Hire a remote development team in Europe or Latin America

With N-iX, you can quickly and effectively hire a remote development team and boost your engineering capabilities for effective scaling and driving your business forward.

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Boost your engineering capabilities with a highly
effective remote development team

N-iX has over two decades of experience in extending software engineering teams, setting up managed
development teams
, and establishing R&D centers for global industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies. With
delivery centers across Europe and Latin America, over 2,200 professionals in 25 countries, strong talent sourcing
capabilities, and a wide tech expertises, N-iX is your trusted partner in hiring remote software development teams.

  • Access to top tech talent in 25 countries

  • 1.7X lower cost per hire

  • 3-4 weeks to fill the position

  • Full HR and administrative support

  • 270k+ active candidates in the recruitment database

  • 2,200 + engineers with versatile tech expertise

  • 160 active clients in finance, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, retail, telecom, automotive, healthcare, energy, and agritech industries

Choose the best cooperation model when you
hire a remote software development team

N-iX helps companies augment in-house talent, build a team for a specific project, or
undertake end-to-end software development to provide businesses with a clear path to
sustainable growth.

Business need

Increase the development capacity and boost team’s velocity; invite niche-skilled experts for a project phase.

Value you get

  • Full control of the development process
  • Flexible team augmentation
  • Increased team retention and motivation

Business need

Configure a remote development team according to project needs; regularly communicate with the team and receive project updates.

Value you get

  • Self-sufficient team integrated with your business
  • Delegated daily management
  • On-demand access to N-iX tech expertise

Business need

Develop an end-to-end solution according to defined specifications.

Value you get

  • Solution roadmap and implementation plan
  • End-to-end solution delivery
  • Solution accelerators to boost the process

Business need

Define the best development approach; validate the concept, or receive a comprehensive tech assessment for the task or project at hand.

Value you get

  • Expert guidance during any project phase
  • Expert team of BAs, tech leads, and solution architects to examine the project viability or make an engineering assessment
  • A comprehensive digital transformation strategy

Hire a remote development team to accelerate
growth and innovation!

Configure a remote team

Configure cross-functional teams
with N-iX engineering expertise

N-iX approach to hiring remote development teams


Leveraging a global talent pool

  • Top tech talent from 25 countries
  • 270k+ active candidates in the recruitment database
  • 2,200 engineers in the internal pool

Finding the best candidates

  • 70+ in-house recruiters to source top tech talent globally
  • Strong employer brand image
  • Rigorous screening process
  • Cooperation with top recruitment agencies

Taking over team setup and onboarding

  • Ready-to-use and secure IT infrastructure
  • Covering HR and administration activities
  • Transparent team management practices

Setting up integration and collaboration

  • Dedicated Delivery and Project Managers
  • Knowledge transfer and technology alignment
  • Experience with Scrum and SAFe processes
  • PMP-certified Project Managers and Scrum Masters

The hiring process at N-iX

3-4 weeks

to fill the position


positions closed every month

  • Over 1M experts in the talent pool
  • 270K+ candidates in the recruitment database
  • 96.5% of new employees successfully pass the probation period
Hire top talent
How the hiring process of remote development team looks like at N-iX

What makes N-iX an experienced partner
to hire a remote development team


years of experience


engineers and IT specialists

Diverse expertise

in trendy and niche technologies

Top tech talent

hired in major European and Latin American hubs located in Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Colombia, etc.


projects in various domains delivered annually


active clients, including Fortune 500 companies


with international standards and regulations, such as GDPR, ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, SOC2, and FSQS

8 years

of consecutive recognition in Global Outsourcing 100

Established partnerships

with AWS, Azure, GCP, and other tech leaders

Frequently asked questions about hiring a remote
development team

Hiring a remote development team can provide access to a wider talent pool, reduce operational costs, and offer flexibility in scaling resources based on project requirements.

The timeline for setting up a remote development team can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, availability of talent, and specific requirements, but it generally ranges from a few weeks to a couple of months. At N-iX, it takes 3-4 weeks on average to fill the position or staff the team.
To ensure that the remote software development team is well-configured for your project, it's important to define clear project goals and requirements, communicate expectations clearly, and establish effective processes for collaboration and feedback.
Effective communication with a remote development team can be ensured through regular meetings via video conferencing, using collaboration tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams, establishing clear communication channels and protocols, and providing detailed project documentation.
Successful onboarding of a remote software development team involves clearly defining project goals and expectations, providing access to necessary tools and resources, conducting comprehensive orientation sessions, assigning mentors or leads for guidance, and fostering a positive team culture.
Monitoring the progress of a remote development team can be done through regular status updates, progress reports, milestone reviews, and using project management tools with built-in tracking features. Additionally, setting up regular check-in meetings and maintaining open communication channels helps ensure transparency and accountability.
To hire a remote development team, you should define your project requirements and goals. Next, research and identify potential outsourcing partners or platforms. Then, evaluate candidates based on their expertise, experience, and cultural fit. Finally, establish clear communication channels and project management processes to ensure successful collaboration.

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