and other operations.

Since our team combines a comprehensive set of expertise in different OpenText products, modules, and integrations, we cover all the aspects of maintenance of your enterprise information management solutions.


Authorized OpenText partner with all certified technical consultants
Over 12 years of experience with OpenText ECM and CCM products
European business culture and professional business ethics
European office hours (5 hours overlap with EST)
100+ successfully delivered projects in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia Pacific
Wide technological expertise for full cycle of managed services




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