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Build an excellent development team with staff augmentation services in Romania with N-iX.

Expand your
engineering capabilities
with team extension
in Romania

For over 20 years, N-iX has helped industry-leading enterprises and Fortune 500 companies to enhance their tech competence and engineering capabilities with our team extension services. Our European footprint boasts multiple delivery centers, allowing N-iX to serve you with distinction. Our internal team of 2,200+ software engineers and the abundant talent pool in Romania ensure rapid scalability and faster digital transformation for your projects.

Furthermore, N-iX’s diverse tech expertise and extensive domain experience offer unparalleled value. Our clients in Europe and the United Kingdom benefit from time zone proximity, fostering seamless collaboration. Our North American clients can assemble a team that complements their time zone, further enhancing project efficiency and synergy. As we extend our reach, we invite you to partner with N-iX and experience the future of IT outsourcing.

  • Strategic presence: Leverage our Romanian staff augmentation services, as well as access to top European talent and seamless collaboration across borders.
  • Decades of excellence: With 21 years of experience, we’ve perfected building extended teams for diverse industries.
  • Global acclaim: Our portfolio includes top European and North American clients, attesting to our quality solutions.
  • Selection efficiency: We have meticulous recruitment that saves you time and ensures a team tailored to your needs.
  • Integration expertise: Our team can quickly join your project at any SDLC stage.

Choose N-iX for streamlined IT outsourcing services that propels your projects forward and transforms your vision into reality today.

Industry leaders that enhanced their engineering
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Why businesses choose team extension in Romania

202K ICT professionals

In this thriving landscape, an abundant and highly skilled tech talent pool continually grows with the influx of graduates, ensuring a steady stream of top-tier expertise.

Lower competition for tech talent

Compared to the Western European market, Romania has significantly lower competition for top tech talent, making staffing processes faster and easier.

Established outsourcing destination

Romania ranked in the top 30 best outsourcing destinations in the 2023 GSLI, recognized for its financial attractiveness and business climate.

Governmental support

For the last decade, the country implemented several programs, incl. National Strategy “Digital Agenda for Romania 2020” to ensure effective development of the industry.

Developed tech hubs

Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Iaşi, and Brasov are home to the lion’s share of tech talent and HQ/secondary locations to major tech companies.

Strong STEM education and vocational training

Around 10K graduates with ICT, computer science, and related degrees join the Romanian workforce every year.

How we bring in top talent

3-4 weeks to fill the position

80-100 positions closed every month

Over 1M experts in the talent pool

270K+ active candidates in the recruitment database

96.5% of new employees successfully pass the probation period

Hire top talent
team extension in LatAm: how we bring in top talent

How we ensure cost-effective services

Our approach

The result you get

Effective sourcing:

  • Strong internal sourcing team of 70+ specialists;
  • Collaborating with top recruitment agencies;
  • 270K+ active candidates in the recruitment database, continuous pool monitoring;
  • Strong employer brand in our delivery locations;
  • Usage of cost-effective digital marketing tools to attract top candidates;
  • Maximizing bench unitization, proactive capacity management;
  • Delivery locations across Europe and Latin America that offer the best value for money.

Effective processes:

  • Balanced teams with experts of different seniority levels;
  • PMP-certified Project Managers and a strong Project Management Office;
  • Agile culture and iterative development;
  • Refined CI/CD and DevOps practices;
  • Test automation to speed up releases and reduce cost without compromising quality;
  • Usage of low code tools and practices;
  • Partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, GCP, and other tech leaders.

The result you get

  • 2-2.5X lower management overhead than the industry average
  • 1.7X lower cost per hire
  • 3-4 weeks to fill the position
  • 20-60% better team velocity and performance
  • 1.5X faster development
  • 30% reduction in waste and rework
  • 20%+ reduction in project costs

Get what you need with the right cooperation model or service

With the help of different cooperation models and services, we assist businesses in recruiting top
talent, expanding their software development capabilities, and tackling various business challenges.

Team Extension

Maintain full project control, conduct candidate interviews, and make crucial choices. Leverage N-iX support for effective project management.

Managed Team

Minimize risks and share responsibilities with N-iX. Maintain control over vital project decisions while entrusting tech alignment and team management to us.

Custom Solution Development

Start the project from scratch, upgrade your current solution, or tackle a business challenge with our experts by your side to help you succeed.

Technology Consulting

Consult a trusted advisor to validate your concept, fine-tune processes for ultimate efficiency, explore new revenue streams, and harness the latest tech.

Why choose N-iX for staff augmentation
in Romania?


Providing strategic technology partnerships to enterprises and Fortune 500 companies.

In-house pool of 2,200 tech specialists and over 270,000 CVs available.
Our expertise includes Data, Cloud, IoT, embedded software, intelligent platforms, and more.

Compliance with international regulations and security standards, including ISO, PCI DSS, and others.


Streamlined and transparent processes to enhance your development capabilities.


Expertise that stems from dozens of successful projects and teams built for our clients.

Success stories of our clients Case studies

Industry-recognized technology leader

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