Software development for a Blockchain-based Capital Raising Company

Globacap is a UK-based fintech startup that leverages blockchain to facilitate the sale, issuance, and management of digitized equity.

Globacap provides an automated capital markets platform that offers a public blockchain token that forms a legal shareholding under the UK company law.

Partnership overview

Globacap teamed up with N-iX to extend the in-house team with specialists who have relevant experience in fintech and strong engineering skills in Ruby and JavaScript. Our partnership started with consulting services in the area of fintech. Then, the client asked us to gather a small team of IT specialists who would work in close cooperation with their on-site team. Within several months, N-iX team rapidly grew from 3 to 10 professionals, including front-end developers, back-end developers, and QA testers.

N-iX software developers have enhanced the client’s development capabilities and contributed to the successful delivery of Globacap platform. Thanks to the team’s wide experience in fintech development, we were able to offer a number of efficient technological solutions and fintech know-how to our partner. 

Firstly, N-iX team has have been working on a single-page application built with JavaScript to ensure seamless user experience, easy development, and simplified debugging. Besides that, our team has enhanced the KYC process to verify the identity of investors and companies before they start making financial transactions. The part of the KYC process is manual, and our software developers have worked to fully automate it.

As a part of our services, N-iX team has also developed a management console for companies to access the blockchain and see the list of their investors. With the help of this management console, companies can indicate and track all transactions for a specific token.

United Kingdom, London
Partnership period
May 2018 - present
Ruby JavaScript PostgreSQL, React, Redux, Redis

Product overview

Our client, Globacap aims to simplify and widen access to global capital via its automated capital markets platform. They use blockchain to create digital tokens that represent equity ownership. This process, known as “tokenization”, is carried out by Globacap under the oversight of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as part of the FCA Sandbox Cohort 4.

The owner of a token can make any transactions with it. And the transfer of equity ownership is carried out automatically in compliance with the UK company law. In addition, information on all transactions made for each specific token is stored in the blockchain.

Such tokens are easily transferable. And this offers a huge potential for the private investment landscape because previously illiquid investments can now be transacted efficiently in seconds instead of weeks, and with minimal overheads.

Globacap has a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises and plans to provide them with end-to-end capital raising, investor KYC, custody, and asset administration.


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