Long-Term Development Partnership with a UK leader in Fintech

Currencycloud is a B2B platform providing administration and control features to automate the entire payments lifecycle of businesses.

Currencycloud delivers Cross Border Payments as a Service. Their platform leverages the Cloud to provide access to and optimise across a multitude of payment networks and exchange rate providers, provide comprehensive administration and control features and fully automate the entire payments lifecycle from pricing and beneficiary management, through execution & receipt to settlement and reporting. (Source: CrunchBase)

Partnership overview

1. Currencycloud dedicated team at N-iX developed a client-facing responsive web application Currencycloud Direct with RichUI powered by Knockout JS. This application runs with CC Payment Engine allowing web access to the main Currencycloud services. It is a good choice for customers who want to manage a few payments on a daily basis.

2. Development of a new enhanced version of CC RESTful API. New Connect API 2.0 is easy to use, fast, transparent and secure set of tools for developers.

3. Maintenance of existing internal services.

4. Integration of CC services with third parties and payments optimization for different regions.

5. Automation for Compliance check system.

United Kingdom, London
Partnership period
January 2013 - present
Ruby Amazon Web Services, Docker, jRuby, MRI Ruby, Amazon EC2, ASWS S3, MySQL, Sinatra, Rails 5, Packer, Vue.js, ELK stack, Swagger, Grafana

Product overview


Currencycloud offers a technology-based service that enables businesses to make payments, convert currencies, set beneficiaries and track reports in real time with the help of innovative easy-to-embed Payment Engine. The Payment Engine is built on Cloud-based software as a service (Saas) model and is easy to set up and maintain. Cloud provides single connection to global banking networks while Automated Payments Engine, reduces transaction costs and errors.

Currencycloud’s series of RESTful APIs under the CC Connect umbrella allow to build sophisticated features and services. CC Direct, an online interface, automates processing, removes manual workflows and reduces the likelihood of error. (Source: Currencycloud)

They are an excellent nearshoring partner and after assessing many suppliers in many countries, we found that N-iX best understood our needs and was the best company to work with.

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