About the Guide

In today’s era of digitization and rapidly changing business climate, few decisions are as critical to the success of an organization as selecting a trustworthy IT vendor. In our guide, we present a comprehensive overview of the IT market dynamics in the Eastern Europe – one of the most vibrant destinations offering a huge tech talent pool, constant IT market growth, and a high level of digital technologies adoption.

Through ongoing effort of our team, we have collected the data from various sources including reports by PwC, Deloitte, Bloomberg, Tholons, A.T. Kearney to help you make an informed decision about your preferred software development outsourcing destination. We have taken into consideration such important indicators as:

  • Number of IT professionals
  • Leading IT companies
  • Major IT cities
  • Number IT graduates
  • IT market size
  • IT industry growth rates
  • R&D sector development
  • Business environment
  • IT community development
  • Positions in global IT rankings

Who Is This Guide For?

We’ve created this guide to help businesses, investors and decision-makers choose the most advantageous IT outsourcing destination. Our guide provides an in-depth overview of the Eastern European IT industry as one of the most productive sectors of the region’s economy.

We uncover the latest trends in the industry and examine the current state of software development in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, România, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Moldova and in the Baltic region. We hope this guide will help you choose the best software development outsourcing provider for mutually beneficial cooperation and successful digital transformation of your business.

Table Of Contents

  1. IT Market in Eastern Europe: Full Overview of Top Software Development Destinations [Report]
  2. How to Find the Best IT Outsourcing Company in Eastern Europe
  3. Top IT Outsourcing Destinations: Ukraine vs. Poland
  4. Top IT Outsourcing Destinations: Ukraine vs. Bulgaria
  5. Software Development in Eastern Europe: Ukraine vs. Belarus
  6. IT Outsourcing in Europe: Ukrainian vs Romanian Developers
  7. Hungarian vs. Ukrainian Developers: how to Choose a Provider
  8. IT Outsourcing Destinations Overview: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  9. 20 Facts About 5 IT Development Centers in Ukraine [Infographic]
  10. 25 Stats Revealing the Benefits of IT Outsourcing to Ukraine
  11. Kyiv Developers: Exploring the Biggest IT Hub in Ukraine
  12. Setting up IT Development Center in Lviv: Key Facts and Figures
  13. Practical Reasons for Setting up IT Development Center in Krakow

How N-iX can help

N-iX partners with technology leaders across a variety of industries encompassing FinTech, Telecom, Healthcare, Insurtech, Automotive, Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Aviation and others to help them effectively implement digital transformations. Therefore, we understand how challenging it is to navigate the global IT market and maintain a competitive edge.

With our hands-on experience in many tech fields and more than 700 technical experts on board, we have the necessary expertise to bring your idea into reality and provide you with all-time support on your digital journey. So don’t hesitate to contact our experts.



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