Teaming up with a competent development team can help you scale a project, build a technical infrastructure, and mitigate development risks. As global businesses require continuous growth, which relies on the larger technical talent pool, hiring all necessary specialists is challenging. That’s why enterprises opt for outsourcing, the spending on which is to peak at $1.3T worldwide, according to Statista. While two main reasons to choose software development outsourcing and hire remote dedicated developers are a) to optimize development costs and b) to expand technical expertise.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the global talent shortage is expected to reach 85.2M unfilled job positions by 2030. The demand for cutting development costs, coupled with the talent gap, leads to the increased demand to hire a dedicated remote team. Learn how companies swiftly expand their in-house teams and develop innovative digital solutions with the help of remote dedicated developers.

What is a dedicated remote development team?

Before moving to benefits and challenges, it’s crucial to understand what a dedicated remote development team is. This model refers to the procedure when an enterprise hires a dedicated team to work on a particular project. Often, the outsourcing vendor takes all HR, administrative, and infrastructure responsibilities when signing a deal.

The team composition can differ depending on your project's technical nuances. Sometimes, it’s wise to proceed with the Product Discovery first to assess the risks and align the enterprise business goals with the related technical requirements. Typically, if an organization strives to hire a dedicated remote development team, it will imply collaboration with:

  • Engineers (front-end, back-end, full-stack) are responsible for the technical part of your project. Depending on the technical requirements, the tech stack can vary, but these specialists still form the core part of a development team.
  • Business analysts form the bridge between the development and business side of things. They create requirements for the product and coordinate them with all stakeholders to ensure compliance with the company goals.
  • UI/UX designers are responsible for creating the visual designs and ensuring that the final deliverables are user-friendly.
  • Technical lead, who leads the development process and offers the best possible solutions for the project.
  • Project managers focus on coordination, management, and overseeing the project. These specialists ensure that the project development goes according to plan and monitor continuous implementation.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) specialists are responsible for testing the requirements and ensuring that the product is bug-free and meets the outlined standards and requirements. They run a series of manual and automated tests to ensure that each feature works smoothly and without significant issues.
  • Other experts. Based on the needs of your project, you can request part- or full-time involvement of other specialists, like DevOps, DBAs, software architects, technical writers, and so on.

dedicated remote development team composition

Reasons to hire dedicated remote developers

Working with a dedicated remote software development team can benefit you in several ways. When cooperating with a trusted vendor, the main reasons to hire a dedicated remote development team are:

  • Optimized costs. The crucial point to make is that the decision to hire a dedicated remote team allows optimizing the development costs for a particular project. It’s vital to remember that cost-optimization comes without cutting corners, making this outsourcing model more viable than relying on the in-house team.
  • Transparent pricing. Technically, pricing models can vary depending on the outsourcing vendor. Yet, most dedicated remote development teams are paid only for the clearly defined list of services. All management, hiring, and administrative fees are excluded unless specified otherwise in the contract.
  • Top-notch tech expertise. Businesses hire dedicated remote developers to build collaboration with seasoned specialists and access extensive technology experience. The dedicated remote development model helps find the best talent pool of skilled developers for your specific project needs.
  • Focus on business core tasks. Cooperating with a dedicated remote team doesn’t contradict the efforts of your in-house members. The outsourced technical team can cope with acute infrastructure challenges. This way, your core team can focus on core business processes uninterrupted.
  • Adaptability. As the digital competition becomes fiercer, gaining instant access to the extended team can become a competitive edge. Numerous organizations hire a dedicated remote development team to leverage this advantage as it becomes easier to release the new feature on time and adapt the workload accurately.
  • Shorter time-to-market. When choosing a dedicated remote team model, you don’t have to spend weeks or months to kick off the project. Because the development team is formed of vendor’s employees, it allows them to join the workforce and decrease the time-to-market quickly.

main reasons to hire a dedicated remote development team

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What to look for when hiring a dedicated remote team

When choosing an outsourcing vendor to provide dedicated remote development team services, you should consider the following factors:

  • Strong technical expertise. It comprises the tech stack required for a specific project or feature. When you hire dedicated remote developers, looking for the area of expertise and the range of covered industries is a great option to match the vendor’s competence with your business needs.
  • Company’s size and market presence. The larger the outsourcing vendor is, the greater the choice of specialists becomes available. If you hire a dedicated remote development team, take a closer look at how long the provider operates to ensure its trustworthiness and reputation in the marketplace.
  • Rating and reviews. If you already have a few outsourcing providers shortlisted, take your time to browse through specialized ratings and reviews. Take a look at Clutch reviews and think if the chosen provider is a great match for your project’s needs.
  • Experience in your business domain. It’s imperative to partner with an outsourcing provider with decent experience in your industry if you want to hire dedicated remote developers and ensure fruitful collaboration in the long haul. For instance, if you are about to launch a healthcare product in the US market, make sure the company knows how to meet HIPAA compliance.
  • Compliance and security practices. Before signing a contract, determine the vendor's infrastructure and information security standards. This step is crucial to ensure that you meet the necessary standards and hire a dedicated development team with meticulous security considerations.

The decision to hire remote dedicated developers comes with the requirement of finding just the right service provider. Starting with research, studying client reviews, and browsing through portfolios of delivered projects will help reach out to the right service provider. Hire a dedicated remote development team to tap into the potential of vast technological expertise and ensure a high level of flexibility.

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Success stories of companies who have chosen dedicated development teams

Businesses hire dedicated remote developers to stay ahead of the competition and continuously explore new areas of technological growth. Below are the success stories of enterprises that benefited from the work with the N-iX dedicated remote development teams. These companies have improved operational efficiency, accelerated their time to market, and solved some technical and business challenges.


Currencycloud is a global B2B platform delivering cross-border payments as a service. This service allows businesses to manage the flow of funds through the multi-currency wallet. Currencycloud decided to hire remote dedicated developers to accelerate their application development. Since scaling teams in London is time-consuming and resource-intensive, N-iX became the company’s strategic partner.

As a result of this partnership, the N-iX dedicated remote development team:

  • Contributed to the development of core products and accelerated the delivery of new products and features;
  • Facilitated the development process and decreased time-to-market by delivering a new automation testing framework;
  • Improved scalability by providing a new approach to architecture design.

The cooperation between Currencycloud and N-IX boosted the development process, revamped the architecture design, and improved the project’s scalability. This example of delivered value shows how a dedicated development team can be a great addition to the client’s technical capabilities.

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The next example of value delivered is the cooperation between N-iX and cleverbridge, a company providing e-commerce and subscription management solutions. This enterprise offers a cloud-based e-commerce platform that simplifies recurring billing and optimizes the customer experience. The company wanted to hire dedicated remote developers and redesign its solution, eventually increasing the custom outreach and providing a better customer experience. The N-iX dedicated team has helped the client to migrate the desktop solution to the Web, build a brand-new design, and enhance the company’s value proposition. In particular, the partnership resulted in:

  • A brand-new Web-based application available across various platforms and operating systems;
  • New UX design, which enhances the user experience and customer involvement at each stage;
  • Customizable BI analytics, which allows for boosting the value proposition to the company’s clients.

By allocating a dedicated team for this project, N-iX modernized the client’s application for improved customer experience.

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