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Bridge the talent gap in your projects and accelerate your tech initiatives with our staff augmentation services.

Industry leaders that benefited from our staff augmentation services


Boost your engineering
capabilities with top tech talent

Staff augmentation is a key instrument that allows businesses to accelerate their projects, fill the skill gap, and increase agility. Over 200 enterprises and tech companies have chosen us as their strategic IT outsourcing partner, including OpenText, Lebara, Fluke Corporation, Gogo, and many others.

We have 2,200 tech experts in more than 25 locations across Europe and the Americas. Having access to vast talent pools worldwide, a strong employer brand, and effective sourcing capabilities, N-iX attracts and retains top tech talent. As a trusted staff augmentation company, we offer advanced sourcing strategies, cost-efficiency, streamlined processes, comprehensive domain knowledge, and wide tech expertise to ensure you gain maximum value from our staff augmentation services.

  • A strong internal sourcing team and collaboration with top recruitment agencies;
  • Thorough talent selection process, including CV screening, interviews, hard and soft skill assessments, etc.;
  • Proven track record in nearly all technologies and wide domain expertise;
  • Smooth integration of new experts at any stage of the software development lifecycle;
  • Ability to bridge any talent gap you have quickly and efficiently.

Benefit from staff augmentation with N-iX

Quickly close the skill gap

Using our wide network of professionals across various technology domains, including rare and niche skills, you can obtain the required expertise quickly and avoid potential project disruptions.

Accelerate development

By bringing in N-iX’s additional engineering resources, you can boost your development pace by 1.5X, decrease your project’s timelines, and speed up time to market—all while maintaining quality.

Increase cost-effectiveness

Staff augmentation services from N-iX reduce overhead costs, eliminate the financial burden of infrastructure, equipment, and staff training, and free up resources for core project activities.

Find and retain top talent globally

We conduct rigorous technical and soft skill assessments of all candidates, so you won't have to navigate lengthy recruitment and HR processes.

Scale your team on demand

Make sure you're adaptable and ramp up or down your team based on your needs and changing demand of development process.

Our tech expertise to expand your engineering capabilities

  • DevOps

    60 DevOps specialists

  • UI/UX

    26 UI/UX designers

Our programming skills to boost your project

N-iX's all-encompassing engineering expertise can quickly and easily add the required skillset to your team.
We have strong competencies in all key programming languages and tech stacks, as well as emerging technologies.


170 developers
55 ongoing projects


175 developers
57 ongoing projects


250 developers
115 ongoing projects


50 developers
30 ongoing projects


20 developers
10 ongoing projects


40 developers
25 ongoing projects


40 developers
23 ongoing projects


30 developers
22 ongoing projects

Choose the cooperation model that will bring
the most value to your business

We offer cooperation models and services for any level of desired involvement
and control, project scope, and budgetary constraints.

  • Staff Augmentation

With our staff augmentation services, you can flexibly extend your team while remaining in complete control of the project and making all key decisions. N-iX will ensure that the team we select will smoothly blend in with your team.

  • Managed Team

Share risks and responsibilities with N-iX experts while we build a dedicated team of experts for you. Let us handle technology alignment, process management, quality assurance, and project scheduling while you focus on your strategic goals.

  • Custom Software Development

Whether you're starting from scratch, upgrading an existing solution, or tackling a specific business challenge, we provide end-to-end engineering services and solutions delivery according to your schedule and scope.

Staff augmentation services with N-iX: How it works


Understanding the need and potential team structure

  • Defining your business needs and objectives
  • Identifying the skills and expertise needed for your project
  • Determining the number of professionals needed
  • Choosing one or several locations for talent search

Talent sourcing

  • 30+ experienced recruiters utilizing our 270K+ sourcing network to identify the right candidates
  • Allocating qualified experts in 3–4 weeks

Candidate screening and selection

  • Contacting the candidates and phone screening
  • Conducting technical interviews and soft skills evaluation
  • Submitting the CVs of the selected candidates for your review
  • Hiring selected candidates

Onboarding and integration

  • Knowledge transfer for new team members
  • Blending in your teams at any SDLC stage
  • Onboarding new specialists
  • Probation period, successfully passed by 96.5% of N-iX experts

What our clients say


We can kind of rely on N-iX doing our job in this sense. We know that the people who present us with are usually very very good in terms of embedding into our teams and hit the ground running.

Top US IT services company

N-iX is our permanent staff augmentation solution, and they have a team dedicated to our account, including three QA specialists we label as test engineers. Sometimes, other teammates come on board on a project-by-project basis.

Leading German engineering company

N-iX helped us scale the teams at a faster pace than we would have been able to by recruiting only in our HQ. They helped us launch an alpha product quicker, transfer an application to the Cloud, and implement our general roadmap faster.

Canadian financial services company

N-iX has been helping us develop from scratch and maintain our banking and mortgage software products by augmenting our engineering and quality infrastructure teams. They started the process by joining and helping us while we were figuring out and clarifying our requirements for the product.

Staff augmentation services in Europe

N-iX is a staff augmentation services company that has helped industry leaders and global companies deal with talent shortage for more than two decades. Our extensive talent network in Europe goes beyond our major R&D centers in Poland, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. We've broadened our reach to provide you with access to top-tier talent from almost all European countries. The region boasts over 5M engineers and tech professionals, bolstered by a strong STEM education system that produces over 60,000 ICT graduates each year.

  • Large delivery centers in three top European outsourcing locations;
  • Favorable time zone overlap with European and UK clients and convenient match with clients from North America;
  • High English proficiency of local specialists enabling efficient communication;
  • Cultural fit that ensures smooth integration of augmented teams;
  • Established reputation in outsourcing, proven by IAOP, GSA UK, and other industry rankings.

Staff augmentation services in Latin America

N-iX’s presence in Latin America allows us to connect you with over 2M tech professionals. The establishment of N-iX Colombia, our first R&D center in LatAm, is the first step for growing our talent sourcing network in the region. Businesses from North America that aim to bring in top talent from the region can now leverage the benefits of geographical proximity and convenient time zones with N-iX.

  • Over 100K ICT and computer science graduates annually joining the local talent pool;
  • Lower competition for tech experts, as compared to North America;
  • Minimal time zone difference and cultural closeness for effective collaboration of augmented teams.

Meet our experts and leaders

Uliana Batiuk

Uliana Batiuk

Engagement Director
Halyna Dumych

Halyna Dumych

Head of Client Partnership
Steve Liddle

Steve Liddle

VP Customer Success
Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas

VP Client Success, North America

Why partner with N-iX to augment your team?


tech specialists


CVs in our internal base


experienced recruiters

3-4 weeks

to fill the position


lower management overhead than the industry average


of middle+ and senior experts


years in the industry


active clients


Each cooperation model serves different needs: direct involvement or full delegation. Staff augmentation allows you to expand your team and retain management control. In contrast, software outsourcing lets you delegate software development entirely to an external partner, offering a hands-off approach to project management.

Staff augmentation is an effective way to streamline the recruitment process for large projects, offering a scalable and project-specific talent solution. This approach enables companies to concentrate on their core objectives without the burden of traditional hiring.

When selecting a staff augmentation services company, it's crucial first to clarify your talent-related needs. Then, we recommend evaluating the company's recruitment capabilities, employer brand, expertise, and client testimonials to ensure they have a reputable track record and the potential to meet your requirements.

The key difference between staff augmentation and traditional hiring is bringing new employees of teams mainly for the duration of the project via outsourcing. While traditional hiring involves bringing permanent employees into the organization, staff augmentation allows companies to temporarily enhance their team with external professionals, providing immediate access to specialized skills and reducing the time and cost of recruitment.

Challenges of staff augmentation include cultural fit, communication barriers, and aligning the external staff with internal processes. These can be avoided by choosing a staff augmentation partner with experience in similar projects, ensuring clear communication and regular check-ins, and having a solid onboarding process that integrates the new staff into the company's culture and workflows.

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