The popularity of Golang app development is on the rise. Businesses begin to realize how the technology’s ability to provide flexible scaling and quick server responses can improve the quality of their provided services.

However, since the technology is relatively new, finding experienced Golang engineers is often challenging. Where should you look for a Golang development company to partner with? And how to make sure that your potential partner provides high-quality Golang development services? We will answer all these questions to help you find the right experts for your project.

Eastern Europe: the best place to find top Golang development services

Eastern Europe is one of the most popular destinations for software outsourcing since it offers highly-skilled experts in almost any technology. When it comes to Golang, the largest talent pools of experts in the region are located in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Belarus. 

In addition to being quite numerous, local experts are also some of the best in the world. Countries from this region constantly reach the highest spots on Top developer lists from various platforms, such as TopCoder and Moreover, according to, more than 50% of the top 15 leading Golang development companies in the world have development centers here, with Ukraine, and Poland taking the lead.

Top Golang development companies locations

What makes Ukraine the top destination for Golang app development

While there are many countries where one can find reliable and skilled Golang developers, Ukraine is considered to be the top one by many. 3 main factors make local IT vendors so attractive to potential clients.

Factor 1. Cooperation with leading global enterprises

Ukraine has a massive software outsourcing market which is expected to reach $8.4B by 2025. The high quality of provided services encourages many leading global enterprises to invest in cooperation with local vendors. Companies such as Fluke, TuneIn, Samsung, and Siemens, just to name a few, cooperate with local developers.

What’s more, this cooperation has a common tendency to grow into strategic partnerships that last many years. Indeed, Fluke’s partnerships with N-iX, for example, has begun back in 2013 and continues to this day. Ukrainian tech service providers know how to make such partnerships work, and their clients appreciate this.

Factor 2. Access to a large pool of skilled experts

Ukraine has the largest IT talent pool available for outsourcing in Eastern Europe. Naturally, the highest number of Golang engineers - approximately 34K - is also located here. 

However, this only paints half of the picture. In addition to the largest talent pool in the region, Ukraine also has some of the most skilled engineers, not only in Europe but in the world as well. Indeed, TopCoder, for example, ranks local experts as number 7 in the list of top software engineers in the world.

Number of Golang developers in Eastern Europe

Factor 3. Easy communication with local teams

Ukrainian development teams are also valued for how easy it is to form effective communication with them. Many shared cultural similarities and a good knowledge of English help local experts find understanding and common ground with their partners, especially from the Western countries. Regular business trips to the client, which is a common practice among Ukrainian vendors, boost communication even further. 

How to find a reliable partner for Golang app development

Once you have shortlisted potential partners, it is crucial to choose the right Golang development company that has sufficient expertise for your project. A reliable Golang development services provider can be distinguished based on the following aspects. 

1. Highly skilled and experienced engineers

Senior-level engineers drive project development processes forward, provide guidance for less experienced engineers, perform code reviews, and ensure that the developed solution meets the quality requirements. They are the backbone of every project. 

Previous experience is crucial for skilled engineers to learn new technologies such as Golang. Therefore, to apply this new technology proficiently, an expert would have to have a solid background with other programming languages. 

If your partner’s talent pool mostly consists of junior and/or middle-level developers - chances are they will encounter many difficulties during project development. These can lead to wasted time and expenses, as well as the questionable quality of the end-solution.

On the other hand, a high overall seniority level among engineers signifies that your potential partner knows how to execute your project successfully and avoid the most common hindrances. Therefore, assess the experience of your partner’s engineers and make sure they have a solid presence of highly-experienced engineers.

2. Previous experience with Golang app development

Another important thing to consider about your potential partner is the reviews and testimonials of their clients. These can paint a clear picture of not only the quality of provided services but also of the entire partnership, including the team formation process, communication, reporting, etc. Platforms such as, Goodfirms, and The Manifest should be your first point of reference to assess whether your partner has sufficient experience to undertake your project.N-iX Clutch review page

3. Data protection and security plan

Malicious cyberattacks are the bane of almost any organization these days. Therefore, before forming any tech partnership and providing a third-party service provider with access to your internal systems, you must get a clear understanding of how your data will be handled. 

Make sure that your partner has the necessary security practices in place, such as the use of secure networks, strict password security policies, regular data protection audits, and employee training. Most importantly, clarify if your partner complies with established data security standards, such as GDPR and PCI DSS.

Security-related compliances that distinguish a reliable software vendor

How TuneIn benefited from Golang development services: a success story

TuneIn - a global audio streaming service based in North America - has experienced the Golang advantages first-hand.

With over 75M monthly users across multiple countries, TuneIn has to be prepared to efficiently handle thousands of data requests every minute. After partnering with N-iX, the company obtained skilled senior-level engineers that assist with managing the vast amounts of data and improving the client CMS solution. 

In no small part due to the use of Golang, N-iX helped TuneIn enhance the speed of handling user requests. This plays an especially important role during peak times, as now the system is able to handle up to 20K requests per second. As a result, TuneIn provides highly-responsive audio streaming services to their customers free of interruptions.

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How can N-iX help you with Golang app development?

  • N-iX is a reliable software outsourcing partner with nearly 20 years of experience;
  • Our experts have successfully delivered many projects across different industries, including fintech, telecom, manufacturing, and more;
  • Our company ensures data protection by implementing strict security policies and complying with all necessary standards, including GDPR, ISO 9001:2015, PCI DSS, and more;
  • N-iX has formed long-lasting partnerships with many leading global enterprises, such as TuneIn, Fluke, and Lebara;
  • Our company is a recognized and trusted name in the tech market, being included in various top software developer lists on platforms such as,, and others.

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