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With our long-lasting expertise in Ruby development, you will efficiently scale up your engineering team and build a robust, industry-leading solution.

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We help businesses from North America, Western Europe, the UK, and other locations find experts for their Ruby outsourcing projects and build long-standing partnerships. Our development centers in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria have a proven track record of providing Ruby outsourcing services to enterprises and large technology companies in healthcare, telecom, fintech, e-commerce, and many more. We deliver Ruby-based solutions that range from lightweight APIs to specialized web portals and web servers. Our Ruby developers use Agile practices and test-driven development to ensure high code quality of your Ruby-based solution.

Ruby development services at N-iX

Ruby development services we offer

Web application development

Our Ruby developers will help you build web applications and web servers of any scale.

Web application refactoring

We also provide code analysis and refactoring services for Ruby development projects to make sure your codebase is clean, secure and scalable.

Web application testing

To deliver robust software, our specialists examine its every component with unit, functional, performance, security, and integration testing.

Prototyping & building an MVP

Our experts will help you conduct a product discovery phase and develop an efficient MVP so you can validate your product idea and rapidly enter the market.

API development

Our dedicated Ruby developers create different kinds of APIs to connect microservices, ensure integration of the solution with other services and apps, as well as build the back-end for SPAs.

Systems scripting and automation

With the help of Ruby, our experts develop utilities for database management, writing CGI scripts and automating administration tasks, RSS parsing, web form generation, etc.

Our featured Ruby-based projects

Ruby developers at N-iX

N-iX Ruby developers help companies create secure Ruby-based solutions that drive efficiency and cost-savings.

We have provided Ruby development services to Globalcap, a UK fintech company, which needed a reliable Ruby outsourcing partner to build a web platform that digitizes capital raising and asset administration.

N-iX has partnered with Currencycloud for more than 6 years and become their strategic partner in Ruby development and Fintech. Our Ruby developers have contributed to the legacy system modernization, introduced new features into existing services, and ensured the smooth operation of the platform.

Also, our engineers have provided Ruby development services to Travelport Locomote, a global travel technology company. We have collaborated on the travel management platform.


Ruby on Rails

We use this framework on database-driven Ruby development projects to provide the basic infrastructure needed for web application development.

Grape is one of the newest micro-frameworks used for creating REST-like APIs in Ruby. We run Grape on Rack or use it as a complement to other frameworks.

Jruby - a useful tool for Ruby development

Jruby is an implementation of Ruby on the Java Virtual Machine. We use JRuby on projects that require the deploy to a Java web server or the access to Java types and objects.


Rubocop is a Ruby static code analyzer. Thanks to various configuration options, it is easy to alter its behaviour to meet the specific requirements of your Ruby development project.


Roar is a framework for parsing and rendering REST documents. Roar is just a thin layer on top of the representable gem. Roar’s representers allow defining API document structure and semantics.

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Why choose N-iX as your Ruby development partner?

We have more than 1,000 tech experts on board, so we can support your Ruby outsourcing project with relevant expertise in DevOps, UX/UI, BI, QA & testing, etc.
We offer flexibility in communication and cooperation. We adapt to our clients’ changing needs and always look for the best solution to each problem.
N-iX is a trusted Ruby outsourcing partner that has many industry awards and recommendations on various platforms, such as, GoodFirms,, etc.
N-iX Centres of Excellence will help you get maximum value from your Ruby outsourcing experience by ensuring top quality at all stages of the project delivery.
Our company has a proven track record in transforming such companies as Currencycloud, Travelport, Think Research, Globacap, and others with innovative Ruby-based solutions.
N‐iX is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in Eastern Europe that provides custom Ruby development services to businesses across the globe.

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