N-iX has been listed among Modern Application Development services providers by Forrester, a global research and advisory company, in their recently published report “Now Tech: Modern Application Services, Q1 2022”. In the report, Forrester provides an overview of 42 MAD services providers based on their size and services functionality.

Modern Application Development services give businesses a strong edge for speeding up their digital transformation and building relevant applications and products. But to realize their vision, technology decision-makers need to choose the right vendor who can deliver business value through functional MAD services.

The saturation of the market and the complexity of modern applications make it increasingly challenging for businesses to select the right partner for their digital transformation. According to the Forrester Now Tech report, 80% of technology decision-makers agree that they rely on external partners to improve their self-sufficiency, which includes reliance on MAD services providers. These companies help their clients create custom modern applications, assist in the transformation and modernization of software development practices, and help the clients adopt new practices and technologies. 

N-iX services and outreach

The Forrester report explores the MAD services landscape and helps companies choose from a vast number of vendors who vary by size, expertise, geography, and vertical market focus. Using a shortlist of MAD services providers by Forrester, a technical decision-maker can select a suitable partner among the included vendors.

We are excited to be recognized by Forrester among Modern Application Development services providers. N-iX has been at the forefront of the best modern application development technologies and practices for years. In 2021, our company organic growth stood close to 60% with modern application development services making up the largest part of our portfolio. For the coming years, we put a strong emphasis on advancing and expanding our technology maturity and expertise”, comments Nazariy Zhovtanetskyy, Chief Strategy Officer at N-iX.


Working with large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, N-iX offers global outreach, mature MAD services practices, and reliable partnership that brings tangible results.

To learn more about how N-iX helps customers to accelerate their digital transformation, explore our case studies.

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By N-iX February 15, 2022

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