Centers of Excellence

N-iX Centers of Excellence are a cross-company team of our most experienced professionals. They research strategic tech trends, maintain top quality standards, foster professional development, allocate the right specialists for every project, and can provide you with expert consulting throughout the development process.

Our CoEs focus their efforts on two strategic directions:

  • Helping you by consulting, allocating the right specialists, and ensuring top quality level at all stages of the project delivery.
  • Creating a sustainable talent pool within the company, fostering the professional development of employees, and increasing the retention rate.

Explore the benefits of Centers of Excellence

Allocating experts who are the best fit for your project
Consulting in case of a bottleneck
Product discovery phase
Project estimates and team composition
Validation of candidates during tech interviews
Increased employee engagement
Scaling up expertise
Continuous professional development
Standardizing professional levels
Ensuring the project excellence

N-iX CoEs comprise a number of teams such as the Solution Group, the Engineering CoE, the Quality CoE, the PMO, the UI/UX CoE, the DevOps CoE, the Product Development CoE, and the Data Science group, which are run by the Center coordinators. Each team has a specific set of services they provide and a key focus area they support.

However, all of them work together to provide you with maximum value across all stages of the project delivery process, from the product discovery stage to the delivery phase.

The Solution Group

The N-iX Solution Group help our clients to perform a Product Discovery Phase, build a prototype, and validate a product concept. Also, they are involved in the Project Initiation Phase. The experts provide a client with a High-Level Architecture plan, the suggested technology stack, the design of the product, time and cost estimates, consulting, and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Product Development, Engineering, Quality, UI/UX CoEs, and PMO

These Offices reinforce the Project Initiation and the Delivery Phase. They ensure best practices and the most appropriate methodologies are applied to software engineering, test automation, and management processes. Furthermore, these CoE offices provide tech assessment and consulting in case of a bottleneck or a non-trivial problem. Also, they allocate professionals for a project and provide expert networks for a quality tech interviewing process.


DevOps supports the Delivery Phase by setting up infrastructure, streamlining Continuous Integration/Continuous Development processes, solving critical infrastructure problems, providing critical security services, and performing incident response

The Data Science group

The Data Science group focuses on the research and application of the latest trends of Big Data, Data Engineering, Data Science, and Machine Learning as well as aligning the value of these technologies with business goals of our clients across a variety of industry domains.

Fostering professional development of employees

To efficiently allocate the necessary expertise for a specific project,it is vital to nurture
employees within the company, invest in their professional development, and increase their
motivation. To do this, N-iX CoEs elaborated a Unified Career Experience
and a set of Programs and Practices to support it.

Professional development services

  • Competence Model
It helps to standardize professional levels and competencies of employees within the company. Furthermore, it allows tracking the professional growth of a specific employee. As a result, we can instantly get a clear picture of the available expertise in a company when allocating people for a specific project.
  • Personalized cross-company Mentorship Program
Employees can apply for a qualified mentor when they want to transition to a higher level, acquire new skills or learn a new technology. The program has an exceptionally high satisfaction rate.
  • Architecture Associate Program
It helps senior software engineers transition to architects. Therefore, it provides exprienced and highly qualified specialists with growth opportunities.
  • Traineeship Program
We engage high-potential people without industry experience and provide them with all the necessary knowledge and training. The program is designed to nurture a large pool of qualified Junior and Middle software engineers.
  • Tech certifications
N-iX assists employees in obtaining technical certificates and covers 100% of the certification expenses.
  • N-iX tech meetups and communities
N-iX tech meetups and communities are an effective channel of sharing knowledge and best practices across the company as well as discussing the latest tech trends.

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